4+ Free Promotion Request Letter – Sample & Example

Promotion Request Letter: As much as happiness you get when you get a job, the same happiness you receive when you are about to get a promotion or you hear that your name is in the list of employees getting promoted. Getting a promotion means that you are about to get praised and receive the gratification of all your hard work throughout all these years. Be it your efforts of asking for a promotion or you are the chosen one by your superiors it is in your best interest that you put your best forward in both the cases. One of the best ways is writing a request letter for promotion.

It is a formal yet effective way of putting your interest forward to get promoted to the next level at work. While writing the letter you can mention all about the work you have done till now and the things you wish to achieve with the promotion. While writing the letter you can also ask for a meeting with the authorities to discuss all the possibilities. However, you should know how to write this letter because there is a certain way to present yourself for getting the promotion the right way.

So, let’s have a look at the different sample request letters that will help you in writing an effective letter.

Promotion Request Letter for Employee

NIC Solution Digital 
Lean Bark
TL, Executive
Las Vegas,

Date – 13/5/2017

Visju Kilop
Content Writer
Florida, 70001

Subject: ------------

Dear ------------------,

I ------- (mention your name) working as -------- (mention job title) with the company since ------- (mention time). During my work tenure, I have worked on many crucial projects including ---------- (mention the list of projects).

The projects have been important for the company and have received a positive response from the clients as well. I joined as a ----- (mention title) in the year -------- and since then, I have learned and earned knowledge about many aspects of ------- (mention the industry). I am bringing all my credentials and role insights by sharing the details of the clients I have worked with.

Recently, I got to know that the position of ------ (mention promotion title) is available and you have requested a list of candidates internally who can fill the position. You can also ask about my work ethics and work process with my superiors and subordinates.

I am attaching all the documents for your reference and verification to complete the process. In case you need any other document or arrange a face-to-face discussion, then feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Yours sincerely,
John Vick Foby

Request Letter for Promotion and Salary Increment

Olia Den
Backend Team Lead 

Date – 09/02/2011

The HR Manager,
Isk US Pvt Ltd

Subject: -----------

Dear --------------------------,

I ------------- (mention your name) working as ---------------- (mention job title) with the company since ------ (mention time). It has been my pleasure to be associated with the company for so long and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team. Also, the projects and clients I have worked with have been positive about the time we have worked together.

During all these years, I have been punctual and regular in all my dealings. I have associated well with all the team members and have fully completed all my roles and responsibilities.

I have worked on several key projects, which include (mention the list of projects). I am also attaching several documents that talk about all the documents and project insights, which will explain well about all my professional accomplishments.

I would like you to consider my application for the position of (mention the position name) and in case any other document is required from my side, then please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,
Your name
Job title
Contact details
Email details

Request for Promotion Consideration

Open Team Pvt Ltd

Dolly Defeyu
Film Town,
Las Vegas, 70001, USA

Date: 11-11-2019

Wick Clinton
Operation Team Lead
USA, 70001

Subject: ----------------------

Dear ------------------,

I ------- (mention your name) working as ------------- (mention job title) since ------ (mention time) has been notified about the requirement for the position of -------- (mention the position name).

I would like to express my interest in filling the position as I have worked on several projects including ------ (mention the name of the projects). I feel that with the years of experience and exposure in the industry ------ (mention the industry), I am ready to take the role and responsibility of a leader in the company and take a step towards a brighter future in career. I also feel that I will be an asset and a perfect fit for the position.

I would also like to bring to your attention that the clients I have worked with have always appreciated my work ethics and completion of all the projects successfully. It has also helped me in establishing the influential contacts in the industry, which multiplies the possibilities of working effectively in the future.

I have always received the required support from the team and management in completing any task, which has made my equation with everyone great and friendly. So, I can effectively get the task completed on time.

So, I am enclosing all the documents along with this letter for your reference. In case there is any other document required from my or any clarification, please feel free to contact me anytime.

I would like you to consider my application for the position and give me an opportunity to put in my best foot forward for the new position.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,
Wick Clinton
Employee’s Name Printed
List of enclosures

How to ask for a Promotion at Work in Writing

Chester Bennett
7988 Aliquet. Ave
Minot AZ 95302
(837) 145-7877


Wallace Ross
313 Pellentesque Ave
Villa Park Hawaii 43526

Dear Chester Bennett,
I Chester Bennett working as ----- (mention designation) since ------ (mention years) would like to express my interest for applying for the promotion/position ------- (mention title).

I feel that with the years in the industry ------ (mention industry), I am ready to take new challenges and fulfill the roles and responsibilities that this new position has to offer. During my work experience, I have worked on crucial projects for the company which includes (mention about the projects).  

I am also proud to say that I have formed a great equation with the team and clients I have worked with. My contribution towards the projects and teams I have worked with can be seen with the successful completion of the projects, feedbacks I have received from the clients and can achieve much more with the new responsibility.

I am attaching the list of documents that will enable you to review my performance and work performance throughout. I would request you to consider me for the role of (mention title) and give me a chance to reach new heights and take the company to a new level of success.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Chester Bennett

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