Recommendation Letter for a Friend – Format, Sample & Example

A Recommendation Letter for Friend is basically a formal letter written to mark the positive attributes, personal behavior and other good qualities of a friend or colleague. Though a personal letter, the language has to be strictly formal and unnecessary details have to be avoided at all times. This recommendation letter fortifies a person’s application as it contains the experience shared by the writer and also acts as background verification for the applicant.

Recommendation Letter Format for a friend

The letter for recommendation might be lengthy or short depending on the nature of the job and the interaction of the writer with a particular company or the authorized person to whom the letter is addressed. However, if the letter is written to an unknown third person then the letter needs to be precise and crisp. The content might vary according to the subject of the letter but the layout and the format of the letter should be more or less the same.

How to write a Recommendation Letter for a Friend?

Do not worry too much while writing a recommendation letter for a friend because the layout and structure are just like a formal letter. If the applicant has informed you about the recipient of the letter then you must include his/her name along with proper salutation, the designation of that person and address.

If the name of the recipient has not been conveyed to you in advance then you only have to write ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ as a salutation.

The letter must contain the introduction of the person who is recommending his friend or co-employee and then he must clearly state the purpose and motive of the letter. Also, the introduction must be as brief as possible.

After that, the personal experiences and other things could be written in short paragraphs in order to maintain the flow and structure of the letter.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Friend Example

You may come across many recommendations when you are looking for a letter with a perfect format and structure. There are many samples available on various websites and you can refer those samples if you are not used to writing formal letters. However, do not copy or imitate the content as the reference letter must present your own view of a colleague or friend. You can analyze the layout, content, and structure of these letters so that you do not miss out on any main points.

The letter for recommendation need not be always long and descriptive. Some job profiles are such that even a small or short recommendation letter might suffice the need of the applicant. Short recommendation letters are also written when the writer does not know a person or friend from a long time.

Here’s a sample of short reference letter for a friend:

Short Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Bertha Riggs
11-639 In St.
Easthampton TN 31626
(791) 565-65757


George Milley
Team manager Orewa Club
3400 Lakeshore Villa

Washington D.C., 349203

Subject: (---------------------------)

Dear Mr. Milley,

I, Bertha Riggs, would like to recommend Ms. Rita for the post of a waitress at your night club. We worked together in the Miami Beach Club for a few months and Daisy came across as an extremely humble and sincere person. She is bright, friendly and punctual in her work as well. You can also hire her for her hardworking nature and politeness which I think are the key qualities to be a waitress.

Bertha Riggs
Contact Details

An immigration recommendation letter for a friend is written to attest the character of a friend or colleague who wants to acquire citizenship in another country. It is a critical document for the applicant who wishes to immigrate to a new country and therefore it has to be written carefully. Here’ s a sample of immigration recommendation letter for a friend:

Immigration Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Imani Talley
Atcorp Info PVT LTD
98-978 Sit St.
Yigo Massachusetts 50654
(477) 466-9899


Edward Nieves
6565-878 Vel Av.
Idaho Falls Rhode Island 37232

Subject: (---------------------------)

Dear Sir,

I, Imani Talley, am working as a Senior Sales Manager at Atcorp Info PVT LTD. I have written this letter to support Mr. Suresh Oswal’s decision of becoming a citizen of your country. I have been close friends with Suresh from the last 5 years and we have also worked together for 4 years in the aforementioned company.

Suresh is a kind, polite and helpful person who is always ready to help his relatives and friends in times of their need. He is hardworking and sincere as well and I have adored his work ethics over the years. His friendly and caring nature makes him stand out from the rest. He has a lovely wife and two children and they are already a citizen of the United States since the last few years. However, he was not able to acquire citizenship due to his prior work commitment. Now he has completed all the formalities and wants to live with his loving wife and bright children. He has been patient throughout this period and I have felt that he is missing his family from quite some time now.

I think that it would be a great honor for him to be a citizen of this country and that he would never do something that would be a cause of concern or shame to anyone in his workplace and family. Kindly contact me if you require any further information from my end.

Imani Talley

Senior Sales Manager
Atcorp Info PVT LTD

A personal recommendation letter can be written for a colleague, friend, neighbor or any other person who knows you personally. It can be used for various purposes such as a new house purchase, new job, etc. This letter is usually written to verify the character and skills of an individual and therefore is an important document for the applicant.

While writing a personal recommendation letter for a friend you must explain how you know that person and what are the reasons that made you recommend him/her. You should decide the content of the letter first and then you can work on its structure and format. Here’s a sample of a personal reference letter for a friend:

Personal Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Margaret Joseph
656 Gravida St.
Tamuning Washington 55797
(999) 661-12121


Nevada Ware
9156 Tincidunt Ave
Green Bay Indiana 19759

Subject: (---------------------------)

Dear Mr. Lowes,

I have written this letter to offer my unconditional support and recommendation for Laura Lawrence for the job of an intern at your reputed company.

I and Laura have been neighbors from the past ten years. I know her personally and her ever-smiling persona and friendly nature have always been a reason for my admiration towards her. She has been an athlete and team player from her childhood and her academic reports have always been bright. She is known for her helpful nature and cheerful personality in our locality. Therefore, I am certain that she would achieve success and name in your reputed organization as well.

Laura has the potential to be an asset for any organization but I know about her keen desire to be a part of your esteemed company. You can contact me for further details or information about Laura.

Margaret Joseph

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