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Recommendation Letter for Medical: To get admission into a medical course or any medical school, one is required to secure a rank in the entrance exam. Along with that, one will need to present a recommendation from a professor who has directly observed and guided him in his earlier classes. The letter adds more value to the student’s credit and it ensures the student’s enrolment in the particular course. Let us take some examples of such letters which will eventually give us a brief idea about how a student can be recommended in the most positive way.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Medical Example

When a professor is recommending a medical student, this should be always kept in mind that the letter should be informative. It should hold the details about the student’s interest areas and highlight his achievements during the course taken under the particular professor. The letter should not be too large that it takes too much effort to finish it for the reader. It will be brief yet descriptive.

Below is an example for a medical student:

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical Student

Ina Moran
189 Nunc Road
Lebanon KY 69409
(389) 737-2852


Lawrence Moreno
935 rotor. Street
Santa Rosa MN 98804

Subject: (------------------------)

Dear Lawrence Moreno,

It is a great pleasure to write this letter to recommend one of my favorite students, Jake Fernandes, who was my student in the 2016-17 batch of “Introduction to Psychology”. Jake has been a star performer throughout the course and he is no doubt a brilliant student to be recommended.
Jake is a sincere and attentive candidate in his batch who has always observed every assignment very carefully and he is very serious about each execution of projects. He has an eye on each detail and I have noticed how devoted he is regarding the analysis of every case. He observes his cases with both logic and emotion, that makes him stand out from other students. He has this rare talent of analyzing his cases with science and experience, that ensures the best results most of the time.
His intellectual curiosity is extremely commendable and he scrutinizes each and every topic of Introduction to Psychology. This ability takes him to a new level of knowledge prior to other students, as he develops a variety of solutions for a particular issue.
Jake is also a student who has no hesitation in taking a risk and taking initiatives. He had structured a small group with his peers to share different ideas and their executions. That actually helped the students in my class to consolidate the information and focus of their topics. Adding with this fact,  I would like to highlight that Jake is a very generous and humble person, who utilizes his time with positivity. He never shies away from offering guidance or seeking one. It is always a treat to work with him.

I hope you will find Jake worth of the Ph.D. course in your institute and make great use of it. I wish him all the best for his future.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Ina Moran

A recommendation for surgery residency should be counted as a very important one for a medical student’s career, as enrolment in a surgery residency program is heavily dependent on recommendation from a student’s professor.

The below example can be referred to as an example to recommend a medical student for surgery residency.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Surgery Residency

Nyssa Vazquez
511-5762 At Rd.
Chelsea MI 67708
(947) 278-5929


Hiroko Potter
508 Dolor. Av.
Muskegon KY 12482
(314) 244-6306

Subject: (------------------------)

Dear Hiroko Potter,

I am extremely glad to write this letter yo recommend Mr.Shaun Ferri on his candidature for Surgery Residency in Nightingale Hospital. I have taught Mr.Shaun for two years on his course of medical school and found his to be an extremely bright candidate for medical science. He has a natural ability of curiosity about every medical case that comes across, and find a solution with a positive attitude. He has been noticed as a quick thinker and very calm to resolve problems in an exclusive way. He is a natural observer always well-researched.
When I started to teach in his class, I was surprised to learn about his deep knowledge in every area and how he was keen to learn new facts about medical science. He not only learns them but also observe and analyze them with logic, which is a very expensive but rare virtue in medical science.
He has always encouraged his peers to find solutions as a group so that knowledge should be transferred and transitioned. He is a great person of patience, and can very easily handle difficult situations.
As a professor, I have no doubt on his capability and have all trust in him that he will be a great student and asset for your medical team. I recommend him with full faith in his ability and performance.

Your Sincerely,
Nyssa Vazquez

Doctors often recommend themselves for enrolling into a higher degree in medical school. Below is a sample letter from a doctor for a medical school.

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From a Doctor

Forrest Ray
Ap. 3 Integer Rd.
Corona New Mexico 08219
(404) 960-3807


Kyla Olsen
679 Sodales Av.
Tamuning PA 10855

Subject: (------------------------)

Dear Kyla Olsen,

I am glad to formally present my request for a personal/professional recommendation for me to support my enrolment into AIIMS as a surgery residency. I also intend to join  other medical colleges that I have saved as options, which I have attached with the mail along with the admission forms.

I have attached my academic documents and achievements with this mail. I have briefed about my previous achievements and a small description of my background.  I have also described my extracurricular activities and my involvement in social work. Whatever certificates I have received during the courses I have done are also duly attached.

AIIMS will be allowing the recommendation submission up to 26th May 2019. Please contact me if you need more clarification about me. Your recommendation will surely add value to my achievements and support my eligibility for entrance to the course.
I highly appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Your Sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Forrest Ray
Your Designation

Recommendation Letter for Doctor

Calista Wise
4544 Dictum Av.
San Antonio MI 47096
(492) 709-6392


Theodore Lowe
859 Sit Rd.
Azusa New York 39531

Subject: (------------------------)

Dear Theodore Lowe,

This is to state that my student Kate Kimberley has applied for the Ph.D. program for her degree in Pharmacy in your institute. I am glad to let you know that Kate has been a brilliant student and a consistent performer in my class and I find her totally eligible for the course. She has been excellent in all the assignments she was part of and she made us proud while representing the class in inter-college events. His deep knowledge about each module is truly commendable and you won’t regret on her selection I believe.
Academically she has been consistent and also she provided help to other students in their growth. She is a generous and very down to earth person who is always self-motivated.
I truly believe Kate will be a great asset to your team.

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Calista Wise

Recommendation Letter Template for Medical in PDF and Word (doc.) Format

Recommendation Letter for Doctor


Letter of Recommendation for Surgery Residency


Letter of Recommendation for Medical Student


Letter of Recommendation for Medical School From a Doctor


Letter of Recommendation Template in PDF Format

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Letter of Recommendation Template in Word [Doc.] Format

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  4. Word [Doc.] Template 4


For a medical school recommendation letter, certain points should be kept in mind. Such as the letter should always highlight the key skill sets of the student, keeping in mind which program he or she is going to take up. This letter holds a great value for the institutions as most of the medical school programs select candidates depending upon the recommendation letters only.

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