12+ Free Recommendation Letter – Sample & Example

A sample letter of recommendation is a sample of a letter of support that proves the merit of a person. The letter of recommendation or a letter of reference is usually written by a supervisor, employer, teacher, or counselor explaining the eligibility of the candidate applying for a new job or admission in a school or college. This document adds extra weight in the application for admission or a job.

The recipient to whom the candidate sends an application does not know the candidate personally. Thus, a letter of recommendation helps to understand if the candidate is suitable for the particular post/course or not. Writing a letter of recommendation carries a lot of responsibility. A properly written letter can make the career of a person.

As such a recommendation is not very formal but it still has to be concise and semi-formal. That is why it is better to follow a proper letter of recommendation format. These letters attest the skills and qualities of an applicant; that is why it is necessary to follow certain checkpoints.

6 Best Tips of Writing Letter of Recommendation

There are 6 points which need to be kept in mind while writing a letter of recommendation:

  1. It is essential that the top of the letter page contains your name, address and other contact details. Writing on letterhead is, in fact, preferable.
  2. Just like any other letter, you need to mention the name and title of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  3. At the beginning of the letter, you need to mention how you know the person you are writing a recommendation for and since when.
  4. Point out the character, personal achievements, and strengths of the applicant in the letter.
  5. In case of a neutral reason, mention the reason for the applicant to leave the previous job or school.
  6. Always end the letter by encouraging the reader to contact you in case of further questions.

A letter of recommendation should have a formal tone and follow a specific format. But if the reason is a personal one, the letter can be informal too. A strong opener with an explanation of you is qualified to write this letter also helps.

Samples & Examples of Recommendation Letter

There are many purposes for which a letter is written. Here are examples for each one of those:

Sample 1: Letter of Recommendation Sample Scholarship

Merritt Watson
P.O. Box 686 7014 Amet Street
Corona Oklahoma 55246
(622) 594-1662


Driscoll Leach
P.O. Box 120 2410 Odio Avenue
Pass Christian Delaware 03869

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Dear Driscoll Leach,

It is an honor for me to present [student name] for the [scholarship name] scholarship. I got to know [student name] as her [subject] teacher in the [standard] grade at [school name]. I have also worked with her in the [subject] group where she is a member, and I am the head of the group.
Since the first day of the class, I have been impressed with [student name]. She has shown determination and dedication from day 1 of school. Whenever she got stuck with course material, she never hesitated to ask for help. She even readily stayed late in school for additional classes to perfect the course material. Her interest and passion for studies are evident in her behavior.
I was also impressed by her friendly attitude with all of her classmates. She is a caring, kind, intelligent and ambitious girl. Just as she can readily ask for help, she is always ready to offer help too. I have always found her to be respectful to all the teachers in school. I am sure [student name] will succeed in whatever path she chooses in her life.
[student name] comes from a family of immigrants and is going to be the first child to reach college. The family has been working hard, but finance is still a great constraint for all of them. Both her parents have jobs, and even [student name] does babysitting jobs for extra cash. But still, the strain of financing her and her three siblings' education is there.  Her efforts deserve this scholarship. A little help can take her very far in life. She will not disappoint you, and that is my guarantee. I think she is the most deserving candidate you will have for this scholarship.
In case you need any further information, please contact me on [phone number] or [email id].

Merritt Watson
(Your SIgnature)

Sample 2: Recommendation Letter Sample for Student

Lacy Eaton
1379 Nulla. Av.
Asbury Park Montana 69679
(932) 726-8645


Katelyn Cooper
6059 Sollicitudin Road
Burlingame Colorado 26278

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Students

Dear Katelyn Cooper,

I am [your name], the [position] of [school name]. The reason behind writing this letter is to recommend my student [student name] for the course of [course name] in your school [school name]. I have been his teacher for the past [years] now, and he has never given me a reason to complain. In my opinion, [student name] is the best candidate for your institution.

It’s not just me saying. [Student name]’s dedicated work during his school years speaks for itself. His result shows that he excels in each subject, particularly [subject name]. He has also done us proud by winning [trophy/medal] in [competition name].
Not only he is ahead of his class in academics, but he also has a similar interest in extracurricular. He recently won a debate competition during [month]. His friendly nature, confidence, compassion, and intellect surround him like an aura that is hard to miss. Not just me, he would be every faculty’s first choice in our school.
I truly believe [student name] would be the ideal choice for your [course name]. I can proudly say that he is one of my best students. In case of any queries, you can drop an email at [email id] or call me on [phone number].

(Your Signnature)
Lacy Eaton

Sample 3: Sample Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Lee Preston
981 Eget Rd.
Clemson GA 04645
(221) 156-5026


Craig Williams
P.O. Box 372 5634 Montes Rd.
Springdale MO 57692

Subject: (_______________)

Dear Craig Williams,

I am a teacher of [subject name] at the [school name]. I am writing this letter of recommendation for [student name], one of the brightest pupil I have come across in my teaching career. I have been teaching at the school for 15 years, and I can say that in all these years there have hardly been 4 or 5 students who can be put equivalent to [student name].
It is hard for a student to stand out in a classroom filled with 50 ambitious students, but it didn’t take me long to take notice of [student name]. I have had the pleasure of teaching him [subject name] for the past four years now and have also worked with him during the annual [subject] group and even various competitions and quizzes.
He has always been an active participant inside as well as outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, he always asks well thought-out questions and is eager to learn more. He does not scare with complex theories, in fact, seems to enjoy going deeper into them. He has a passion for the field of [course name] which is quite evident in his classroom behavior.
Outside the classroom, his inquisitive nature makes him quite popular with his acquaintances. He comes off as genuine, extrovert and a multi-tasker. He plays sports like [name of sports] and also does activities like [list of extracurricular]. He is a team player and a confident leader. That is a combination tough to find.
He always pushes his limits academically as well as non-academically. It gives me immense joy to have the opportunity to help [student name] in his journey to a career in [field name]. I am aware of [college name]'s long and distinguished history and reputation. That is exactly why I think that [student name] is a deserving candidate for your institution. His dedication and intellect will impress the professors from the first day.
I will be happy to provide you with any more information you need. Feel free to contact me on [phone number] or [email id].

(Your Signature)
Lee Preston

Sample 4: Sample Letter of Recommendation for High School Student

Lee Preston
981 Eget Rd.
Clemson GA 04645
(221) 156-5026


Craig Williams
P.O. Box 372 5634 Montes Rd.
Springdale MO 57692

Subject: (_______________)

Dear Craig Williams,

I have had the pleasure of teaching [student name] in my [grade] grade [subject] class. Among the five groups of students that come into my class every day, [student name] stood out from the rest immediately from the first day itself.
In the classroom, [student name] often expressed a level of maturity and commitment which is hard to miss in a student. Her dedication went beyond my expectations. She wasn’t just an active participant in classroom discussions but was also very astute, insightful and perceptive. Her questions many times forced me to think twice before answering. Her confidence and eagerness to learn more also earned her respect from her classmates.
[Student name]’s desire to learn more is not just limited to classes. She is equally ahead in extracurricular activities. She has been doing [list of activities] and all of these at her level best.
For all these reasons and more, I would recommend [student name] for your institution. She has always made us proud, and she will make you proud too if you choose to admit her. I truly believe she deserves this chance. For any other information, you can call or email me on [phone number] or [email id].

Lee Preston

Sample 5: Medical School Letter of Recommendation Sample

Zephaniah Sanders
3714 Nascetur St.
Hawthorne Louisiana 10626
(539) 567-3573


Seth Farley
6216 Denman Avenue
Seattle Utah 81202

Subject: (_______________)

Dear Seth Farley,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for [student name] as a part of his application for the [institute name]. He has been my student for three years in my class of [subject name]. As [student name]’s teacher, I found him to be extremely passionate about his dream to become a doctor.
[Student name] is a hard-working student who is dedicated to his dream. He approaches all the classes and all the course material with a curiosity that makes him intellectual but on a completely different level. Whenever he gets stuck in a problem or a complex theory, he is seen approaching the problem head-on. His attention to detail is also a quality that will make him a great doctor someday.
Last year we started a drive with an NGO for the welfare of the underprivileged kids. [Student name] has been an enthusiastic participant in this drive. He was seen observing the nurses minutely and noticing everything that was being done. His commitment to the field and hard work in achieving his goal makes him the perfect candidate for your institution.

Given a chance he can make you proud too. If I can answer any more questions, please feel free to call me on [phone number] or email me on [email ID].

Zephaniah Sanders

Sample 6: Sample Letter of Recommendation for Teacher

Judith Floyd
361-7936 Feugiat St.
Williston Nevada 58521
(774) 914-2510


Willow Hunt
Ap #784-1887 Lobortis Ave
Cudahy Ohio 31522

Subject: (_______________)

Dear Sir,

It is my honor to write this letter of recommendation for [Name of the teacher] for the position of [position] at the [Name of the school]. As a principal of [name of the school], I have seen [name of the teacher] first-hand and the effect he has on children. In my career of [years], I have never seen a teacher hold so much command in a classroom. Finding a replacement for him will be the hardest task I will have to do.
Unfortunately, because of some personal problems he has decided to move from [name of the city] to [name of the city]. It would be hard to see him go, but it is not my place to come in the middle of his family. It is an unfortunate circumstance to lose the most talented teacher I have in my school.
[Name of the teacher] joined our school back in [year]. In just one term, his dedication and energy changed the entire outlook of students towards the subject. Now the students of his class have a higher interest in pursuing [subject] as a career. He did not just make this subject interesting, but he also went as far as providing one on one lessons after school for weak students. [Name of the teacher]’s expertise in his subject and his dedication makes him the favorite teacher of his students. He was an invaluable asset to our school, and any other school employing him will be lucky to have him.
Whenever I take my rounds about the school, I step into his classroom from time to time. His teaching style is very animated and captivating. There is a pure delight on the faces of his children. He develops a rapport with the students very quickly. [Name of the teacher]’s unlimited patience and his devotion towards his job does not go unnoticed.
If he’s accepted in your faculty, I am very sure he will develop the same rapport with your students too in no time at all. I would be happy to provide any more details you might need regarding [Name of the teacher]’s application. You can call me or email me anytime on [phone number] or [email ID].

Judith Floyd
(Your Signature Here)

If you are not able to ask for a letter of recommendation in person you can do so via email. Below given is a sample of how to write a professional request for a letter of recommendation.

Sample 7: How to Ask for A Letter of Recommendation Via Email Sample

Daniel Bernard
P.O. Box 567 1561 Duis Rd.
Pomona TN 08609
(750) 558-3965


Chaney Bennett
P.O. Box 721 902 Dolor Rd.
Fremont AK 19408

Subject Line: Request for Letter of Recommendation

Dear Chaney Bennett,

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking out the time to read this email. I understand that you are extremely busy and I sincerely hope that this request does not cause you any inconvenience.
I was applying at [school or company] for the [job position or study program] and was wondering if it would be possible for you to write me a letter of recommendation. As my [relation with the requestee], I think nobody else is better suited than you for writing me a reference letter.
I would appreciate it if you could take out some time from your busy schedule and write me some kind words. I have to submit this letter with my application by [deadline]. But if you are unable to find the time to write, then I will understand.

Thank You.

Daniel Bernard

Sample 8: Sample Letter of Recommendation for Immigration Residency

Anne Beasley
987-4223 Urna St.
Savannah Illinois 85794
(145) 987-4962


Griffith Daniels
6818 Eget St.
Tacoma AL 92508

Subject: (-------------------------)

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of my neighbor and good friend [name of the applicant], who has just applied for the immigration to the [Country name] from [ name of the country].
I am  [name], and I am a [profession]. I am also the [name of the country]’s citizen. I first met [name of the applicant] when he moved in next door [number] years ago. We were all thrilled to have him in our neighborhood. We soon became friends, and it was quite evident from the beginning that he is a very intelligent and compassionate man. My family and I trust him and his family entirely.
[Name of the applicant] is a [profession] by profession and a very passionate one. He is a generous, kind and caring man. He does a lot of volunteer work for the community. Both [name of the applicant] and his wife [wife’s name] are role models for our children who are aged [year] and [year]. As a family, we have become quite close to each other. When my wife and I both have to work at the same time, they look after our children, and we trust them completely.
I truly feel blessed to have a neighbor like [name of the applicant]. He’s a valued member of our community and deserves the citizenship of our country.  If his permanent residency application is approved, I am sure he will continue to give back to his community just like before.

Anne Beasley

Sample 9: Recommendation Letter Sample for Job

Madeline Gregory
977-4841 Ut Ave
Walla Walla Michigan 82776
(304) 506-6314


Xyla Cash
969-1762 Tincidunt Rd.
Boise CT 35282

Subject: (-------------------------)

Dear Xyla Cash,

I am highly pleased to recommend [name of the applicant] for the position of [position] in your company. [Name of the applicant] has been an invaluable asset for our company. It would be a tough job to find her replacement.
I am [name], a [position] at the [name of the company]. I have [years] of experience working in this industry as a [position]. In all these years I have seen many young professionals come and go. But [name of the applicant] uniquely stands out as none others have.
During our time together [name of applicant] has shown exceptional skills like [list of traits]. When I first met her, it was during her job interview. I was so impressed with her skills that I hired her immediately and I have never regretted my decision since. As I spent time working with her as her [position], I realized that her understanding and her passion for her job runs even more profound than I realized.
However, it’s not just her technical skills that impress me. She’s a kind-hearted person with an amazingly positive attitude and a very empathetic nature. Her chirpiness and passion for work have spread like wildfire among her teammates too. She’s not only valued by the bosses but often her peers to rely on her to get the job done.
Her personality is such that she brings up the atmosphere of the entire room. I'm confident that if you decide to give her a job, she will fit into your organization perfectly. Of course, she will bring her skills and experience with her which makes her the best candidate. I believe she will help your company grow in the way she has helped us too.
If you need any more examples of her work aptitude or any other relevant information, please do not hesitate to contact me on [phone number] or email me on [email ID]. I would be more than happy to elaborate further my time spent working with her.

Madeline Gregory

Sample 10: General Letter of Recommendation Sample

David Mathews
357) 616-5411

Ingram,1011 Malesuada Road
Moscow Kentucky 77382

Hedley Ingram
737-2580 At Street
Independence Texas 87535

Subject: (-------------------------)

Dear Hedley,
I am a [position], in [name of the company]. I have been working with [name of the applicant] since [years]. It is my pleasure to recommend him/her for the position of [job title] in your company, [name of the company].
[Name of the applicant] and I have a very good relationship here at our organization. I have come to know him/her as an invaluable asset to our company, and it would be any team's honor to get to work with her. She/he is kind, organized, reliable, confident and punctual. He/she has all the qualities an organization looks for in a good employee.
His/her skill set and expertise in the [specific subject] is a boon for the entire office. He/she is a true team player. He/she has always managed to take the entire team forward with an infectiously positive attitude. Very few people have the energy to make peers passionate about their job. It will be very hard for us to let her go. It is an unfortunate personal circumstance because of which she/he has to leave us.[Name of the applicant]’s knowledge and experience will be beneficial to your company without doubt. If you want to know anything else about him/her, you can contact me on [phone number] or email me at [email ID].

David Mathews
(Your SIgnature)

Sample 11: Neutral Letter of Recommendation Sample

Raymond Levy
Ap #643-7006 Risus St.
Beaumont New Mexico 73585
(715) 912-6931


Malcolm Long
9291 Proin Road
Lake Charles Maine 11292

Subject: (-------------------------)

Dear Malcolm Long,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for [name of applicant] for the position of [position] in [name of the company]. I work as a [your position] in [name of your company]. I believe that [name of applicant]’s experience and knowledge will be a strength for any company.
[Name of the applicant] was hired in [year] as a [job title]. As the years went by he progressed to [position] in a short span of [years]. In our organization, his duties involve doing [list of duties of the applicant]. It has been observed that over the years, [name of the applicant] has fulfilled all the roles and responsibilities satisfactorily.
Not only has he met all the requirements of his job with us but has also been able to develop a successful employee recognition. He has been a popular team member among all his peers. He is an organized, punctual, friendly, and a go-getter which helps him adapt to any circumstances in an organization.
To conclude I would like to say that I have been a very happy [position] to [name of the applicant]. His communication abilities and interpersonal skills will make success in any organization he works in. If you have any further questions about [name of applicant]'s performance, you can directly contact me on [phone number] or [email id].

Raymond Levy

Sample 12: Short Recommendation Letter

Harrison Mcguire
574-8633 Arcu Street
San Fernando ID 77373
(861) 546-5032


Sonya Jordan
Ap #443-336 ullamcorper. Street
Visalia VA 54886

Subject: (-------------------------)

Dear Sonya Jordan,

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of [name of applicant] for [job position] at [name of the company]. I have known [name of the applicant] since [date] as [your relation with the applicant].
I have always found him/her to be [qualities the applicant has, such as “honest,” “loyal,” “hard-working”]. Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend [name of the applicant] for the position of [position] in your company.

Harrison Mcguire

Recommendation Letter Template in PDF & Word Format

Recommendation Letter Template


Medical School recommendation letter


recommendation letter




Recommendation Letter in PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2
  3. PDF Template 3
  4. PDF Template 4

Recommendation Letter in Word [Doc.] Format

  1. Word Template 1
  2. Word Template 2
  3. Word Template 3
  4. Word Template 4


A) How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter

Asking for recommendation letter includes:

  • Informing about recommendation letter in advance
  • Asking for letter in person or phone
  • Providing dates about the period of work
  • For mailing offering addressed and stamped envelopes 
  • Being certain about purpose of letter 
  • Mentioning the person to be addressed

B) How to Recommend Someone for a Job

Recommending someone for job:

  • Introducing concerned person while starting recommendation letter
  • Mentioning relationship with the person
  • Providing firm character recommendation
  • Explaining in detail about person’s skill matching the job
  • Concluding letter with a strong statement of recommendation
  • If necessary following up can be done

C) How to Recommend a friend for a job?

Recommending friend for job includes:

  • Starting of letter must contain introduction of friend
  • Explaining about relationship with the friend
  • Offering very good reference of character
  • Mentioning relevance of skills in relation to job 
  • Ending letter with a strong recommendation
  • Follow up required when asked 

D) How to Write a Reference Page

Writing a reference page consists of:

  • Starting reference on separate page 
  • Word reference written at top centre of page
  • List of reference must be in alphabetical order
  • Double spacing of reference list should be adopted
  • Formatting of reference page must be done with indent hanging

E) How to Format a Reference Letter

Formatting a reference letter contains:

  • Writing the date on the letter
  • Addressing as Dear Sir or Madam
  • Explaining about the recommended person and purpose
  • Informing the depth of knowing the person
  • Listing the traits and qualities of person
  • Ending letter with a strong recommendation

F) How to Ask your Boss for a letter of Recommendation?

Asking boss for recommendation letter:

  • Requesting boss to meet personally
  • Fixing appointment regarding date and time
  • Boss might be inquisitive about the person requesting to meet
  • Person can mention about seeking a professional help  
  • Always sensible to request the boss for a recommendation letter personally 

G) How to Request for a Letter of Recommendation?

 Requesting for letter of Recommendation:

  • Providing sufficient time for asking recommendation letter
  • Requesting letter personally or phone
  • Providing dates regarding period the person has worked
  • Giving envelopes with address and stamp, if required to be sent by mail
  • Informing to whom letter should be addressed

H) What kind of information should be included in a recommendation letter?

Information to be incorporated in letter of recommendation:

  • Explanation should be given as to how the person is known and to whom the letter is addressed
  • Assessment of his or her character
  • Personal or professional relationship with the person
  • Information regarding skills and character of person 

I) Does a Letter of Recommendation need a Date?

Date required in recommendation letter:

  • Date can be written in the first line of recommendation letter
  • Framing of letter can be done on a form or on a formal letter 
  • Beginning of recommendation letter includes contact information of the person and the employer, followed by the date

J) How do you address a letter of recommendation?

Addressing a letter of recommendation:

  • Top right section of the letter, address is written
  • Next, date 
  • Writing recipient’s name, address on left side of the page
  • Common terms used in addressing the letter of recommendation include ‘Dear Sir or Madam or  ‘To whom it may concern’


Regardless of your position, customizing these letters samples is a very easy task. These templates of letter of recommendation given above provide a basic gist of how the letter should look like. Whether you write the letter from scratch by combining the elements from various examples or use these samples as an outline and customize the one according to the person for whom you are writing the letter is entirely your choice. These samples and examples have all the information you need to know. Now go ahead and write that pending letter with absolute confidence.

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