How to write a Reference Letter | Recommendation Letter Format

Here, we have mentioned about recommendation letter format and some tips and formats to make it easy for you to write a letter. You can also learn about writing a recommendation email and how to ask someone to write a recommendation email.
A reference letter is referred to as the letter where the writer provides details about the proficiency and attributes of the referred person. A letter of recommendation can be written for professional, academic, or employment uses.

So, let us have a look at the format and parameters of writing a letter.

How to Format a Recommendation Letter ?

A letter of recommendation is tailored according to the position or job involved as well as the person who is being recommended. A reference letter could be written for anyone – a student, a former employee, a neighbor, a client or even a patient.

Below given is the Format for you which you can use as an inspiration to craft one yourself.


Dear ——– [Name and title of the recipient],

Para 1: Your relation with the applicant

I couldn’t be more pleased to recommend [applicant name] for the [job/course] in your organization/college/institution. I have known [applicant name] since [years] as his/her [your relation]. During these years I have seen [applicant name] grow into a fantastic individual who is responsible, professional and compassionate.

Para 2: The applicant’s qualities (student)
Applicant name] has been a very strong student academically. His grades prove that. Along with being smart and intelligent, he/she is ready to work hard too. Such a goal-oriented attitude is difficult to find in a student his/her age. He/she has high self-motivation level and also tends to motivate the people around him/her.
[Applicant name]’s academic strengths are nicely complemented by his/her skills of leadership and organization. Along with studies, [applicant name] has served as [name extra-curricular activity and position of the applicant]. He/she is also an active member of [another activity].

Para 2: The applicant’s qualities (employee)
[Applicant name] has been a cherished employee in our organization.  He/she has never backed down from work allotted and has always been there when the company has needed him/her. According to his/her job profile, he/she has out-performed and surpassed the expectations of all peers and top management.
His/her enthusiasm for work is complemented by skills like punctuality, helping nature, loyalty, friendliness and time management. When needed, he/she has also shown exceptional leadership skills and taken the mantle of pushing the entire team to reach the goals on time. His/her role includes [list of duties] which he/she has managed to fulfill exceptionally well.

Conclusion: Conclude with information details

He/she has a very special talent that will make you proud of your decision to select him/her for the [course/job]. If there is anything else for which I can provide information, feel free to contact me on [phone number] or email me at [email id].

Below, we are going to provide you with details about three different formats of letter of recommendation.

a) Standard Recommendation Letter Format

Tamara Howe
3415 Lobortis. Avenue
Rocky Mount WA 48580
(655) 840-6139

Date: 04/08-2000

Keegan Blair
Ap #761-2515 Egestas. Rd.
Manitowoc TN 07528

Subject: (__________________)

Dear Keegan Blair, 

I am writing this letter to recommend [Name] for [the purpose of writing this letter such as a job position].
I have had the pleasure of knowing [Name] for [number] years as [the way you have known the person, such as a boss, or co-worker, or classmate]. During this period of knowing, I have found [him/her] to be imbibed with [positive traits of the person, like dedicated, hard-working, loyal, etc.]
I am confidently recommending [Name of person you are writing this letter for] for [the purpose of writing this letter such as a job position].

SIgnature here
Tamara Howe

b) Letter of Recommendation Format for Character Reference

Pascale Patton
P.O. Box 399 4275 Amet Street
West Allis NC 36734
(676) 334-2174

Date: 04/08-2000

Ivor Delgado
Ap #310-1678 Ut Av.
Santa Barbara MT 88317

Subject: (__________________)

Dear Ivor Delgado,

I am writing this letter to recommend for [the purpose of writing this letter such as a job position].
I have had the pleasure of knowing [Name of Person] for [number] years as [the way you have known the person, such as friend or classmate or neighbor]. From the experiences and bonding that we have shared, I can say that [Name] is [mention about the character of the person like kind, friendly, honest, etc.] A perfect instance of [his/her] attribute is when [he/she exhibited something particular that describes the person’s positive traits].

So, I recommend [Name] confidently and I know [he/she] will excel in [the purpose of writing this recommendation such as a job position].

(Your Signature)
Pascale Patton

c) Academic Recommendation Letter Format

Keaton Underwood
Ap #636-8082 Arcu Avenue
Thiensville Maryland 19587
(564) 908-6970

Date: 04/08-2000

Nasim Strong
Ap #630-3889 Nulla. Street
Watervliet Oklahoma 70863

Subject: (__________________)

Dear Nasim Strong,

I am writing this letter to recommend [Name] for [the purpose of writing this letter such as a higher study or another job profile].
I am glad to have known [Name] for [some semesters, or the duration of some project work done together, in several years]. I have been [his/her] mentor for [classes that the person has studied under your mentorship]. [Also, mention about project works or competitions that you have worked together].
I say this from what I have observed while doing mentorship of [Name] you are writing this letter for] that [he/she] is filled with [traits like hard-working, innovation, and other characters]. While doing [some particular project or activity] I was specifically inspired by [his/her] [particular ability that he/she has showcased].
So, I finally can recommend [Name] confidently for [the purpose of writing this letter such as a higher study or another job profile].

(Your Signature Here)
Keaton Underwood

How to write a Recommendation Letter

Knowing the way to write a letter will help you out in determining the content to be included in the letter, the proper format, and the points to be aware of while writing this letter. Below, we have mentioned some important tips on writing an effective reference letter.

  • Firstly, it should be kept in mind that you should agree to write the letter if you are in the capacity of writing it. If you somehow feel awkward or inappropriate to write a letter, you should politely deny the request made by the person.
  • It is always important to write a letter in a format followed in the business letters. It should be quite formal while detailing the person to the receiver of the letter. In certain cases, when there is a shortage of time, you can make use of a recommendation email instead of a letter.
  • Make sure that you have the correct information about the job position or details about the higher study of the person you are writing the letter of recommendation for. With this information, you can be specific about the points that fit the job profile that the person is applying to.
  • Then highlight the duration for which you have known the person in several years. The introduction of the letter should start with this important information.
  • Talk about some two to three positive characters of the person in the body of the letter that proves him to be suitable for the position of work or academic course that the person has chosen. You should also include particular instances that act as strong validation of the positive attributes of the person you have mentioned.
  • Show your complete confidence in the candidate to bring good laurels in the new job or University. You can also share your contact information with the reader of the reference letter for any future correspondence.
  • Lastly, you should be aware of any specific format to be followed, or any deadlines. This is quite pertinent for you not to falter the person you are writing the letter for.

Follow this template for writing a letter of recommendation –

  • While writing a letter of recommendation for a character reference, you should provide appropriate salutation in the form of “Dear Mr./Mrs/Dr. [Name]”. However, while writing the reference letter for normal purpose, you can include salutation like “To whom it may concern”.
  • The introduction paragraph of this letter provides details about yourself and how you know the individual you are writing the letter for. It should also provide specifics about your capacity to write this letter of recommendation and the employment or school that needs this letter.
  • The body of the letter should give particulars about the person you are recommending and talk about their qualifications and attributes that make them stand out from the rest. You can also mention particular instances where the individual displayed such skills or traits.
  • Finally, in the concluding paragraph, you should provide a shorter abstract of the reason behind you recommending the person. You can also provide your contact details to the individual for any future clarifications or queries.

Your Name

How to write Recommendation Email

In this section, we are going to discuss the tips to write a recommendation email upon asked by the referred person. This particular section will help you gain useful insights into the proper ways to write a recommendation email after being asked by an individual to write the Reference letter for them.

Firstly, it is pertinent to understand that if you are planning to go for writing a recommendation email you should stick to that instead of diverting to submitting the reference letter online over the website of the company or college. When you are asking for a recommender to write a recommendation email for you, you should ensure that you have provided them with all the crucial information. Be very transparent about the specific time frame and provide them reminders at the appropriate time via email or personally. Once the recommender has submitted the recommendation email it becomes quite important that you correspond with your school or company about that.

Tips on writing a recommendation email –

While writing a recommendation email, it should be clear that you are writing it professionally and include a proper salutation and other features. This recommendation email should properly state your relationship with the recommended person and why you are capable of writing this recommendation email.

Subject Line – In the subject line, you should talk about the applicant and introduce yourself. You should also state your purpose behind writing this recommendation email.

Proper Salutation – Include appropriate salutation like, “Dear [Name]”, or “Dear Mr. [Name]” while addressing the recipient.

Email body – The whole of the recommendation email should be contained to not more than three paragraphs. In the initial paragraph, you can talk about how you have known the referred person and for how much duration. Talk about your position for writing this recommendation email.

In the second paragraph, you can mention the positive qualities and expertise of the recommended person and include instances where he/she exhibited such talent. In conclusion, end with stating that you “strongly/highly recommend” the referred person for the position. Provide your contact details for any future correspondence from the recipient.

A fitting closing – Include “Sincerely” or “Regards” while ending the recommendation email.

Include your Signature – Lastly, provide your signature along with your name and contact details.

Sample Recommendation Email

Jordan Calderon
430-985 Eleifend St.
Duluth Washington 92611
(427) 930-5255

Date: 04/08-2000

Zorita Anderson
1964 Facilisis Avenue
Bell Gardens Texas 87065

Subject: (__________________)

Dear Zorita Anderson,

I have closely worked with [Name of the referred person] at [Name of your organization] for over [number] years where [he/she] worked as [job position of the referred person]. Over these years, [his/her] diligent work has earned [him/her] promotion to the [Manager or Director].
[His/Her] constant pursuit towards an innovative way of working and handling complex projects have earned [him/her] huge accolades. [He/She] is well-liked among [his/her] peers and always has a friendly way of connecting with others. [He/She] is a good team player and encourages others towards success. [Name of the referred person] has outstanding organizational skills, delegation aspects, and people skills that make [him/her] worthy.
I strongly recommend [Name of the referred person] for this position at your company and am confident that [he/she] will bring positive changes to your organization. Please feel free to connect with me at [your phone number] or [your email address] for further queries.

(Your Signature)
Jordan Calderon

How to ask for a Letter of Recommendation Email

Sade Higgins
Ap #287-3260 Ut St.
Wilmington OR 05182
(422) 517-6053

Date: 04/08-2000

Dante Bennett
481-8762 Nulla Street
Dearborn OR 62401

Subject: (__________________)

Dear Dante Bennett,

I am writing this letter to request you to recommend me for the position of [seeking job designation] at [name of the organization]. It is completely understandable if you are not comfortable writing this letter for me. You can simply inform me of your opinion.
In my opinion, over the [number] years that I have worked under you, I have honed my skills and capabilities by manifold. This new position at [name of the organization] will help me explore my genre of [content writing or software handling]. While employed at [the recipient’s organization name], I have received lots of accolades and appreciation for my innovative work approach as once told by you.
I am really thankful for you to consider my request for writing this recommendation email for me. I have also herein enclosed my resume, list of achievements, and job posting descriptions for your reference while composing the letter of recommendation email.
Please feel free to contact me about your response and any other assistance required at [your contact number] or [your email address].

(Your Signature)
Sade Higgins

Recommendation Letter Template in PDF and Word (Doc.) Format:Standard Recommendation Letter


Recommendation Email


Academic recommendation letter


Letter of Recommendation in PDF Format

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Letter of Recommendation in Word Format

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