Sample Business Analyst Cover Letter Template with Examples

A business analyst cover letter is written for business analyst and other analyst job openings. As a business analyst, you might not know how to write a professional cover letter. Your skills lie in identifying problems and formulating solutions, but crafting a great cover letter might not be your greatest strength.

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How to write a Business Analyst Cover Letter?

Here are some tips that you can follow while writing your cover letter:

  • Check Your Grammar
    Writing any piece of information in English requires it to be free from grammatical errors. This rule applies to your cover letter as well. To ensure an error-free cover letter, you can’t rely solely on Microsoft Word’s Spell Check. Consider using various secondary sources to guarantee your cover letter is free of errors.


  • Understand the ATS System
    ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. To ensure that your cover letter reaches the right hands, it must be crafted skillfully enough to navigate through the Applicant Tracking System. Many companies use these systems to filter the high volume of applications they receive daily and to shortlist candidates for their hiring processes. These resume-reading robots scan your CV and cover letter for keywords and phrases recognized by the system.


  • Quantify Your Achievements
    As your job profile involves identifying and solving problems related to data, use this skill to quantify your achievements in your cover letter. Include facts and figures that demonstrate your accomplishments. Focus on positive metrics such as time saved, percentage increases, or profits generated due to your efforts.


  • Avoid Using Common Phrases
    Many job applicants make the mistake of using cliched phrases like “good leadership” or “organizational skills” in their cover letters. These often fail to impress the ATS system. Instead, discuss your specific accomplishments.


  • Highlight Your Interests
    It is beneficial to your application to highlight your interests in your cover letter. This provides a brief introduction to the HR manager about your personality and what you can bring to the company.


  • Organize Your Business Analyst Cover Letter
    Arrange the points in your cover letter according to their relevance. Start by asking yourself questions such as – “What do I want the HR manager to know first?” or “Should I list my achievements in bullet points?”

Sample Business Analyst Cover Letter Examples

You can check out numerous business analyst cover letter templates where you simply need to insert your name and tweak a few sentences. To write an effective Business Analyst Cover Letter, we will take a look at some examples that you can use for reference while writing your own cover letter.

Entry-Level Business Analyst Cover Letter

Business Analyst Cover Letter

David J. Perez
4648 Rainy Day Drive

Date: 21st January 2024

John Doe
4812 Bird Spring Lane

Dear John Doe,

I recently received my business analyst course certificate from Stanford University. Following this, I diligently pursued my bachelor’s degree in Economics at New York University, working on independent projects. Notably, my capstone project secured $40,000 in micro-financing for an African charter orphanage, supporting over 100 disabled children and underprivileged students.

From your advertisement, I understand that your company has a keen interest in micro-financing within the dynamic business world. I am confident that my experience in process design, software development, and business skills will be a valuable asset to your company.

In-depth analysis: Leading a team of 5 students, I helped raise revenue by up to 35%.
Software development: Collaborating with volunteers and senior software developers, I contributed to the analysis and design of various financing applications.

I would be honored to discuss the assistant business analyst position over coffee and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
David J. Perez
Junior Business Analyst

Business Systems Analyst Cover Letter

Mary P. Burgess
4966 Blackwell Street

Date: 12th February 2023

Steven C. Mack
2463 Wright Court

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a Business Systems Analyst at XXX Company. The role’s requirement for a combination of IT skills, organizational abilities, and business analysis expertise aligns perfectly with my areas of proficiency.

My mindset is inherently orderly, and I take pleasure in both structure and systematic problem-solving. I possess a talent for integrating systematic thinking in addressing technical IT challenges, organizing people, and managing business processes.

I appreciate your time in reviewing my resume and profile to assess my suitability for this position. I am confident that moving forward in the hiring process will allow me to demonstrate my capabilities, potentially making a substantial contribution to XXX Company’s IT and Business Analysis team.

Mary P. Burgess

Business Analyst Cover Letter with No Experience

Luciano L. Massey
3874 Clay Street

Date: 14th March 2011

Willie C. Edgin
2613 Rardin Drive
San Francisco

Dear Willie,

I am writing to apply for the Business Analyst position at your company, as advertised in the New York Times. You might be wondering, “Why should you hire me?” I possess the precise skills and qualifications required for this role, which include:

  • A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a specialization in IT Operations Management.
  • Three months of internship experience at Infosys, where I focused on implementing, designing, and interpreting the results of new systems, collaborating closely with other technical teams.
  • Proficiency in gathering business requirements from users and integrating them into systems with IT support.

Furthermore, my Green Belt Industry Certificate, which is highly regarded in the business analyst profession, might be of interest to you. I am also skilled in using Microsoft Office tools like MS Project and Outlook, which enhance my efficiency in my work.

Enclosed is my resume for more details, along with my contact information. I eagerly await your response and am excited about the possibility of contributing to your team.

Luciano L. Massey

Business Intelligence Analyst Cover Letter

Daniel K. Taul
126 Sussex Court

Date: 12th February 2029

Mary L. Klein
1535 Freedom Lane

Dear Mary,

I am writing in response to a recent job posting on for a Business Intelligence Analyst position. I am interested in this role and am attaching my CV for your reference.

Professionally, I excel in interpreting large volumes of data and identifying current business trends. I am adept at presenting my research clearly, utilizing infographics and statistics to convey information effectively.

I believe my business skills will be a valuable addition to your team. My expertise in developing, designing, testing, and deploying BI solutions can contribute significantly to your company. Additionally, I am a driven, self-motivated candidate with a strong desire to learn new methodologies.

My experience spans various sectors, including Financial, Customer Service, Insurance, and Sales, where I have been a key communicator in numerous significant projects.

I am eager to join your company and contribute as an experienced Business Intelligence Analyst, committed to delivering my best and becoming a valuable asset to your team.

I hope my application will be considered, and I look forward to the opportunity for an interview.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel K. Taul

Cover Letter for Healthcare Business Analyst

Jimmy M. Warren
1484 Whiteman Street

Date: 24th July 2020

Annie C. Dunn
3890 McKinley Avenue

Dear Annie,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for the Health Business Analyst position in the Economic Times, dated 5th November 2020.

Enclosed is my resume, detailing my career experience as a healthcare business analyst. My achievements include:

  • Developing test plans, cases, and test strategies.
  • Designing and developing functional specifications and business requirements.
  • Assisting in data mapping.
  • Leading XAD sessions to develop new projects.

I would be delighted to discuss this job opportunity in more detail during an interview. I look forward to your response.

Jimmy M. Warren
Enclosure: Resume

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