How to End/ Close a Cover Letter with Writing Tips

A job seeker should be confident and enthusiastic by drafting strong How to end a cover letter or Cover letter closings. The aim is to make the recruiter get an impression that the applicant is passionate and truly avid about the position for which he or she is applying. In fact, the tip here is that closing statements should always be finished with a strong note. 

How to End a Cover Letter

Further, the applicant should make all out efforts to promise something that has real value to what the hiring manager is looking for, from the job aspirant. Besides, the cover letter closing statements should reveal the job seeker’s capacity to fit into the culture of the organization. The applicant must show as to how his or her personality and ethics of working is similar to what the recruiter is searching for. Since the job seeker has already written about his or her honesty and experience in this letter, the temptation to end this letter very soon might occur.

The candidate should exhibit good confidence in his or her qualification and preparedness for accepting the challenges of the job. This will encourage the recruiter to forward the candidate’s application further. The cover letter closing should also depict the accomplishments achieved by the candidate in the previous job. Such events will certainly encourage the applicant to accept new responsibilities and face difficult challenges. Hiring managers usually search for such job seekers who are ready to adapt to any circumstances and wish to contribute to the organization, immediately. 

Cover Letter Closing Paragraph

The conclusion or the closing paragraph of this letter is as important as the beginning. If the former is not appealing, the recruiter might overlook the application. Hence, the candidate must indicate his or her gratitude while ending this type of letter. It is very vital that a job seeker clearly indicates his or her personality and the reason for deserving an interview with the recruiter or the hiring manager. The last few lines of this letter ends must firmly reveal the candidate’s eagerness in the positive contribution of the organization’s growth.

The cover letter closing paragraph forms also the basis for making effective communication with the applicant’s potential employer. In fact, this is considered as the final words that any recruiter will read before he or she considers the applicant’s resume. Here, the tip is that the job seeker should select appropriate phrases and words to make the paragraph a great difference, favouring for the selection of a successful interview. 

A job seeker should understand as to what he or she should include in the final paragraph of letter closings. The five tips to be considered are:

  • The candidate should appreciate and thank the recruiter’s consideration in carefully reviewing this letter and resume sent 
  • Being polite is the next step. The applicant can just request for an interview, but not demand for it. He or she should not mention that a visit to the office the following week can be possible
  • Another essential tip is that the candidate should do groundwork about the company. The job requirements must be carefully studied prior to writing this letter closing paragraph. Besides, filling in minor details in the final paragraph should depict the applicant’s research work regarding the organization 
  • The job seeker should express his or her contribution to the organization 

How to End a Cover Letter - Cover Letter Closing

The job seeker should be aware that each cover letter must end with a closing salutation or statement. There are several methods of expressing the salutations, which can be appealing to the recruiter. An appropriate cover letter closing statement/salutation can work wonders for the applicant. It can motivate the hiring manager to issue an interview call. The job seeker can select the salutation from the numerous ones that follow:

Respectfully yours,
Most sincerely,
Yours truly,
Sincerely yours,
Thank you for your consideration,
With best regards,
Kind regards,
Best regards,
Thank you,
These are some important closing salutations, in bold fonts, that will indicate a strong appeal. 

Cover letter Closing Paragraph Examples

There are a few examples of the concluding paragraph of closing this letter.

  1. The candidate can express his or her excitement in indicating to be a proper match for the organization. This enthusiastic statement may want the hiring manager to know more about the candidate. Besides, he may also be curious to know why the job seeker believes to be an appropriate person for the position applied. 
  2. When the applicant expresses his or her desire to meet the recruiter and share the thoughts of improving the organization, the latter, might be tempted to call the applicant. Later, during the interview, the recruiter might discover the talent and proposal of the job seeker to enhance the growth opportunities of the position applied for.
  3. The job seeker can indicate his or her qualities that may act as a driving force. Such an indication might make the hiring manager to call the candidate for further discussion. 

Cover Letter Conclusion

The applicant should be confident and polite while writing the conclusion of this letter. It has to be customized according to the post for which the application is being sent. The ending should not be too boring or casual. Concluding this letter in an appropriate manner will surely help the candidate.

The candidate’s name has to be written at the end of this letter. Besides, any applicable contact information should also be mentioned. This will assist the recruiter to contact the candidate, if found suitable. The email address and the phone number of the applicant should come below his or her name. Such information will be useful for the hiring manager to get in touch with the applicant.  

Robert Lewis
15 Thomas Avenue
Middleton, CA 08994

October 22, 2018

Paul Higgins
Dy Director of HR Department
859 Park Avenue
Burlington, CA 08526

Dear Mr. Higgins
Today I wish to apply for the open post of marketing manager in social media. This job opening was conveyed to me by my friend, Mr. Joseph Penn. He has kindly agreed to give me a reference letter, which I hope will be useful. 

I hold a Master’s degree in digital media from North Carolina State University. I also possess 5 years of experience as an assistant in social media at Prime Box. This has given me great value in learning and utilizing social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

For the past two years I have held the accountability for the management of Prime Box Twitter account. Since then, the number of account holders has risen by 60 percent.

It will be a great opportunity to work with interested like-minded colleagues. Hence, I am eager to take over the position of a Manager in your company. Since I love accepting challenges, I am confident to uplift your social media status to a higher level.

I thank you for offering your valuable time and keeping me in mind for this position. I have forwarded my resume and will send an email the following week. This is to know if I can send any more information, if required. 


Robert Lewis

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