Journalism Cover Letter Template Sample with Example

A journalism cover letter is something that can play a vital role in getting the Journalism job profile in any prominent news agency around. The majority of the news agencies in the present scenario ask the aspiring journalist to provide the cover letter while filling the Journalism vacancies. This is the core reason that why journalism cover letters are gaining such prominence in the journalism space.

Journalism Cover Letter

Here in the article, we are going to guide all our aspiring journalists to draft an influencing cover letter for journalism. They can use the cover letter with their resume while applying for the job profile in the journalism domain. The article also offers several printable templates as the sample Journalism cover letters. The objective of these cover letters is to offer the due exposure of these letters that will further guide them in developing their cover letter.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Journalism?

Well, it's not just about the tag of a cover letter rather it's all about the content of these letters. A cover letter is an additional document to the resume and it has the role of conveying such information regarding the candidate to the news agency that is not covered by the resume. This information is generally about academic qualifications, practical work experience, communication skills, and other details.

Cover letters enable the news agencies to dig deeper into the background of the candidate to find and analyze the professional competence of the candidate. Similarly, the cover letter is an open opportunity for the candidate to express professional competence to the news agencies in the best possible manner. Here are our several tips on drafting an impressive journalism cover letter.

  • Start with the formal format of the letter and give it an appropriate header to make it more like a formal journalism cover letter.
  • Now start the letter with personal regards and greetings to the hiring news agency.
  • Start the main body with your ambition to become a professional journalist and then follow it with your academic background.
  • You need to stick to the main objective of the letter which is to express yourself and how good you are at journalism.
  • If you have any working experience or recognition such as the record of journal publication then you should always mention and attach the same with a cover letter.
  • Mention your ambitions in the form of a roadmap that you are going to pursue in your journalism career.
  • At last end the cover letter with a positive note and hope for the best.

Sample Journalism Cover Letter

Well, the sample cover letters always play a crucial role in providing a worthy perspective and exposure to the aspiring journalist. They can use the sample letter to inspire themselves to write an influential cover letter of Journalism as part of a job application. Here we are dropping down one such fine sample of the sample letter.

Miss Shirley Morkel
HR Manager at Times Reporting
South Bergen Avenue 252/87
New York City 1127302, USA

Dear Ma'am

I'm writing this cover letter in integration with my resume for the post of news reporting at the Time Reporting news agency. I have decent working experience as a journalist and news reporter at the previous news agency. I'm a professionally qualified individual in journalism and have had practical work experience for more than 4 years now. I have always been a huge aspirant of pursuing my journalism career with Times Reporting and finally, I have come across such an opportunity.

I have experienced myself in almost every genre of reporting be it crime, politics, poverty, corruption, sex scandals, etc. I was also rewarded with several awards at my previous workplace for my commendable news reporting. I'm more than thrilled to take my journalism career to new heights by being a part of your journalism network. Kindly go through my attached documents to check my credentials and let me hear for a further call.

Thanks & regards
Dino James

Cover Letter for Journal Submission

The cover letter for journal submission works as the significant support to back your journal publication. Most news agencies and authors ask for a cover letter to publish your article in their journal. For the same cause, you have to come forward with a specific cover letter that can vouch for the credibility of your article on any subject. Here below is the sample cover letter for the journal submission.

Charlie Smith
Head at Blue Moon Reporting
South Park CA, 123760

Dear Sir,

I'm addressing this cover letter as my application to find a place for my journal in your editorial. The journal comes with a menu script named " law of cure" as it's based on the research regarding the cure of diabetes. I would like to convey that I have written this journal myself as the sole researcher on the information mentioned in the journal. Further, I would also like to assure you that my research falls out of plagiarism as it involves my genuine work and has no pre-publication. I believe this journal would come to the benefit of masses who are suffering from diabetes or are finding its ultimate cure. All the further details of the journal are mentioned in the enclosure. I kindly urge you to go through the same and consider granting publication permission to this noble general.

Thanks & regards
Tom Southee

Journal Cover Letter

A journal cover letter is a general letter that is addressed to the news or editorial agency to publish the journal of any individual. With this cover letter, one can provide additional information on the Journal topic and other information to the news agency. Here we have the fine sample of this cover letter for the ease of our readers around.

Jack Murray
Head at Republic News
Sao Paulo 237828, Brazil

Dear Sir,
With my cover letter, I wish to seek permission for the publication of my journal titled " Game Changer". The journal is based on the worldwide adoption of the vegan lifestyle for the bodybuilders and masses in general. I'm the sole researcher of this journal and the journal has my name as its official author. The journal provides the research information on the adoption of a vegan diet and cutting off the non-vegetarian and dairy products diet. It involves the research that shows the ultimate result of vegan diet adoption by over 100 people over 1 year. This research contains only a genuine piece of work without any content of plagiarism. I kindly urge you to give it the due space in your editorial so that the world can read and benefit from it.

Thanks & regards
Dwayne Thompson

So, these are some of the sample cover letters on journalism and the publication of journals. We believe that as an aspiring journalist and researcher you can take a reference from these cover letters. You could ultimately gain enough confidence to come up with your cover letter. Kindly do share the article with other individuals around on the web who aspire for the same interest.

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