How to Address a Cover Letter with Writing Tips & Examples

Addressing a cover letter is essential and do you know why? It is because this is the first thing employer going to notice in your cover letter. If this goes wrong, there are fair chances that your cover letter is going to be rejected even if you have written best of yours. Therefore, let’s not make this mistake.

We understand your need for writing one best cover letter to build a career you desire of. A cover letter is a way to get an impression about the thought process and language a person lives with. Apart from that, it is also to get to know more about the person who sent it. In a business corporate firm or a public organization or an academic place etc. a cover letter has become an integral part that need to be addressed by the candidate to continue with the selection procedure by the employer. 

We would like to make you aware that the employer opens and read every cover letter coming their way and hence just doesn’t send it right away. A careful understanding about how to address a cover letter and the way of writing is very essential. This is why you are reading this article. We have tried our best to provide you with utmost understanding support in regard of this topic as much as we can, and that too at one place. So you don’t need to move from here to another!

Addressing a Cover Letter to Unknown

In cases where you absolutely have no idea whom you are actually sending your cover letter, we suggest that just simply write ‘To whom it may concern’ because it looks more generic in such situations. This is recommended that you don’t write ‘Dear Sir/ Madam’ because this shows your assumption about the gender. You can also write ‘Dear Recruiting representative’ if you are not aware of the person.

Also, you can just refer to the department you are applying to, if you know. 

For example:

Human Resources Department 
PQR Company Pvt. Ltd.
67, Red Building, Main Road
Ohio, USA 02314

Address Cover Letter Without Address of Company

Anyways it is not so necessary to mention the address of the company you are applying to. Therefore this isn’t a big problem. But we suggest that you should put your own contact details just in case when it gets redacted. Otherwise you just need to follow the exact same procedure here too.

For example:
Dear recruiting representative
ABC Corporation
Dated: 23 Aug 2018 (not compulsive)

How to Address a Cover Letter Without a Name

You don’t need to get stressed if you don’t know the name of the hiring manager or the employer who is going to read your cover letter. Because this situation is going to be with every candidate applying for this particular post or profile. But what can make your cover letter different from others is your way of address them. There are few ways that you can use while addressing in your cover letter. I would suggest you to not just write ‘To whom so ever it may concern’ because it’s a bit old fashioned and I believe a bit inappropriate in a case when you are applying on your own because you are looking for a job or that particular position. 

Following are the remarks that you can use to address in a cover letter:

  • Dear hiring manger 
  • Dear Job Title Hiring Manger (For example: Dear Senior Analyst & Hiring Manager, if you are sure about it)
  • Dear Manager 
  • Dear Web designing hiring manager

For example: 

Dear hiring manger 
ABC Pvt. Ltd.
123 Main Road
Ohio, USA 02314

How to Address a Cover Letter with a Name

This is an essential part as from here the employer will start judging you and your cover letter. Therefore, let’s not give them a chance to dislike you! We suggest you that you start to address a cover letter with a start using an official salutation that is followed by the title of the employer and their full name. 

For example: Write “Dear Mr. Mike Smith, Hiring Manager at XYZ Pvt. Ltd.”.

In case you don’t know the gender of the person, better you just mention their title or profile along with their name. 

For example: Write Dear Mike Smith, Hiring Manager at XYZ Pvt. Ltd.”

For proper format, you can visit our page where more samples are available for your convenience.

How to Address a Cover Letter to a Person

This is good news that if you know the person’s name because it will be easier for you address them in your cover letter. Even if you don’t know the person and their name, it is fine because we have already provided you the appropriate guide to address them as well.
Here address a person is same as before. 

For example:

Dear Mr. Greene
Hiring Manger
ABC Pvt. Ltd.
New York, USA

How to Address a Cover Letter to HR

Well, this isn’t a difficult task to do anymore for you. Human resource is the department that is involved in hiring and firing tasks. When you write a cover letter to the HR of an organization or a company, just simply go suggested. 

For example:

Dear Human Resource Manager
XYZ Company
Boston, USA

You can also just simply mention ‘Dear Manager’ or ‘Dear HR Executive’ etc. depending upon the information of the individual available with you.  

We hope that you found this article useful and helpful. Thank you for letting us help you out. Best wishes.

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