Administrative Assistant Cover Letter with Sample Example

Every job is significant and the job of an administrative assistant is quite important and an administrative assistant cover letter is crucial to make an impression and stand out amongst the other job applications. Trying for an administrative assistant job many things need to be kept in mind because it is an important responsibility that requires looking into the minutest details of an organization, office, school, or institution. So, you must be aware of all the particulars that are important to be kept in mind while making your administrative assistant cover letter. 

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

After a lot of searches, you get your dream administrative assistant job, and once you find it, then how you can miss out on the opportunity of losing the job just because of some unknown errors. There is a lot of documents and paperwork that you will need to manage and also meet and greet people from all areas. 

How to write a cover letter for an administrative assistant

So, you need to understand how to write an administrative assistant cover letter. Let’s have a look at the tips of writing an administrative assistant cover letter. 

  • Crucial Details – Include all the essential details about you that are necessary for the employer to know about including the date.
  • Address the employer – Next important aspect is to address the employer by adding the details and telling them about yourself and how well you can add to the administration department of the organization.
  • Highlight your Skills – Another important aspect is to highlight your skills and expertise and tell them why you are a perfect fit for the role.
  • Tone – So, setting your tone professionally while writing the administrative assistant cover letter is important to make the right impression.
  • Grammar & Language – It is also important to keep a check on the grammar and language of the administrative assistant's cover letter. 

Entry Level Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

From --------------,

Date --------------,

To ----------------,

Dear ---------------------------,

This letter expresses my keen interest in the Entry level administrative assistant position with your -----------------------  esteemed organization. I have completed my education in ----------------------------

From ------------------------------------ (mention University/college). The education has prepared me for the role and has also helped in honing my skills for this role.

Previously, I have worked as a ------------------- at ------------------ and have ----------------------- (years of experience). I am well versed in all the clerical and customer service skills such as reception, filing, mail management, typing, scheduling, travel management, and calendar management.

I am also aware of various office software of Microsoft Office and other software that are important to be known about an administrative assistant.

I have also attached my resume along with the letter for your review. I will be looking forward to meeting you in person and thank you for your consideration.



Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant

From -------------,

Date -------------,

To ---------------,

Dear -----------------,

I have seen your opening for an Administrative Assistant and would like to apply for the position. I have also been fortunate to read about your company -------------- and the accomplishments it has made in the past.

I have studied -------------------- from ------------------ and have learned about various skills required by an Administrative Assistant. I am well versed the skills such as ----------------------------- (mention all your skills). Previously I have worked with ------------------------- and have ---------------- years of experience. While working I have handled the responsibilities of Administrative Assistant and worked on -------------------- (mention the job roles).

With my experience, I am sure I can add more and fulfill all the responsibilities that are mentioned in your job role. Apart from that I also have strong communication skills and administrative skills.

I would like to thank you for reading out my application and attached is my resume. I would be looking forward to meeting you soon.



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