Weekly Planner/Calendar 2020 Template in PDF, WORD & Excel

A weekly planner or weekly calendar provides you with an edge over others in managing your time and planning work beforehand. Do you love pre-planning your week and month? Well, if you are plan-junkie then you have come to the right place. Now, you can get a lot of things done over a period of 7 days if you plan ahead. It is a schedule worth keeping so as to reach the goals effortlessly. If you know your appointments, events and commitments each week then you are at a better end. You will then be able to manage all other work perfectly too. 

The weekly planner is an easy to use template so that you are always on top of the things. There are plenty of ways in which they can be used.

  • To schedule appointments and official tasks
  • Block your time specifically for each task or bulk tasks on a daily basis
  • Take it as a single page or make an overview page for quickly viewing the things that need to be done that week.
  • You can also use it to track your own fitness and diet.    
  • It can also be used for home chores and family.

Printable Weekly Planner Sample with Examples

A weekly planner is a versatile option and can be experimented with in different ways too. Whether you use it as a personal planner or in a professional manner is your choice.

Weekly Planner To-Do List

Our productivity levels at work vary each day. This is also because of the modern gadgets that have been laid down before you. Think of the time spent in browsing online stores or email. With a weekly plan laid before you the most important tasks will always be given priority. The small to-do lists that you create every day on those sticky notes never really do get fulfilled. But with a proper planner these to-do lists will always get that priority.    

Weekly Planner To-Do List

  • You will be able to keep a check on your responsibilities. You can access the weekly planner from all the modern gadgets. If you need to update your weekly planner at any moment you will be able to do so. 
  • With a weekly calendar you will always give importance to your upcoming responsibilities. If you create a schedule, you always give it a priority and make it a point to complete it. With a weekly planner you will never run out of time. 
  • If you are working on a project with a team, then you can share this schedule with your teammates. If it is a family weekly planner, then it can be shared with the other members of the family. 
  • Your productivity at work will increase. When you make a to-do list on a weekly planner then you actually stop wasting time at work and go all out to achieve it. 

Weekly Planner To-Do List

Weekly Planner With Times

There are two types of weekly planner. One that comes with hourly time slots and the other that comes with undated and untimed slots. The hourly time slots calendar is an ideal planner for writing down appointments, events and other professional commitments. This way you can make a detailed plan of your work days. If you need flexible time scheduling, then you can opt for untimed weekly planner. This way you can write down the appointment schedules on half-hourly, quarter-hourly basis too. If you are a working professional, then efficient time-management is the only way to reach at the top of the ladder.     

Weekly Planner With Times

Hourly Weekly Planner

If you want to complete your tasks of the week it is often recommended to plan your daily and weekly schedules by the hour. Hourly weekly planner hence is the simplest solution to your problem. If you use this template, then you actually ensure that each hour of the day is booked and put to use. This way you will never forget a task at hand. 

Hourly Weekly Planner

Whether you are a teacher, student, mother or a working professional weekly planner meets up with the demands of each. If you have a lot of activities on your platter, then a planner is meant to ease out your tensions. 

Weekly Planner For School

The school year has just begun and it means that you are going to have a really packed schedule. You will need to keep a check on classes, extra-curricular, birthdays, jobs, home-work, daily chores, family meet and much more. How do you think you can keep it all planned? You cannot just keep on scribbling on the sticky notes forever! The reminders, to-do lists and other school and home schedule can be maintained with the help of a weekly planner. In this digital age there are tons of options before you. All you have to do is to search for the one that’s made for you. Keeping school work organized will help you to be ahead of everyone else too.    

weekly planner for school

Weekly planner For Kids

Well, weekly planner for kids is unheard of right? Well, absolutely wrong, this is the first and only way to help your kid become independent, professional and self-reliant. Kids need to prepare a whole lot of things through-out the week for school, home, sports and other extra-curricular too. With a planner at their disposal they will be able to maintain a proper time schedule for each task at hand through-out the week and be prepared.

weekly planner for kid

Some categories that can be included in the planner are homework, classes, extra-curricular activities of that day, birthday or any important event, chores and special notes to self.

Weekly Calendar for Toddlers

weekly calendar for kids

This way, your child will always be able to complete the task at hand and learn to not waste time. At the end of the day, they will feel happy to have accomplished their goal!  

weekly planner for school

Weekly Planner For Students

Whether you have just begun high school or are a senior in college, your life is bound by books, attending classes, events, extra-curricular activities, representing your college in various competitions, attending seminars, homework, preparation for university, chilling with friends and family and a lot more!

weekly planner for students

You do find yourself making little to-do lists to keep a track on your life and short-term goals. But, it’s hard to really be organized with such to-do lists and reach the optimum level of efficiency.

weekly calendar for students

A student weekly planner is a great investment. It will help you mark out the official holidays, birthdays, upcoming events, seminars, classes, extra-curricular timings, your homework etc. you can also squeeze in personal notes for the week.   

weekly planner for students

Weekly Planner For Teachers

As a teacher, what is absolutely overwhelming is that you need to start a new each year. Getting organized for the year ahead with the right resources for your classroom, kids and school becomes tough. There are times when organizing the lesson plans, activities, field trips etc. can seem a bit daunting but with a yearly and weekly planner by your side you will never find yourself in soup. When searching for a planner you must check the following:

  • Durability: This is absolutely important when buying a weekly planner. It is because, you will be needing it almost every day of the week. Therefore, the material must be such that it can withstand a lot of rough handling. This is the reason why sturdy materials work best. 
  • Customizable: Each teacher has a different method of working and organization therefore, the planner must be such that can be customizable. It could be extra-add on or a different cover etc.  
  • Space: There needs to be lots of space in your planner. As a teacher you do know that unexpected details may appear during your semester and these are the ones that need to be noted down for future reference. Extra space is a necessity for scribbling too.  

weekly planner for teacher

Weekly planner For Moms

Weekly planner for moms are unheard of right? Well, wrong, moms to have a busy schedule as they are juggling so many tasks and activities through-out the day. It can be really hard to take some time out for yourself. At the end of the day it is also busy for moms to think about real goals in their life. 

Without a planner you do work in your mundane routine without giving a though about time management and doing something constructive for yourself. When you have a weekly planner, your life gets sorted by the hour and you can plan something ahead for yourself too. There are three types of planners that are great for busy moms. They are:

  • Bullet Journals: These are normal notebooks that help you with planning by the date and hour.      
  • Dated planners: These come in monthly and weekly layout and are labelled for your convenience. There are titled sections that will help you write down activities, goals and accomplishments too. 
  • Undated planners: The undated planners work really well too. The month and weekly sections here are undated, open-minded in approach and extensive too.   

Weekly Planner For Preschool

Preschool teachers need a lot of meticulous planning every-day to keep their children engaged and to bring out the best among the children too. An organized early childhood teacher is a must for every preschool and a weekly planner helps you achieve that. 

If you wish to stay on top of everything then you must have all areas covered in your weekly preschool planner like to-do lists, notes, monthly calendar, attendance, topics covered, activities and field trips planned, birthdays, special days celebrated and much more. You would also like your planner to be super cute! 

A weekly preschool planner will help you stay connected all through the hectic year. All the things that are school related will thus stay in one place. You will only be taking this to your school every-day and done!

Weekly Planner For Preschool

Weekly Schedule Planner

If you are a busy soul, then you have to be practical and realistic most of the time. You need to have everything planned before the beginning of the week. This is where weekly to-do list printable planner sets in. Now, for all the busy people who wish to be better organized, the weekly to-do list is a hybrid between a planner and a calendar. You have space for top priorities, wish to get completed section, 10-minute project and notes.    

Weekly To-Do List Printable Template

The weekly to do list will always remind you of your priorities first and will let you stay on top of things. 

Weekly Calendar With Time Slots

A weekly calendar with time slots is a template that comes dated with time slots ranging from 9 am to 5pm and so on. These are also customizable and the time slots can vary based on your work timings. You can use this as a professional calendar for registering appointments, seminars and other events. But, this weekly calendar can also be used by a student, teacher and anybody. It can be used as a diet planner to help you shed those extra calories. Some calendars also come with holiday lists so that you can plan a vacation with your family.

Weekly Calendar With Time Slots

If you are obsessed with planning, then you would understand the meaning of weekly planners in your life. Each Monday morning when you wake up you already know how you are going to utilize the 90% of the week. This way you can be more productive at work and home. Not wasting any moment of your time makes you also feel special! You accredit 80% of the success of your life to your meticulous planning. If you still haven’t got a weekly planner here is why you should. 

Weekly Schedule for Employees

Understand and write down your top 3 goals. Not planning your week ahead is terrible. And if you plan your week without writing down any of your priorities then it is the worst that you can do. This just suggests that you do know what priorities you have but you are not ready to acknowledge them. This way you slow down your productivity and your progress rate too. If you get busy with other people’s priorities all the time, then it is all the more important that you plan ahead yours.

Printable Weekly Planner Template in PDF, WORD & Excel Format

Blank Weekly Calendar/planner Template in PDF Format

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Blank Weekly Calendar/planner Template in Word Format

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Blank Weekly Calendar/planner Template in Excel Format

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