Sponsorship Letter for Event Template- Format, Sample & Example

Sponsorship Letter for Event: Be it corporates, wedding planners, event management companies, or any other related service; events are an important part of the daily work culture. Every event has a specific objective, target an audience to cater to their needs and requirements.

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Organizing and managing an event requires a lot of effort and things to look after too. A successful event includes a lot of planning and micro-management that is not a single person’s job and works to complete. Arranging all the stuff and requirements for the event often requires additional funding, which comes in the form of sponsorship. A sponsor can be an individual, corporate, institute, or any other place that offers money to fund or add money to make the event successful. The writing tips of Many type of sponsorship Letter provided here like- Sponsorship Request letter, Sponsorship Proposal Letter, Corporate Sponsorship Letter, Sponsorship Letter for Visa etc

Now coming to how you can get sponsors for your event is something you need to know. Be it quick financial support, or a long term sponsorship for the event, having the right sponsor with you can change the outlook of the entire event planning. So, when you ask for sponsorship it is necessary to look for the right sponsor who can add value and prestige to your event. Writing a sponsorship letter for an event is the best way to reach out to sponsors and look for a positive response from them.

Sample Sponsorship Request Letter for Event

Kim Fletcher
Ap #345-3847 Metus Road
Independence CO 30135
(368) 239-8275


Hiram Mullins
754-6427 Nunc Ave
Kennewick AL 41329

Subject: {_________________}

Dear Hiram Mullins,
I Kim Fletcher working as a ------------ (mention job title) with ----------- (mention company name) would like to connect with you for a long-term and successful association. Like every year this year also we are organizing the annual ------ (details about the event). For past ----- (mention the years) we have been organizing this event and inviting ------ (mention the audience).

As we are beginning with the planning process for this year’s event, we were shortlisting the list of sponsors who can make the event successful this year. So, we find your company to be a suitable pick for being the main sponsor for the event this year. The event will not only be a platform for corporates but for the public at large as well. So, you can hop in the limelight at the event this year.
Attached to this letter is the detailed description of the event you can have a look at it and take your decision. We will be looking forward to a positive response from your end. In case of any query or clarification feel free to contact us anytime.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Signature
Kim Fletcher
Contact Details

Proposal for Event Sponsorship Letter Sample

Quamar Rivera
427-5827 Ac St.
Schaumburg Arkansas 84872
(605) 900-7508


Nehru Holmes
P.O. Box 547 4764 Sed Road
Grand Rapids CT 87323

Subject: {_________________}

Dear Nehru Holmes,

Hope you are doing great!
I Qamar Rivera would like to connect with you on the behalf of ---- (mention the company name). We are a ----- (mention about the organization) and have been in the industry for ----- (mention years) and have been associated with ---- (mention the origin of the event).
The event is a part of ----- (details about the event) and being the manager of the ---- (mention your job title) I am responsible for organizing this event and turning it into a successful program. I have heard a lot about your company and association with these kinds of events and programs. So, our company has both national and international presence in this industry and would like you to be a major sponsor this year.
Attached are the details of the event and propositions we want to offer you as a sponsor. We would like you to go through the same and discuss with us the process further and what your thoughts about the same are. In case you have any queries please feel free to contact us anytime.
We will be looking forward to hearing from you and having a long-term association with you.

Yours Sincerely,
Qamar Rivera
Contact Number

Sample Letter for Sponsorship Request for an Event

Merritt Watson
P.O. Box 686 7014 Amet Street
Corona Oklahoma 55246
(622) 594-1662


Driscoll Leach
P.O. Box 120 2410 Odio Avenue
Pass Christian Delaware 03869

Subject: {_________________}

Dear Driscoll Leach,
Thanks for connecting with us last week. This letter is to take the discussion further for our annual event ----- (mention the name of the event).

We ---- (mention the company name) have been in the industry for ---- (mention the years) and the event is all about ------ (mention the details of the event). The event will be held on ----- (mention date) at ----- (mention location) from ----- (mention time).

As the event is organized at such a huge platform, we would need a sponsor who can make this event successful. Seeing your record and prestige in the industry, we seem to be the perfect pick for the sponsorship of the event. Along with this letter, we are also sending you a brief about the event and the propositions we will be offering you as gratitude for the event sponsorship and promotion.

Kindly, have a look at them and let us know your feedback on the same.

Yours Sincerely,
Merritt Watson

Sample Letter Asking for Sponsorship for an Event

ABCD Company
T- 703, 1208
Alaska, USA

Date – 09/09/2000

Zoya Ken
XYC Bank
T-309, 12067
Budapest, USA

Subject: -----

Dear Zoya Ken,

Hope you are doing great!

We at --------- (name of the organization) are looking forward to organizing our annual event ------ (name of the event). For making the event a success, we are looking for sponsors who can make it successful and help us in reaching out to people all across the industry.
While going through your company portfolio, we found you to be a great association in this regard. The event details are listed below:

Date ----
Time ----
Location ------
Program --------
(Mention all the programs to be included in the event).
So, as a sponsor, we are giving you an opportunity to take a package of your choice and also have a look at the different propositions we are offering to our potential sponsors.
Sponsorship packages
Kindly, have a look at all the packages and let us know your thoughts on sponsorship of the event. We will be looking forward to hearing a positive response from your side.

Yours Sincerely,
ABC Company

Sponsorship Confirmation Letter for Event

Alex Rechal
T-308, 2344
Dallas, USA,


Sid Robin
G-809, 3499
Alaska, USA

Subject: ____________

Dear Sid Robin,
Please accept this letter as our confirmation for the sponsorship of the event ----- (mention the name of the event). We will be offering ------- (mention the amount) that will be used for different purposes by your organization in planning the event.

As a sponsor, I agree to pay the discussed cost of planning the event, and as invoiced to our organization. We understand that the response of the event is not a part of the sponsorship proposal.

However, the basic points that are discussed to achieve by the end of the event remain the same and the propositions offered by to our organization in terms of the planning of the event should be followed as per mentioned in your letter.

In case you have any additional points or need to change anything in the proposition please do so before we sign this letter.
Signature of person responsible to approve the sponsorship: ----------------------

Thank You

Company Name: -------------
Invoice should be Billed to: -----------
Mailing Address of the Company: ------------
Contact Details: ----------------------------
Email details: -----------------

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