Thank You Letter Template for Sponsorship – Sample & Examples

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship: Well, sponsorship is an act to support some good deed or an event or for some charitable activity. If you are getting a sponsorship it is very fortunate occasion. This means that all the major or minor expenses for the act of your interest will be taken cared by someone who is going to avail the sponsorship to you. There are many organizations and associations who acts like sponsors and helps in providing sponsorships. Therefore, for such kindness a thank you letter needs to be written for sure!

Here in this article we have provided you with some nice sample notes that you can use to write a thank you letter for sponsorship. We hope that you will find this article useful.

thank you letter for sponsorship Sample with Example

Thank you letter for sponsorship for an event

Date- 17-06-2014

Mrs. Roma Jill
Brand Chief Officer
ABC  Technos
New York City,

Respected Madam,

I, along with our whole staff at the XYZ organization would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards you for the given kind sponsorship to organize a workshop and seven-day event. It is because of your help and support, the event turned in to huge success to people at work. The event hosted a variety of sports such as Tennis, football, cricket, table tennis and badminton to swimming and long tennis, along with few very exciting shows of sportsmanship. We are very sure that the event could not have been possible and such a success without your humble and kind support.

Thank you so much, Madam.

We really look forward towards your sustained support to us in the future too. Thanks a lot.

John Mill
XYZ Organization

Thank you Letter for Sponsorship Donation


Mr. Jain
University of XYZ
Ohio, USA

Respected Sir,

This is to extend my heartfelt gratitude and respect to you for providing us with such a kind donation of amount $400,00 Dollars. I have no words to express on the behalf of our whole team and the ABC organization as this is the highest donation we have received to date. I can assure you that the money will be used for the welfare of a special child’s education with the utmost care and wisely.

We promise to provide you with a genuine receipt of all the expenses for the amount you have provided us this.

Our kids are unfortunate as they are not as normal as we people are, but they are so very much fortunate and blessed to have supporters like you. We appreciate and are genuinely grateful to you for being there to support us. Thank you so much for being such an example to all our team and for inspiring us to work even harder to make a difference.

Thanks a lot!

ABC Organization
Ohio, USA.

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship Annual Dinner

Dated: 20-02-2017

The CEO [you can also write the name of the person]
Name of the Company/ Firm/ Organization
Name of place

Dear Sir,

This is written to you our sincere thanks and to express our gratitude on behalf of our whole team for your appreciation and for organizing such an amazing dinner. Our team loved it and not only this they have got the opportunity to listen to such amazing and unique live music there.
Your appreciation and sponsored annual dinner have encouraged and motivated our team to work as harder as they have been doing. We promise to not disappoint you at all. Thank you so much Sir/ Ma’am.

Respect & Regards,
(Your Signature)
Team XYZ

Thank You Letter for Sponsor a Child

Dated: 15-11-2014

Mr. John
987/9 Edward Street
Canada, USA 57654

Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to know that you have sponsored a child we are taking care of. We ensure that your valuable money and thoughtful contribution are in right hands. We extend our heartfelt gratitude and respect to you for such a beautiful donation and kind support.
The child that you have sponsored is Master Tom (Write the name of the child) who is unfortunate to be an orphanage and living with us at ABC homes. The money that you have given will be enough to send him to school, to buy him required stationary and for his living expenses. We are sure that your kind contribution will make a huge difference in the life of little Tom.
We will keep you updated with his progress in School as well as in personal life too.
We are very happy to have such a kind supporter like you. Till date, we have sent X number of kids to school for formal education.
Here, we have attached a copy of the expenses that we afford for the welfare of these kids.
Once again, thank you so much, Sir, for being you. We are blessed to have you with us.

With Regards,
Tom Cruise
ABC Homes
87/68 Windsor Road
New York, Mexico USA.

Thank you letter for Sponsoring my Education

Dated: 16-07-2019

Richard Watson
The Manager
899/98 Road

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to extend my gratitude and respect to you for being my biggest support in life. I would not be able to get my education complete without your kind support. The reason I am writing this letter to you is also to announce that I have been offered a job from my college placement process at ABC Technos, USA.
This is the biggest day of my life. My celebration for this job opportunity would not be possible without your presence. Please let me know when I can meet you. Thank you so much Sir/ Madam for everything you have done for me. I will never be able to express how gratified and blessed I am because of you. If there’s anything that I can do for you, please provide me the opportunity. Thank you so much!

Sincere respect & regards,
Peter Raymond
78/54 Roney Park
England 7954

Thank you so much for having us to help you out. We really hope that you found this article useful. We hope to see you back again. Thank you! Cheers.

Thank You Letter Template for Sponsorship in PDF & Word [Doc.]

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship


Thank You Letter for Sponsorship


Thank You Letter for Sponsorship


Thank You Letter for Sponsorship


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