Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

We feel very proud to invite Sponsorship Proposal Letter and applications for our organization. We invite sponsorship proposals and extend a hand for a strategic alliance that may pioneer huge success stories in our various events, exhibitions, and activities in the upcoming future.

Sponsorship Proposal Letter Format

We would like to introduce our standard format for sending letters for sponsorship. An application in standard format would be processed and cleared quickly. The following is a sample of this letter for you to understand the standard format.

Your Name:
Company Name :
Your Designation :

Remarks (about 20 to 30 words):

Content of proposal:

How to write a Sponsorship Proposal Letter

This letter should include full name, company name, and city. The remarks section is the definition or a moral you want to note down for the proposal you are sending. The address is to be written in Precise and correct manner as it is a major source of contact for the official exchange of documents and our documentation formalities. Content of proposal is the part of sponsorship letter which may include your personal or company views on the proposal, your suggestions and comments for the activity, and future expectations with our organization.

A sponsorship letter drafted in the prescribed format will be accepted and you may add other add ons like conclusion, suggestions and various other contents related to the proposal. This letter will be helpful for organization to understand the views, Reviews, and expectations of our sponsors and it would guide us to plan future events and activities as per the choice of sponsors.

The following is a sample just to understand the topics and aspects of the proposal. A sample letter will show an example to understand the format in a better way.

Name: John Karter
Company name: ABC Media Services Private Limited
Your Designation: Managing Director

City: London, United Kingdom
Address: 2/3, Pride Complex, Honesty lane, North London – AG08

Remarks: ABC Media services a company providing outsourcing solutions services at very low cost. We are a team of experienced translators and writers who provide end to end solutions for movies, dramas, and serials.
Content Proposal: I John Karter Managing director of ABC Media Services Private Limited extend my sponsorship on your proposal. I would like to be part of your strategic alliance and we would like to take part in management and handling of events and exhibitions in the United Kingdom. We carry out various shows, seminars and events across the city of London and throughout the United Kingdom. We have got expert social media teams and we would like to be your official digital media partner in future events. Further our company chairman would like to have an appointment with your management for discussing aspects like donation, our policies and cooperation.

Sample Sponsorship Proposal Letter Example

A sample proposal for sponsoring an event is as below and it is to explain a standard format of proposal. If your company is having expertise in specific technology or category then you can sponsor our organization for a specific event and be our partner.

Proposal for Event Sponsorship Letter Sample

Mark Steve

UK Events and Exhibitions department

Sub: Event sponsorship proposal letter

Dear sir,

My name is Grey Nicholas and I am vice president of Nicholas jewelry limited. Our company was founded 20 years ago and we are a leading gem and jewelry trader, retailer and wholesaler. Nicholas jewelry is a brand on its own our branches are located all over London with headquarter at Birmingham. Some of the reputed clients include politicians of London and rich class people. We would like to participate in your gem and jewelry exhibition in London. We would like to have a stall for free at the exhibition and we would offer a special 10% discount on all our products for members of your organization. We are open for any suggestions, reviews and further discussions for the event.
I would like to share that Nicholas Jewelry has taken part in more than 10 exhibitions and we are the only firm to represent original gemstones with guaranteed certificates. Our alliance would add a boost to our business.


Nicholas Grey
Nicholas jewelry limited

Our organisation is included in various sports like cricket, football and wrestling and we do organise big events annually. The sponsors wishing to support our supports program can write a sports sponsor letter with their suggestions and views on it.

Sports sponsorship proposal must be standard format and it must include the details of sports you are associated.

Sports Sponsorship Proposal Letter Sample

Mark Steve
North State Cricket Academy

Dear sir,

We are a cricket academy started 5 years ago with a mission to nourish the skills of youth interested in cricket. We provide best in class practice sessions and regular tournaments to keep the challenge and excitement for our players. Every year we select 500 players from all over the state and our coaches provide them regular sessions of practice which includes bowling, batting, and fielding.
We are interested to sponsor you for your cricket event in the next month. Your cricket event is a huge fair of cricket where national and international players arrive there to showcase their skills. We would like to offer free cold drinks service for all your matches, we would provide ground staff for free and we would provide cameraman service for as well. In return for our service, we would expect our cricket academy banners to advertised on ground screen in each and every match. We feel proud to work with such a big cricket tournament and we hope for a long term relationship in upcoming matches and tournaments.

We are waiting for your confirmation of the same.

Thanking you!

G G John
General Manager
Master cricket academy

A conference sponsorship proposal is something different then writing a proposal for events, sports and exhibitions. Sponsorship proposal for a conference may belong to professional benefits and concerns of an organisation.

The following are the points which must be kept in mind while writing conference sponsorship letter:

  1. Conference sponsorship proposal should be written in professional manner with limited content and it should convey the message very clearly.
  2. Conference proposals are similar to business proposal and they are to be written considering business oriented ideas.
  3. Proposal Conference letter should be of interest for both parties and we need to generate an excitement and interest in readers mind for our proposal.

Conference Sponsorship Proposal

Madan Tata
Manager, HR department and planning committee
Business Expo - 2019

Sub: Proposal for a conference during Business Expo - 2019

Dear sir,

Our company GBS business and investment is an investment based firm located at Mumbai since 10 years and we provide investment ideas and business opportunities to our clients in various sections of the market like equity, real estate, and constructions.
GBS business and investment is awarded as the best investment opportunity provider for the year 2018 by the great nation magazine. We have a client base all over the state and at the national level.

We would like to join your business event conference business Expo - 2019 as your partner. We are glad to offer our market research report for free to visitors of your conference and we will organize a seminar by an expert reputed speaker for free for all visitors to your business Expo. We write a business and market-oriented article in various magazines and there we would like to share details and photos of your business Expo conference and it will ultimately be a great advertisement and a campaign for you which may lead to the more successful conference than last year.

For providing our above-mentioned proposal we would like to demand in return a few stalls and seats for our foundation in your business expo-2019. We may use the stalls and seat to advertise our company and use the audience to share our market views and reports for a Business oriented discussion.

Thank you!

SP Bannerje
Vice President

GBS Business and investment

A racing sponsorship proposal is similar to sports proposal but the template must be somewhat racing oriented and it must highlights racing as main aspect of the proposal.

Following points must be kept in mind while writing racing proposal:

  1. Racing must be highlighted as main sport in the letter.
  2. Proposal can be offering of money or even services related to the sport and same expected from management side.
  3. Take care not to insult the any sports by praising other sports as its a matter of choice
  4. You can include all what you would like to offer.

The following is sample for writing an efficient racing sponsorship proposal :

Racing Sponsorship Proposal


Managing committee
Car racing tournament 2019

Sub: proposal for tournament 2019

Dear sir,

We are a reputed gym and nutritionist firm based in Delhi and we provide special energy booster drinks to members of our gym. But, from last few years we have started to provide our special car racing sportsmen. We offer you a proposal that we would serve our special branded drink to all racers and the audience. Especially for your tournament, we will use your logo on a tin of our drinks to advertise your event at maximum and we will show your logo as our partner in television advertisements as well.
We would like to request you to provide us sufficient space for advertising our banners including our name, logo, and slogan in the audience section. Apart from that, we would like to distribute our brochures which include our services and our plans for the future. If provided an opportunity we can hold a face to face discussion and finalize on our proposal by mutual understanding.

Thank you!

K K Nair,
General Manager

Fitnesspro gym and nutritionist center

Corporate proposals are different than usual proposal as it is written point to point and business oriented. Please note that mention only important points and proposal directly in professional manner.

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

Managing director

ABC seminars and events
Sub: Corporate sponsorship proposal

Dear sir,

We are a taxation firm and we provide expert solutions for tax saving and filing income reports. We would like sponsor you seminar on taxation and brokerage and we offer free personalized tax saving reports for five lucky winners at your seminar. We would expect you to provide us space for banners and logo and grant us permission to distribute our brochures.

Thank you!

General Manager,
Corporate affairs

XYZ Tax and brokerage advisors

Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

Sports Sposorship Proposal Letter


Racing Sponsorship Proposal


Proposal for Event Sponsorship


Conference Sponsorship Proposal




  1. Always use a standard format for writing A letter and be cautious for spellings and grammar of your content.
  2. Write topic-oriented content to maintain the interest of the reader.
  3. Provide suggestions and innovative ideas in your letter.
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