Retirement Notice Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

A formal retirement notice letter or Early Retirement Letter is the best way to inform your seniors about your retirement planning. Retirement is for the betterment of the company when someone else comes over and handles the jobs and responsibilities of the company well. Retirement is known to be one of the most beautiful phases of life. There are a lot of efforts and hard work that goes with the years of service to an organization after which an individual retires. Though people wait throughout the life for this time, but they also miss the daily routine that is spent in the office. It is like your life suddenly gets changed entirely and you have to adjust and give a new start to your life. People plan their retirement and wish to spend it with their loved ones happily and peacefully. But for an easy retirement process it is necessary to complete all the formalities and legalities required by the organization.

There is a lot of effort that is being put in before getting retirement. It takes years of hard work, dedication and experience to reach to this phase of life. So, going ahead according to the policies and procedures of your company is a step taken towards a peaceful and secure future after your retirement. 

However, writing a notice of retirement letter involve elements that need professional tips to be written and added in the letter.

Before having a discussion with the seniors, it is important to have all the information about the process in order to have a smooth and easy retirement. Though telling about your retirement months in advance is something you do not want to do. But, still you owe it to them for finding a replacement and having someone eligible and better in your place.

If you think that you have a scope of working with the company for part-time or consulting work, then it will be beneficial for you to continue the association for a secure and better future.

Many people have both bitter and sweet moments in their job tenure, but retiring with grace is something that puts up a positive show.

By mentioning your success and work merits during all these years will add value to the company over the years in your letter.

Retirement Notice Letter Sample with Example

Retirement Notice Letter

Judith Floyd
377-936 Feugiat St.
Williston Nevada 58521
(774) 914-2510
Willow Hunt
Ap 887 Lobortis Ave
Cudahy Ohio 31522

Subject: Retirement Letter Notice

Respected Sir,

I Judith Floyd, are writing this letter to bring into your kind notice that I will be retiring on ——– (Date) and —– (Day). It has been a great opportunity to be working with the company for —- (years of the job), as —– (designation of the employee) in the ——— department of the office.
I still remember the day, —- (Date of joining), I joined as ——— (Designation). I would like to thank the management of the company for offering me a valuable opportunity to serve the company throughout these years. I had the best team to work with and throughout my tenure, I thoroughly enjoyed the days I have spent with the entire staff.
So, I would request you to start with my retirement process in the order I can get benefits and facilities of retirement as soon as possible.  

Thanks for your support and opportunities.

Yours Faithfully,
Judith Floyd

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