Retirement Farewell Letter Template – Format, Sample & Example

Retirement Farewell Letter: A goodbye is said to be hard, but saying goodbye to a retiree is a positive one. A retirement goodbye is a happy and cheerful occasion where you wish good luck to a person retiring from his work. After serving the company for so many years retirement feels like an achievement and thus, it has to be celebrated and notified in a glorious way. However, many people get quite touchy and emotional during this phase of life and need the right motivation and support. But, notifying the company and colleagues at the right time, right way and format is one of the best ways to make the process smooth and the time worth remembering.

So, writing a retirement farewell letter can be a little touchy and emotional at times because you have to say goodbye to a person who has been with for several years and served the company with their hard work and dedication. This letter can be written in two ways, one it can be written for the person who is retiring and other it can be written for the company and the employer notifying about the retirement.

Retirement Farewell Letter Sample with Example

Retirement Farewell Letter to Employer

Craig Williams
72 5634 Montes Rd.
Springdale MO 57692
(545) 604-9386
Calista Merritt
Ap-470 Posuere Ave
Chickasha LA 58520

Dear Calista Merritt,

This letter is to inform you about my retirement from the position of —–.

I would like to inform you that I would be retiring from my services of the company and my last working day would be —- (Date and day). Though I am happy that I am about to start a new life, I will also miss the daily fun and working with colleagues. Though I am waiting for the new life that is ahead of me, I am also saddened to leave the organization that I have served in the past. My work tenure here has been worthwhile and rewarding in every way.
I would also like to thank for the tremendous opportunities and growth that I had during my work profile here. The motivation and professional assistance I have received here is something that I will cherish forever.
My best wishes are always with the organization and I wish all the success and success to the team in their future endeavors.

Best Regards,
Craig Williams
(Your Position)
(Company Name)

Farewell Letter to Retiree

Zephaniah Sanders
32 Nascetur St.
Hawthorne Louisiana 10626
(539) 567-3573
Seth Farley
6216 Denman Avenue
Seattle Utah 81202

Dear Seth Farley,

This letter is to share my warm wishes and congratulations to you on your retirement.

I still remember the day you joined as (Position name) in our company and since then how much you have grown individually and professionally. While, you have been a great colleague and a friend with whom I have not only shared various work assignments, but also moments of leisure and fun. I hope that you are equally excited for the time to come and adventures that are ahead of you.

I also want you to know that we will miss you and we will forever remember your dedication, hard work, accomplishments, and personal integrity. People and teammates like you are not only hard to find, but also make work and the workplace joyful and positive.

We wish all the happiness and blessings for your future and once congratulations on achieving this milestone.

(Your Signature)
Zephaniah Sanders

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