Retirement Announcement Letter Template – Sample & Examples

Like every stage of life, Retirement is the golden period in which a person cherishes the years he has given to his work in his entire life. A Retirement Announcement Letter helps you in letting other people in the company acknowledge this occasion and plan this milestone in advance. But, there is a way to form a Retirement Announcement Letter and one must be aware of it before making it and circulating it. This is the opportunity when the company highlights the importance, projects completed, and value that an employee has added in the company over the years. So, it is one of those moments that are actually special for the company as well as the employee. As and when that time comes closer both the employee and the company starts preparing for it. From farewell parties, dinners, lunches to speeches, there are many elements that both the parties look forward to on this special occasion.

However, to spread the news about this special occasion there is a formal way of communicating it through an announcement letter. Yes, this is the best way to announce your retirement.

Retirement Announcement Letter Format & Example

Romi Wilson
123 Main Street
Capetown, CA 12345

Date: (---------)

Brad Lee
Sales Director
Atlantic Co.
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Subject: Retirement Party Announcement Letter

Dear Brad Lee,

This letter is a formal notice informing you all about the successful completion of ------- years (number of years). The company is proud to announce the retirement of -------- (name of the employee) from the post of --------- (designation of the employee). On this wonderful occasion, the organization is planning to host a retirement party in the honor of ------ (name of the employee).

You are cordially invited to attend the party and be a part of this occasion and congratulate him/her.

The hard work and dedication of ------ (employee name) are known to everyone and after years of hard work, we would like to take this opportunity to present him/her with a token of gift. So, being the senior member of the team, I would like to take this opportunity to request each member of the team to donate -------- amount towards the purchase of the gift as a remembrance.

The retirement party will be held at ----- (venue name), starting from ----- to ------ (time). The party will include dancing, games, and dinner and then with the gift presenting ceremony in the end. Hoping this event to be a great remembrance for everyone and will be awaiting your presence.

Romi Wilson
(Your Designation)

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