Retirement Letter Template to Employer – Format, Sample & Example

Retirement Letter to Employer: Retirement is a stage of life where you reap the benefits and investment of all your heard-earned years. Whether, you have given 10 years, 15, years or more than 20 years, the place you work and the employer you work with is always of utmost importance.

The tasks, projects and team you were entrusted with make the working experience worth remembering. When you have worked for years, planned the crucial years of life, saved, and invested wisely means that you are ready to look forward to the golden and relaxing period of your life, which is retirement. Whatever, your plans may be after your retirement, it simply means that you are ready to write your retirement Letter.

Though every company keeps records of their employees’, informing them on the behalf of your retirement through a formal way of letter is a sign of being responsible. So, writing a retirement in a professional and formal way is quite important. Putting in all the right information and using the right tone is important.

So, let’s have a look at some of the useful tips and sample retirement letters to the employer.

When a person retires, he/she leaves the position empty of an experienced and skilled employee. So, it is necessary to inform the company prior to a formal written letter, so they can make the required arrangements once you leave.

Here are a few tips to write the letter:

  • Know the company policies and packages.
  • Complete the notice period that is required to be served according to your position.
  • Provide the proper assistance and help during your notice serving.
  • Be thankful and positive during the last period of your career.

Sample of a Retirement Letter to Employer

Emerson Espinoza
Ap-5577 Tincidunt St.
Corpus Christi WI 97020
(873) 392-65465

Date: 08-04-2015


Elmo Lopez
Ap 473 Cum Rd.
Yorba Linda South Carolina 28423

Dear Elmo Lopez (Name of the manager/senior),

Through writing this letter, Emerson Espinoza would like to bring to your notice the formal date of my retirement (DD/MM/YYYY) with the —— (LMN Company).
I would like to thank you and the organization to provide me with ample opportunities and moments that have added prestige and proud in my overall career growth and experience. After working with the company for over 15 years, it is sure that I will miss the team and everyday fun that I used to have here. Also, as discussed in-person with you, I would be glad to offer my assistance by working as a freelancer with the organization even after my retirement.
In case, I can be of any assistance during my notice, then I will be more than happy to serve the company and my subordinates. I will be looking forward to some of the last golden days that I can spend with the company and my teammates. Also, if there is any specific requirement needed to be fulfilled from my end to complete the process, then kindly let me know.
I have included my contact details and email details, so you can contact me once I retire from the organization. It was a great experience working with you all and I wish the company great luck in its future endeavors.

(Signature of the employee)
Emerson Espinoza
(Your Position)

Retirement Letter Template To Employer in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

retirement letter to employer


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