Free Petty Cash Voucher Template in Word Doc & Excel

Petty Cash voucher templates are available in various formats and types. With the help of these voucher templates, one can record petty cash expenses very easily.

Petty Cash Voucher Format

Name of the company
Address Date

Voucher No:

Approved by:(At right side)

Amount received:

While you prepare a petty cash voucher, remember to –

  • Include the amount received and the description column.
  • Authorization from the organization is a must.

Do not -

  • Forget the voucher number.
  • Commit any mistake while entering the nature or type of expenditure along with the amount.

Free Sample Cash Voucher Templates Examples

Petty Cash Voucher Template


There are various templates available that will help you to frame a proper petty cash voucher. The voucher template is available in excel and word format as well. There are various examples in different formats. However, some of the details remain fundamental to every voucher. They must be present in whichever format one chooses for the cash voucher.

Petty Cash Voucher Template Excel

Petty Cash Voucher Template excel


The petty cash voucher template contains basic details about the organization. The description section contains details about the product. The format shall contain rows and columns that will help one to feed in the details easily and quickly. The template on excel provides easy understanding of the required information regarding the expenses.

Petty Cash Voucher


Cash Payment Voucher Template

Cash Payment Voucher Template


The cash payment voucher includes details about the product or services offered along with the amount of cash paid. The receipt must be authorized. The name of the beneficiary is also mentioned.


Cash Gift Voucher Template


The cash Gift voucher is meant for gifting purposes. This voucher contains details regarding the offer available as a gift from the organization. There are various other details such as date of expiry, limitation of purchase and other terms and conditions mentioned either at the bottom or at the back of the voucher.


Cash Voucher Format For Salary


The cash voucher for salary shall contain all the details regarding the amount of salary and date of payment of salary. Other details such as the name of the recipient, designation and phone number of the recipient are also mentioned.


Petty Cash Voucher Template in Word Doc, PDF & Excel

The petty cash voucher template that specifies details about the petty cash expenditures can be drafted in word doc or PDF or on Excel. While you draft the voucher on Excel, you will be filling in all the details into rows and columns. In the case of Word, you can simply frame the template with underlines or insert a table to complete the template. The same draft can be created in PDF format as well.


Petty Cash Voucher Template in Excel 

Petty Cash Voucher Template in Microsoft Word

The petty cash voucher is one of the most important documents for an organization. Some minor expenses that are crucial to the operation of a business form a part of this voucher. The amount of expenditure is nominal but vital. Every receipt must contain the voucher number that is very helpful in maintaining a proper and sequenced record of the expenditures.

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