Blank Fraction Strips/ Fraction Bars Worksheet Template

Printable fraction strips or fraction bars are an interesting and important topic in the mathematics subject. It is crucial to understand all the details and get a complete insight into the topic before a student begins to use it for solving different problems. While beginning to learn about the fraction facts the first thing to understand is that strips are a great way to learn your Fraction facts and helps you understand exactly how much fractions are worth. They are also a great resource for equivalent fractions and can show visually that half is the same as the two fourths or three-sixths.

How to use fraction strips

Understanding how to use fraction strips is the best way of learning how to use them and when. Using Fraction Strips will help children in understanding the topic in a better way.

  • There is a range of strips available with different fractions in each strip.
  • Each strip is available in black and white or color.
  • The fraction sheets help children in understanding how to compare fractions to each other.
  • It also helps in understanding how much each unit fraction is worth.
  • Each card has a fraction in the middle and a range of different representations of the fractions around the outside.
  • Every card also contains decimal and percent facts for each and every fraction.
  • There are 3 versions of every card, one card for display and two worksheets that test the students on their fraction knowledge.

Printable fraction strips Chart

The printable fraction strips chart will help your child in understanding the fraction facts. Using them will help your child in understanding how fraction compares to each other and understand visually how much fraction unit is worth. On the site, you will easily find the printable fraction strips chart that can be saved, viewed, downloaded, and printed by just a click.

Printable fraction strips Chart


Describe how fraction strips can help you

Fraction strips will help your child in developing an understanding of fractions as parts of a whole. They will also help in gaining an understanding of the different representations of a range of fractions. You can also begin to learn how to place fractions correctly on a fraction line, know decimal and percent equivalence for each fraction, and is to learn about fraction equivalences.

Blank fraction bars can be used to help in understanding children in gaining a better understanding of fraction bars. They can be used in class for practice sessions and give students insightful learning about the topic – fractions.

Blank fraction bars


Interactive fraction bars are a great way of learning fractions in a fun and interesting way. The movement of fraction bars onto the canvas, the students can see the differences between various denominators and integrate the concept of equivalent fractions.

Interactive fraction bars


Let children understand and learn fractions in a fun and easy way by using fraction Bars. So, here is all the knowledge and understanding you would need about Fraction Bars. Get your child engaged in learning fractions with fraction bars.

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