Letter of Award Template – Format, Sample & Example

A letter of award or award letter is basically an announcement that informs someone about their approval/ qualification that they have been applied for or looking forward to. It can be anything, a monetary award or in form of respect too. For example, a monetary gain for gain in business contracts from government and an award for doing excellent job in some area of interest etc. 

Usually award letter is written during situations like auctions where so many parties are bidding for one same contract coming from a high repute company or government. 

Actually, these traditions of writing award letter are an important professional etiquette for contact where not just what is written important but its presentation is equally matters. Therefore, a careful effort is required. Although, it is not very complicated to frame one nice award letter, but it can become a hassle if written or dealt with in bulk. It is recommended to build an award letter template and maintain it to significantly simplify and fast process of writing a letter of award when it comes to write an individual award letter. 

Format of Award Letter

The format is given below:

[To (who so ever it is going to be awarded) For example, Name of the company or the concerned person

[Address associated]

[Subject i.e. Name/Title of the contract/project it is related to]

[Body/ Content of the letter]

[Signature and date]

[Name of the company awarding the contract]

How to Write Letter of Award

To begin with creating a letter of award, it is important that you know all about the essentials need to be remembered while writing it. Therefore, we have provided you with a few tips here in this article. 

  1. Make a broad outline which will be suitable for the maximum of letter of awards that you anticipate. This will allow you to draft award letter in a quick and fast manner along with lesser of efforts by just doing a few changes in the formed template. 
  2. Always make a check if the format is appropriate and the content is suitable for the award letter you are writing. 
  3. You must not forget to pay attention to the language of award letter. It should be in a polite and easy tone. This is something we should always take care of. But here, since it is very professional contact letter, a little attention over the tone can make a huge difference.
  4. Make a spelling and grammar check. Remember this letter must not be a letter of mere statements and facts or overly verbose but instead a mix of both. 

Letter of Award Samples with Examples

For your references, a few examples are provided below. You may visit our page to find more such samples and examples. 

Letter of Support for Award

7 Adams Ave.

Brandon, FL 33510

Date: 24th November, 2001

Sital Pvt. Ltd.
Chicago, USA

RE: Congratulations for getting nominated for PLG Gas contract

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
We are very pleased to inform you that your company has been nominated and invited for the process of bidding and a short contractual based presentation for the area of AB State.  This is a letter of award for being nominated and invited to participate in this important bidding which is organized by Government of United States.

However, meanwhile kindly submit the application details which is given in the attachment and send it to us within dates as mentioned. 

We are looking forward for your response as soon as possible. 

Thanking You.

Signature & Date

Department of Renewable Resources, USA

Sample Letter of Award

9086 Briarwood St.
Loganville, GA 30052

Date: 25th November, 2003

Gail Tints Pvt. Ltd
46, Casco Road, Ohio, USA

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that your company has been selected for the above-said tender for the organization of the event [Annual council on Environment and Climate Change] on 30th May 2003.

On the basis of the work you presented and depending upon the history of your company’s standard, we are selecting your company to organize this high repute event where many big delegates from across the world are going to be present.

We are so sure that your work will impress us and make this event a huge success. Trust is being placed on the strong shoulders of Gail Tints. For this purpose, if you accept our proposal which is also attached with the award letter, kindly revert back to us as soon as possible. A thorough meeting will be finalized once you provide us with the confirmation. 

Thanking you.

Signature and Date

University of Shanghai

We hope that you found this article useful. For more samples and examples, kindly visit our page. Thanks!

Letter of Award Template in PDF and Word Format

Letter of Support for Award


Sample Letter of Award


Letter of Award Templates in PDF Templates

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Letter of Award Templates in Word Templates

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