Apology Letter Template to Dad – Format, Sample & Example

Apology Letter to Dad: Have you done something to upset your dad? No worries. Sometimes out of anguish and frustrations because of messed up life events, we end up speaking badly with our parents. Not because we don’t love them, it is just because we somewhere know that they would understand and forgive later.


But you know what; this doesn’t mean that we can take them for granted. We should always and always respect and love them from the bottom of our heart at the most than anybody. But, anyways, it is absolutely fine if sometime you have done something, unintentionally, that upset them. We have a way out to ask for apology right in time. If you can ask directly in face then it is awesome but if not then it is great to write an apology letter to dad and ask for their apology. 

He loves you the most and we are sure that your letter would melt them and hug you so tight that you will find the most comfort in those arms. We really hope that our examples solve your problem and get you out of this mess. Here, we have provided a number of samples to guide you in writing a nice heart touching apology letter to dad. Just go through them and get the best ideas to frame one of your own. Continue reading and also let us know how you find them. Thanks!

Apology Letter Sample to Dad with Example

Sometimes you behave very rude and end up hurting your dad. You must look for an apology and ask them to forgive. You should do it in time too. Write a nice apology letter to dad for behavior. Here’s an example given below, please read and get an idea:

Apology Letter to Dad for Behavior

Dear Dad,

I know that I have been an idiot. I am really sorry dad for my behavior. I shouldn’t have behaved this badly with you. I was already very frustrated with my messed up job and it happened to get out with you. I am extremely sorry for my ill-behavior and for being such a bad son. 

I hope you would understand and forgive me. I sincere apologize dad. And, I love you!

Please take good care of yourself and mom. I will be back in just two days. 

Thanks dad!

Love you.



Sample Apology Letter to Dad from Daughter

Hey Dad,

How are you doing? I hope you and mom are doing fine and taking good care of you.

I am also fine here. I am writing this letter to apologize to you as I won’t be able to come for your silver wedding anniversary. I genuinely regret that I won’t be able to make it your important day as [write her husband’s name] can’t get off from work and doctor has denied me to travel this long during this month of pregnancy. 

I’m sorry dad and so to mom too. But I promise to meet you both very soon.

I am sending a small present for both of you and I hope that you both like it. Please have the best celebration and share as many pictures with me. You both are just a perfect example of love, care and happiness to us. 

I love you both and missing you a lot.

Take care. 



Well it totally depends upon the relationship you and your dad share with each other. If you are comfortable in apologizing by facing him and saying sorry then it is the best. But, if you are not comfortable and afraid that you might get very emotional then it is better to share your feelings by writing them thru a letter. Here’s an example we have provided:

How to Apologize to Your Dad After a Big Fight

Dear Dad,

I know that I am not a very good son/ daughter. I have disappointed you a number of times and could not do much for you and mom. But, you have always been the nicest to me and loved me in any crisis. I can’t thank you enough for that. 

But, I am writing not writing this to thank but to actually apologize. Dad, I am sorry for not being a son/ daughter of your expectations. I have always tried to be the best but always failed. I am sorry dad, I really am. 

I hope that I would make you proud someday. Please keep your faith in me. I love that. And, I love you so much!

You’re the best of all dads in the world. 

Take good care of yourself. I miss you.

With Love,


[Write your Name]

Apology Letter Template to Dad in PDF and Word Format

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Apology Letter to Dad

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Apology Letter Template to Dad in PDF Format

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Hope you find this article useful and a nice read. We totally believe in you that you would make up the mind of your dad. Take good care of your parents as they are the best. If you like our articles then please share and comment below. Thank you. 

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