Apology Letter Template for Hurt Feelings – Sample & Examples

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings: Are you looking for ways to ask for an apology for hurting the feelings of someone? We are happy that you found us as we have some really nice writing sample templates to write an apology letter. Continue reading this article and get yourself an idea to write one apology letter to someone you hurt on your own. When you write an apology letter on your own, it shows your genuine effort to make up the relationship with the person and there are good chances that they will forgive and come back to you. 

Always make genuine and honest efforts while writing one such letter where emotions and feelings are involved. People get sensitive when they are hurt and therefore your carefully used words are very important to cheer them up. We hope that you will find these sample templates of apology letter for hurt feelings useful and worthy. 

Sample Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings with Example

Apology Letter for Hurting Someone

Dear XYZ [write name of the friend you hurt]

 How are you doing? How is the preparation of the wedding going on? I hope everything going great and hope this will be the happiest day of your life too. 

I am actually writing this letter as I am not there with you on your best day. I understand that you have been waiting for this day since such a long time and you don’t have one your best friend around. I am really sorry. I told you that your wedding and my graduation day is on the same day. In fact, I would have skipped my graduation but as I topped the department I am announced with the Chancellor Medal and University has requested me to be present at all cost. I am stuck in two very important opportunities and I can’t make it to both. 

I am sorry that chose my graduation over your wedding and I hope that you would understand my reason. I am really sorry dear and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Please accept my apology and forgive me as I hurt you. 

I promise to meet you very soon and I will come to see you at your new home. I make a promise. I wish you a very happy wedding life ahead and sending you my wishes and blessings for happiness in your life. 

With lots of love,


[Write your name]

Apology Letter to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Dear Jim [Boyfriend’s Name]

I am writing this letter to apologize to you for hurting you. I am really sorry that I forgot about our anniversary and stayed busy for the whole day at work. I had no idea that you planned such a beautiful evening and kept calling me to at least meet for a while. I am an idiot, Jim. How can I be so selfish?! I just couldn’t realize how much I have been missing for such a long. 

I am really very sorry. I hope we could sort it out and make it up soon. Please give me a call or at least pick mine. I am genuinely very sorry honey. 

Please forgive. I am waiting to hear from you.

I love you too. Also, I am missing you a lot.


Dia, an idiot.

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings to Girlfriend

Dear Hina,

I know that you don’t want to talk to me and might not be interested in reading this letter too. But still, I couldn’t hold myself more and had to write to you for an apology. I know that I hurt you a lot and this time I am not even eligible enough to apologize for betraying you and for hurting your feelings and emotions. 

I am writing because I have realized that I should ask for an apology to you. Hina, I am sorry dear. Can you give me one last chance?? I beg for an apology from you. I promise that I would never hurt you and will make you happy by doing whatever that I can. I am really sorry for being breaking your heart and for being disloyal. I accept my mistake and your silence is killing me.

Please at least talk to me. 

With Love,

[Write your name]

Apology Letter for Hurting Someone You Love

Dear Uncle,


I heard about your recent surgery. I hope that you’re fine and doing well now. I am writing this letter to apologize to you that I could not come and meet you. In fact, I couldn’t be of some help to you in this tough time. I am really sorry that I have been so busy at work that could not look after my family too. I deeply regret being not available for any of you, in fact for hurting you by saying ill words to you. I am an idiot. 

But, I have planned to come and see you all soon enough. I hope that you would not mind and would forgive me. I am sorry uncle. Please take good care of yourself. I had not enough guts to speak to you and hence sharing my feelings by writing this letter. I hope that you would consider my apology.

Thank you. Take care of yourself, Uncle. Please give my regards to aunt too.


[Write your Name]

Apology Letter Template for Hurt Feelings in PDF and Word Format

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings

PDF Word

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings

PDF Word

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings

PDF Word

Apology Letter for Hurt Feelings

PDF Word

Apology Letter Template for Hurt Feelings in PDF Format

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Apology Letter Template for Hurt Feelings in Word (.Docs) Format

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We hope that you found this article useful and appropriate for your purpose. Thank you so much for having us to help you out. We hope to catch you back some time later. Take Care!

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