Experience Certificate For Teacher – Format, Sample & Example

Teaching experience certificate is a certificate that is given to an experienced teacher from any educational organisation . When a teacher has some months or years of teaching experience in any subject he or she is provided an evaluation from the organization he or she was working with. The subject can be anything like any language or science subject,  starting from history, geography, economics to botany or zoology. The experience letter generally contains a brief about the teachers teaching style, basic behaviour, soft skills, interaction with the students and communication skills. It also includes the background verification of the teacher whether he or she doesn’t have any unpleasant background. Some organisations check with the teacher’s previous work place for his or her better evaluation.

Experience Certificate for Teacher Format 

It’s not very difficult to write a certificate for a teacher. The language of the certificate is formal, brief and information filled. The start date and release dates should be mentioned on the certificate along with the years of experience. The teacher’s overall behaviour during his tenure should be evaluated and mentioned. The teaching capabilities of the teacher will be stated. All the personal details of the teacher like name, address and subjects he or she are excelled with should be written on the certificate. The teacher’s teaching style, his calibre and how he has helped his students also should be stated in the certificate . If the teacher have done any specialisation during his tenure, that is also included.

How to write Experience Certificate for Teacher

“To whom this may concern.

This is to mention that Mr. X XXXX has been teaching in our institution for “this many” years and he has been teaching “subject” to class XXXX to class XXXX. Mr. X has taken a keen interest in providing enough knowledge to the students in very friendly and fun way. His teaching style had always the clarity to offer the best way of catering concepts and also his overall behaviour with the students and other staffs us commendable. We have noticed his drastic improvement in these years, and we hope he will continue growing in his career.

We , from our institute, wish Mr.X all the best for his future.

(Writer’s name)
Institution name”

Sample Teaching Experience Certificate Example

If someone wants to refer to any idea how to write an experience certificate  for a teacher, below example can be taken as a reference.

Overall the letter will be a simple, formal and informative one.

Experience Certificate for Teacher

Date: 12/12/2000

To Whom It May Concern

Here is to certify that Mrs. Shalini Divya had joined our school on 5th January 2016 and she had been reaching here for three years. She mainly teaches the students of class V to class IX and she teaches two subjects, Geography and Economics. Although she has done her Masters in Economics, she is a reliable resource of Geography. Students have been very fond of her and she had developed a unique way to provide the knowledge. We are glad to see consistent growth in her teaching style.
Her general behavior was good. She never gave us a chance to complain.
We wish her all the success and growth in her future.

Alok Sen
M.H.S Institute

Experience Certificate for Computer Teacher


To Whom This May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Ritesh Masood has been mentoring our students from class six to class eight for four years. He has been teaching computer science to the students. It is needless to say that Mr. Ritesh has been an excellent mentor all these years. His concepts regarding various aspects of computer science are worth mentioning. He has been always approachable to clear the doubts of the students and always have provided a friendly atmosphere in his class.
We are very proud that we got to meet a teacher like Ritesh. His overall behavior with other faculties and staffs are also good.
We wish all the best for his future.

Naina Mathur

Often schools provide certificate to its teachers when leaving the institute.  The certificate can be used a reference letter for his future workplace.

Experience Certificate for School Teacher


To whom it may concern

This statement should be taken as a certificate of excellence for Mr. Sumitra Bajaj, who has been teaching in our school as a Maths teacher. He joined our school on 29th September 2015 and has been teaching here for almost four years. His conceptual learning method is very attractive and famous among the students. He has always taken care of the students and worked hard to teach the students an an easier way. During his teaching period, he has also completed his B.Ed degree. His overall gesture is good. We consider him as a valuable resource in our school.
We are sure Mr. Bajaj will prosper in his career and we wish him all the very best. We hope he will grow consistently.

Mithila Palit

Experience Certificate Template For Teachers Sample in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

Experience Certificate for Teacher


Experience Certificate for School Teacher


Experience Certificate for Computer Teacher




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