How to Write Experience Certificate Letter | Experience Certificate Format

Be it personal or professional, the experience that you gain in life is important and is also counts as a valuable aspect when it comes to looking for a new job or any other aspect in life. You use your experience when moving forward in your career and life in general. So, it is always advisable to count your experience in everything that you do. The best way to show your experience anywhere is an experience certificate. Yes, you got that you write. Be it school, college or workplace you get an experience certificate that you can show to the next place you will be moving in your career.

An experience certificate highlights the points that make your experience at the place valuable and also adds to your overall personality and character. It is usually helpful in getting you dream job and college and is one of the most important documents. So, it is also important to know how to get an experience drafted when it comes to giving it to your office/college. There are some tips to consider while getting this certificate drafted and let’s have a look at them in detail. There is also an experience letter that you need to consider before writing this letter.

Format of Experience Letter

Company letterhead
Name of the company

Contact details
Email details


Dear Concerned,

————– (company name) certifies that ————- (mention name of the employee) was working as ——————– (mention the job title) with our company since —————- (mention the years) in the ————- department.
He/she started working with us from —————— and during the tenure he/she has worked on several key projects of the company and has completed all of them on time and also appreciated by the clients. Here is the list of projects delivered by the ———— (name of the employee).
List of key projects and their details:
Also when it comes to being punctual and regular, he/she has a great record in the matter. He/she is a great team player and also has a great reputation among the team members and clients too. I hope that you would consider this as a formal certificate and wish all the best in the future endeavors.

Your name

Job title
Contact details

How to Write Experience Certificate/Letter

There are some tips and do’s and don’ts that you need to consider while writing an experience letter. Let’s have a look at some of the tips of writing this letter.

  • The letter should be written on the company letterhead to avoid any kind of issues in terms of authorization in future. When a letter is written on the company letterhead it shows that the letter and certificate is authenticate and it is issued by a well-reputed company. This also adds to the credibility of both; the company and the employee.
  • The certificate should be issued by the immediate manager/boss, who can explain the details of supervising the employee. When someone works with you they know about you in a better way than others’ and can also explain about you, your work profile, work ethics and achievements. So, an immediate manager is the best person who can tell all about you and give the relevant information that will help in building up your profile in the best way.
  • It should also has “Whomsoever it may concern” because you are not aware who will be reading the letter in future. May the requirement be for a personal or professional matter an experience certificate is used for many purposes in future and it can also be forwarded for numerous purposes.
  • The certificate should also include all the relevant details including name of the employee, job title, work experience, key achievements and other skills. The certificate will explain in detail about the strengths and will also highlight the key areas and potential of better performance that will increase the chances of getting a better job.
  • The certificate should not be too long, because then it has the probability of losing the interest of the reader. It should include all the relevant details. Too much of everything is not good and a letter with long length is often ignored and certain information that needs to be kept in mind will also get ignored in case of ignoring the message.  
  • Try not to include any negative comments in the letter and only mention about the job description and all the key achievements and titles, which will be counted as a great working experience and will be helpful for the person in future.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the don’ts for writing the letter:

  • While writing this letter, you should not include any kind of abbreviations, fonts, emoticons, background images or slang language in the email.
  • You should also avoid writing a lengthy email in order to let the receiver ignore it or not to read the complete mail. Instead, keep it to the point and get an immediate response from the receiver.
  • It is always better to act professional and in a formal way even with the HR/ Supervisor manager because it can often lead to several misunderstandings.

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