How to Write Experience Letter | Experience Letter Format

Experience letter or experience certificate is a letter issued by our current employer which establishes our experience in a particular field and position. This letter becomes useful when we switch our job or when we try to explore new opportunities in our career.

Most the companies have a standard set format for an experience letter. They just have to change the name, designation, and experience (in months or years) which varies from individual to individual. However, it becomes to follow a set format when there are different job profiles and fields incorporated in a single organization.

For example, an IT firm has designers, developers, writers, marketing executives, sales executives and many other professionals working for them. In such cases, it gets pretty difficult for them if they follow a set format of an experience certificate especially while explaining the projects they were working for. Therefore, we are going to see different types of experience letters, their formats, and samples today. Let’s get started!

Experience Letter Format

Many firms and organizations use predesigned templates for experience letters as it gets easy to type and re-print them each time. Here’s a sample of experience letter format:


To Whomsoever It May Concern

Mr./Ms. (Name of the employee) son/daughter of (Father’s name of employee) held the position of (designation) in our organization from (joining date) to (last working day). This letter is to certify that he/she worked brilliantly during the tenure and was honest, sincere and hardworking.
His/her last drawn salary was (amount) and has got an increment of (amount) each year based on his/her dedicated performance and excellent character. This certificate approves that he/she has not liabilities towards the company and wish him/her a bright future and successful career.


Name of the authorized person
Designation in the company
Name of the company

How to write an Experience Letter?

An experience letter approves the fact that an individual has worked for a particular organization for a definite period of time and has completed all the tasks, duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her in this period.

However, people working in the HR department often struggle while preparing a concrete draft that would cover all these aspects in an experience certificate. Here are some useful tips that they can follow while writing an experience letter:

  • The date when the experience certificate was issued should be clearly mentioned in it.
  • An experience letter must comprise of a formal salutation such as ‘To whomsoever, it may concern’.
  • The content of the letter must be printed on the official letterhead of the company.
  • The employee’s name must be correctly spelled and a complete name must be provided to avoid any confusion in the mind of his/her future employer.
  • The total tenure for which the employee has worked should be precisely mentioned along with the date of joining and relieving date.
  • The position of the employee must be stated clearly. Most of the companies also provide a salary that was being offered to the employee.
  • The letterhead must be duly stamped or sealed along with the sign of the director, HR director or any other authorized signatory.
  • The content of experience letter must also carry the best wishes for the employee for his/her future endeavors.

Experience Letter Template in PDF and Word (doc.) Format:

Experience Letter


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