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The basic meaning of having a Wisconsin Bill of Sale is that there has been a recent transaction between two parties that includes the transfer of a personal appliance, vehicle or any other type of automotive. Similar to West Virginia, there is no requirement obtaining a bill after the sale or purchase. But it is considered as a viable and beneficial option to have one to save both the parties from future disputes. 

More than that, it is only a record of a transaction and does not require notary’s attestation. Apart from the BOS, in Wisconsin, the title certificate is more important. You can either download the form or get it from the local DMV office. There is no need to go for such formalities if you are buying a vehicle from a dealer because then the car dealer will provide with all paperwork, 

If however, you are buying the car from a previous owner, then it rests on you to arrange for the BOS form, title change form and ensure that all the other documents are complete. 

Rules of Wisconsin Bill of Sale

The Bill in Wisconsin is dictated by Statue 342.15 and it includes the Transfer of Title in the name of the new buyer. Consequently, the transfer of ownership be it for personal property or for a boat, car or even a trailer does require both the parties to complete some formalities. 

This includes obtaining the right information about the asset credentials and assuring that it is in good working conditions. The Bill makes a difference where the owner and the buyer agree upon the terms of sale and authorize the transaction which nullifies any sort of legal trouble in the future. 

Wisconsin Bill Form in Word Doc

Wisconsin Bill Form in PDF

Hence, in Wisconsin, a BOS requires every seller and buyer to provide the following information:

  • The details about the item and a full description 
  • Date of the sale
  • A few personal details like name, address, driver’s license number, VIN certification. 

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Wisconsin

Download the vehicle BOS from the official DMV website of you can also get it by hand from the office itself. A Vehicle BOS is an essential document that authenticates the transfer of ownership of a vehicle from one party to another. Under this procedure, the previous owner provides with all the necessary documentation that is a part of the Transfer Title and certify that the vehicle has been sold to a new owner with the due process followed. Plus this piece of document has all the necessary information about the vehicle that dissuades any kind of troubles in the future. 

DMV Bill of Sale for Wisconsin

There are free of cost DMV bill forms available and they are identified by all the authorities and even the courts for when there is a dispute in the property ownership. The DMV bill is also characterized by all types of motor vehicles and is also called as MV2928. This form does not require notary’s authentication in Wisconsin. Plus, keeping a copy of the document with the seller is also beneficial for it will help you certify that all the steps that entail a Transfer Title certificate are complete. 

Auto Bill of Sale for Wisconsin

The Auto Bill in the State is yet another proof of a transaction between two parties that involves buying and selling of an automobile. It requires the users to provide all the information about the vehicle including the make, model, VIN, date of sale, and other such information about the buyer and the seller. The BOS in this scenario provides an easy way forward for both the parties to have a record of the transaction because other than all the information already provided in the form, the price is also mentioned. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Wisconsin

The Bill is often used when someone sells his/her old motorcycle to another party at a certain price. This means that if you are looking to buy a used motorcycle, you need to fill out a BOS form in order to complete the transaction and keep a record. However, in Wisconsin, it is not necessary to always have a bill in these type of transactions, but it always advised to have a Bill of Certificate. 

Bill of Sale


Boat Bill of Sale for Wisconsin

Whenever a vessel or boat changes the ownership, a bill is required to affirm the transfer of ownership. Both the parties associated in this transaction have to provide with their names, addresses, identifications along with the Vessel information to ensure that the sale is done under legal nitty-gritty. For registration, you can fill the online form and then submit it online with the DMV or also fill it by hand and submit. More importantly, keeping a record of such a transaction with both the parties is recommended. 

Car Bill of Sale Wisconsin

If you are looking to buy a used car in Wisconsin then make sure to follow the necessary documentation process which also includes a BOS form. A bill is merely a record-keeping measure which certifies that one owner has transferred the ownership to another person under the influence of a payment. There are the highest number of transactions of a used car sale in the state and for all these transactions if the individual owners will have a bill certification it will be easy for them to maintain a record of all the transactions. 

Trailer Bill of Sale Wisconsin

There are free templates of the Trailer BOS forms available with the authentic and government-run websites. You can fill out this form when conducting a transfer of ownership of the trailer. Every form regarding the trailer sale and purchase transaction requires the seller and the buyer to fill in various types of information which includes the residential evidence, name, previous ownership proof of the trailer, the make, and model of the trailer and the date of purchase along with the dale of sale.

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