Utah Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

With reference to the Utah Bill of Sale, it is a legal document that holds the information and details about the sale or purchase of a certain item. There are two parties to every transaction and this form which is also called TC-843 enlists the crucial aspects of both the parties and the item that exchanges hands. 

Unlike other few other states that require every bill to get stamped at the notary, there is no such condition in Utah. Here if both parties have signed the bill, it is considered as legal and holds importance in the court of law and other government authorities. 

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While writing a bill form you need to make sure that all the details are correct. Incorrect entry of details can cause problems in the title of ownership and your tax liabilities. More importantly, a bill has a binding force upon both the buyer and the seller. 

Rules --

Even though the Bill in Utah does not require notary attestation, there are however some rules that you need to take care of while filing out and submitting it to the competent authority. 

These are:

  • Ensure that all the concerned parties to a transaction are signatories to the bill and their signatures are added to the form. 
  • For any sort of vehicle, add the registration number, VIN, Hull ID (applicable for a boat sale), and the current conditions of the exchanged vehicle. 
  • Also, every bill must have the make, model and the year of manufacture associated with the item. 

Types --

In most instances, there are four types of form TC-843 that is used by the residents. This includes: 

  • Gun
  • Auto
  • Boat 
  • General 

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Utah

A vehicle bill means that any kind of vehicle that is sold to a new buyer can use this form in Utah. This form ensues the important information regarding the buyer and seller along with listing the details of the vehicle. It is not necessary that a bill is needed for when an old car exchanges hands. But, it is also necessary for when a new vehicle is sold by a dealer or an agency. Plus, when applying for the title ownership you also need to present the previous owner’s title certificate. 

Bill of sale

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DMV Bill of Sale for Utah

DMV is expanded as Department of Motor Vehicles and every State has their dedicated DMV authority which is further divided into cities and counties. A DMV bill in true sense is an overarching form that encompasses all the transactions in the State with regard to any kind of motor vehicle. It can be a car, bike, truck, boat, trailer among other types of vehicles. For a DMV bill form you can either download the form online or also get it from your local DMV office. 

Auto Bill of Sale for Utah

Automobiles are an essential part of any economy or State, and here in Utah like any other State it is imperative to keep a record of all the transactions. An Auto bill is similar to the DMV bill and acts as a record of transaction. When registering a vehicle under your name you need to bring the following documents to the DMV office. 

  • Transfer of title documents signed by the previous owner
  • Completed bill
  • Your Driver’s license of Utah
  • Insurance documents
  • Safety test documents
  • Registration and other sorts of fees. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Utah

The process of buying and selling a motorcycle in Utah is completed with the help of a Bill whereby the seller and the buyer enter a contract. A bill should also contain the complete information of the subject motorcycle and also of the buyer and seller. This documentation process has to be completed within a few days of your purchase. You will get the original copy of the bill that will be completed and signed by the notary (not necessary) and the seller can also choose to avail the copy of the bill for record maintenance. 

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Boat Bill of Sale for Utah

A boat bill is a detailed account of a transaction between the buyer and seller of a boat in Utah. This type of form is a bit different from the other sorts of TC-843 forms as it contains the details and specifics that are unique to a boat. For instance, in this form you need to fill out everything related to a boat including the type, price, style, length, make, model, year of manufacture, and other features of the boat. The price tally is also important to be listed on the bill. Both the seller and buyer needs to agree upon the sold item and have to acknowledge the transaction terms by signing it off and then submitting the same to the authorities along with the title of transfer form.

Car Bill of Sale for Utah

The most important thing in a car bill is the seller’s authentication that the car is free from all sorts of liabilities like a lien or a loan. And moving forward, all the responsibilities of fulfilling the formalities associated with the car is to be completed by the buyer. A bill in Utah is merely a simple record of transaction in Utah. it is kept with the seller and the buyer for future dispute resolution purposes. It should have all the information of the car, the related parties to the transaction and the price details.

Bill of sale

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Trailer Bill of Sale for Utah

A trailer means that the carriageway that is either attached to carry a boat or is attached to a camper, truck, farm trucks among others. For a trailer’s registration you need to present a bill in order to complete the whole process. For a seller this bill is a type of insurance which protects him from any future liabilities associated with the trailer. That is why if you are a seller of the same, make sure to ask for a copy of your bill from the buyer.

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