Massachusetts Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

The Massachusetts Bill of Sale is the legal document that proves the exchange of goods or assets between two parties and builds proper ownership of that particular asset or good. It records the exchange transaction between the buyer and the seller for the purpose of taxation too. The document can be duplicated so that both the parties have their individual copies for record keeping. It is made for sale and purchase transaction of anything from pet animal to boats in the state of Massachusetts. It becomes a valid contract only after signatures are done on the bill. Though unlike other states, Massachusetts does not need it to be notarized. 

The bill is just for the proof of ownership and so there is no legal obligation of a notary in this state. In fact, a lot of transactions don’t need a bill of sale either. But it is recommended for a personal record.

The rules of Massachusetts

Many transactions don’t need a bill of sale legally in Massachusetts but many of the transactions need it too. And the ones for which it is made, some rules need to be followed like:

  1. Language: The state of Massachusetts does not approve of any legal documents in any language other than English. But they do provide interpreters so that the parties involved can understand the requirements of the bill and get their questions answered.
  2. Copies: Only 2 copies of the bill are required – one for the seller and one for the buyer. The original document is kept with the buyer as he or she is the owner. The seller gets the duplicate copy as a record of the sale transaction. However, for certain transactions like the sale of boat, trailer and such heavy items, a copy needs to be submitted with the respective department of the Massachusetts government.

bill of sale


Vehicle bill of sale for Massachusetts

The DMV vehicle bill of sale is a form that allows the buyers and sellers of a vehicle to record important information regarding the sale as well as the vehicle itself. Both the parties need to put relevant information in the form and then sign to legalize the document. If the vehicle is exempt from titling, then there’s no need to make the bill. Otherwise, all the sale transactions of vehicles need a signed copy of the BOS. It helps to process the vehicle at the DMV and establish the most recent owner of the vehicle.

DMV bill of sale for Massachusetts

Any vehicle you own needs to be registered with the local RMV or the Registry of Motor Vehicles. In the state of Massachusetts, many vehicles are exempt from titling like the ones that were made before the year 2000. These vehicles do not need the BOS. But other than these, when a vehicle is bought or sold, the form RMV-1, the registration application needs to be filled and submitted along with the bill of sale. The DMV requires information like the odometer reading, details of insurance plans, make, model, year, color, shape, size, VIN, payment method, amount, etc. along with both parties’ signs.

Auto bill of sale for Massachusetts

Any automobile you own which was made after 2000 needs to be registered with the state of Massachusetts. If you buy an automobile from a dealer, then they do all the documentation work for you. But if you purchase from a private party then you need to make the BOS. Along with that, you also need to submit the title certificate, license plate number, RMV-1 form for registration, insurance documents, titling fees, and tax. All these documents and the BOS need to be submitted with the local RMV in person for establishing the ownership.

Motorcycle bill of sale for Massachusetts

When you want to buy a motorcycle in the state of Massachusetts, you need to make a bill of sale. It is necessary to document the transaction for building your ownership over the newly acquired motorcycle. The title for the motorcycle is with the seller and post the sale transaction you need to sign the section where it states ‘transfer by owner’ and then submit it with the state. This will help transfer the title of the motorcycle to you and the government understands whom to contact for taxation purposes. 

Boat bill of sale for Massachusetts

For buying, selling or registering a boat in Massachusetts, you need to submit an official form called the boat bill of sale with the state. The form is available for free download on the Massachusetts government website. You can download the pre-made form, a template or make a hand-written hard copy, but it should have all of the following details:

  • Personal information of both the parties
  • Hull ID, make, model, year, shape and size of the vessel
  • Trailer and motor details

You need to submit this bill with the RMV MA to register your vessel and transfer the title in your name.

Car bill of sale for Massachusetts

There is no standard BOS format provided by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. So you can either download the templates available on the state website or write it yourself. But it is necessary to register your car with the state. The BOS should include the date of transaction, VIN, final amount paid, all the details of the car, mileage of the car, name, and address of the seller as well as your personal information, and signature by you and the seller. You need to submit this within the stipulated time so that your new car can be registered successfully in your name.

Trailer bill of sale for Massachusetts

A trailer is a large structure which can be used for transporting other vehicles, storage, shipping items overseas and much more. A trailer is not an immovable asset but it cannot move on its own. It needs to be towed with the help of another vehicle. Still, a trailer has a license plate number. That is why, whenever a sale transaction of a trailer occurs, a bill of sale needs to be made to register the new owner with the state RMV. The original BOS remains with the buyer while the duplicate stays with the seller.

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