Kentucky Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

A Kentucky Bill of Sale is a very important document that becomes the legal proof of a purchased item. It is issued by the seller of an item to ensure that while the transaction, both the seller and the buyer remain protected against any further hassles. The document is issued for various purposes of registration of the item to the authorities and then if the buyer has to prove their ownership in any situation. The document acts as a receipt of the transaction of a rather expensive item and all the details of the item should be mentioned in it. It should contain the addresses of both the buyer and the seller with their signatures. The notarization of the private party is not necessary from a legal perspective but can be done to be on the safe side. There are various items that may require a bill such as vehicles, boats and other automobiles. 

Rules of Kentucky

The bill requires a certain format which must be taken care while issuing it. There are certain details which are common for all items by any seller. One must take care of the following rules while issuing a bill at Kentucky-

  • They all must have the dates when the purchase was conducted and when the bill was created. Include details of the offered price and price paid. 
  • The buyer and seller both must provide their signatures.
  • Provide the full legal name of the buyer and seller, their contact information, and addresses including city, state and zip code. 
  • Provide the driver’s license or the state identification card number. This helps in the case the item is stolen or lost and the owner needs to prove their authenticity.
  • The sold item should be properly described and the details like serial number, model number, and registration number should be included. 
  • The type of the item, color and other identifying elements must also be included. 
  • It should be mentioned if the item is given as gift or if it is being traded for some other item along with the price worth of the item.



Vehicle Bill of Sale for Kentucky

The vehicle bill is meant for a buyer who is selling their vehicle to someone. When a person purchases a vehicle from a private dealer, the vehicle must be registered within fifteen days of the purchase. In any case, one cannot use the vehicle on anywhere at Kentucky if the vehicle is not successfully registered and licensing has been complete. The bill should be made properly to contain all the identifying details of the vehicle and the address of both the private parties between which the deal is made. For the registration of the vehicle, one can acquire all the documents from the local county clerk’s office. The bill is a must for registration and then to use the vehicle on Kentucky roads.

DMV Bill of Sale for Kentucky

The DMV is an important authority where one is required to show their bill as proof of ownership. Every locality as a Department of Motor Vehicles which is the authority over the registration and licensing of the vehicle one has purchased from a private party. The buyer must use a copy of the bill to authorize their item to the local DMV. The process serves to be very crucial for the purpose of successful transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer even if the vehicle is bought outside of the state. The Kentucky certified inspector is the one who shall deem your newly owned vehicle to be your own. Both the seller and buying properties should be present while the process is being undertaken.

Auto Bill of Sale for Kentucky

The Auto bill is similar to the bill made for any vehicle or automobile. It is very important to acquire a written proof of the ownership of a privately purchased automobile. This proof of ownership serves to be very important in the case when the vehicle is lost or is stolen. It also helps in locating the owner through the identification codes and address which is registered which is registered by the complete signing of the document. It is one of the most common types of bill issued in Kentucky. Among the most crucial details of the automobile one must include the year of the manufacture, the made and model name of the automobile along with the vehicle identification code which is unique for each vehicle.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Kentucky

When a person buys a motorcycle in the state of Kentucky, one needs to issue a bill for it which is quite similar to the vehicle bill or the automobile bill. The BOS is again important for the registration of the motorcycle in the local authorities so that it can be used in the roads of Kentucky. One must make sure to include all the specific details of the motorcycle in the bill including its color, identification code and the details of its built. The addresses of both the buyer and the seller must be included along with their signatures. The seller must confirm the condition of the motorcycle including its odometer readings and reason for any discrepancies as noticed by the new owner of the bike.

Boat Bill of Sale for Kentucky

If a person purchases a boat in Kentucky from a private party, one must make sure to issue the bill. The bill is essential for the registration of the boat in the local authorities and for its official use. Among the important details the addresses of both the parties is a must along with their verified signatures. The document must contain the make, length and year the boat was manufactured. It must also have the details like the identification code of the hull, the odometer reading in terms of hours and the title number. It should be stated whether the boat has a trailer or has an outboard motor. The document must contain a photo of the Hull ID along with its mention in written in the case of a boat.

Car Bill of Sale for Kentucky

The car bill must be issued in the case a person buys a car from a private seller in Kentucky. The document is necessary to prove ownership of the car in several cases when the car is found to be dislocated. The document must contain the addresses and contact details of the buyer and the seller along with their signatures. It should also contain all the identification details like the color, make, and model along with the unique identification code. The document must be preserved by both the parties for future purposes in case any emergency arises or even general authentication purposes.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Kentucky

The bill is required in the case a person purchases a trailer in the state of Kentucky. The document serves as a proof of ownership as well as a simple form of insurance that can save the buyer as well as the previous owner from unnecessary hassles. Since, vehicles such as trailers can often be expensive; a legal document rightly helps in preserving important ownership details. The trailer will have to be registered with department of motor vehicles for usage in any of the states. The amount of money exchanges along with the date should be included. It should contain the contact details of both the seller and the buyer. All the specificities of the trailer must be accurately mentioned in the document.

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