Minnesota Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

A Minnesota bill of sale is a legal document which is used for the sale of personal items like car, laptop, gun, boat, television, jewelry or furniture. The main motive of this BOS is to maintain the information about the item which is sold. Also it gives the information about the seller and the buyer for identification purpose. It is not mandatory legally to notarize the bill. In some cases, bill can be used to keep as the personal records for both the seller and the buyer. It is always recommended that the copy of completed bill should be kept by both the buyer and the seller. It also acts as a proof of change of ownership and provides appropriate information for registration of the vehicle if required. This form needs to be notarized. 


Below information should be included in the bill form for Minnesota:

  • Name and address of Buyer
  • Name and address of Seller
  • Amount paid for the transfer of title and date of purchase.
  • Particular information about the item that is transferred from the seller to the buyer.
  • Assurance from the seller that the item is no more claimed by him.
  • Any warranties or representations
  • The seller’s signature 
  • Signature of a notary representative.

The bill of form should be signed by the owner, and if the item is jointly owned then it should be signed by both the owners. In the form all the check-boxes should be signed that is specific to the transaction and any additional information should be added if required. The seller needs to be read the statements carefully. If there is any defect in the tem being sold then it should be disclosed at the mentioned place. The document should be signed by both seller and buyer in front of notary. After that, the document is completed and state sealed by notary. Then the copies are given to all signatories and original document to buyer.



Vehicle bill of sale for Minnesota

The Minnesota Vehicle BOS is required to make a legal contract between buyer and seller while selling a vehicle. The form should contain the complete details about both the parties and all the details about the vehicle. It shows that vehicle is transferred and ownership is transferred from buyer to seller. All the items should be transferred on the date of sale in case the monetary funds are also traded along with the car. If a warranty is issued by seller then it implies that seller is giving the assurance to the buyer. If the seller s not giving warranty, that means the defense is not being provided for the vehicle.

DMV Bill of sale for Minnesota

The Minnesota DMV BOS is a document that acts as evidence that a transaction has taken place while selling the motor vehicle. However it is not mandatory to have the BOS in the state but still it has many benefits. For a buyer, it is a document that contains all the details about the vehicle such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), name and address of both buyer and seller between which the agreement has occurred and amount paid for the vehicle. While for seller, it can act as liability in case the vehicle is abandoned or failed to register.

Auto Bill of sale for Minnesota

The auto BOS is a document which transfers the ownership of motor vehicle from seller to buyer. It is like the agreement for sale of vehicle and receipt of sale. It should also include the Odometer Disclosure Statement as it is required by state and federal law. The document should be signed by notary representative. In odometer disclosure statement, seller needs to reveal the current reading and should issue the warranty that the reading displayed gives the correct mileage of the vehicle which is being transferred. The document also includes the details such as make and model of the vehicle, name and address details of both buyer and seller and signature of the notary representative.

Motorcycle bill of sale for Minnesota

When any motorcycle is bought or sold in Minnesota then bill of pay should be created between buyer and seller. The document of bill includes the selling price and condition of the motorcycle along with the statement by buyer and seller. In case the original title is present then transfer by owner section present on the backside of the title is signed and paper is filed with the state. The original and complete document needs to be given to the new owner for the purpose registration purpose. Other people who have signed the bill should keep the copies of the document to keep as record.

Boat bill of sale for Minnesota 

The Minnesota BOS for boat is a legal document which provides the proof of sale of a vessel. The document includes the details about the boat and proves that there is transfer of ownership. The document needs to be notarized. The details included in the document are length, make, year in which it was built, registration number, Hull ID, title number, and odometer reading. The document also includes that if motor or trailer will be included with the sale. If either or both of these are included with the sale then its details such as make and year should be included in the document. Year of manufacture, make and horsepower should be enlisted for the onboard motor.

Car bill of sale for Minnesota

The car BOS is the document to show that car is transferred from seller to buyer and the seller has no more right to claim for the car in the future. The document contains the details such as make, model, year of manufacture and other details about the car such as Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), agreed price of sale, date of purchase, name, and address of buyer and seller, signature of both the parties. The bill is then completed and sealed by a notary. The final original copy of the document is given to the buyer and the seller keeps the copy of the original document for record.

Trailer bill of sale for Minnesota

The trailer bill is a legal document that proves the sale of any structure which can be towed to a vehicle. The trailers are used to transfer items such as vehicles, boats or everyday storage items. They have the vehicle identification number (VIN) which should be included in the document. Along with that other details such as model and make, a number of wheels, or any other information related to it can be incorporated in the document. The sale becomes complete once the document is signed by both parties, trailer and money is exchanged. The new owner of the trailer should be given the original copy of the document as it may be required for registration, obtaining license plates for the trailer.

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