Texas Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

Texas bill of Sale: A legal document is always advisable when it comes to the buying and selling of goods or items. This ideally indicates that for every sale that occurs there needs to be a bill that needs to be generated as a form of proof for the sale. The Bill needs to be generated is irrespective of whether it is between a business and an individual or between two individuals.  The Bill needs to follow the norms as per the state and the country it is being generated in. 

  1. California Bill of sale

When it comes to the Texas Bill, it contains a detailed description of the item(s) or object(s) that are being sold and the complete details of the buyer and seller. Also, it contains the amount that the item or object is being sold for. And finally, whether the Texas Bill needs to be notarized or not, depends on the reason for the generation of the Texas Bill. Also, as far as the State of Texas is concerned, it is better to have extra copies made since one copy is most of the time permanently given to the state agency during the process of registration of the change of ownership. 

Common Bills of Sale Related to Texas 

When it comes to the Texas Bill, there are a wide variety of reasons for the same to be used. Below are some of the reasons that the Texas Bill can be used for –

  • General bill of sale
  • A bill of sale for a motor vehicle (such as a car, truck, or motorcycle);
  • A bill of sale for a boat
  • A bill of sale for a gun
  • A bill of sale of computer
  • A bill of sale of laptop. 

Bill of sale


How to write the Texas Bill of Sale

Writing the Texas BOS is a simplistic task and can be done by the individuals themselves without much interference from a legal entity. However, there are certain things and certain items that need to be considered and mentioned when it comes to the Texas Bill. Firstly the Texas Bill needs to follow the guidelines depending on the state or county that it is issued in. It needs to be written in plain English. Further registration depends on the item being sold as per the Texas Bill. The details that need to be included in the Texas Bill depends on the item being sold. 

Below is the cumulative list of items that need to include by depending in the item or object being sold in the Texas  BOS –

  • The date of the purchase.
  • The full legal name and the physical address for both the buyer and the seller need to be included. It is the seller’s information or details that appear first and post that the details for the buyer are included. 
  • A description of the item.
  • Registration or serial number of the vehicle or item;
  • The year of make of the vehicle or item;
  • Make of the vehicle or item;
  • Model of the vehicle or item; 
  • Color of the vehicle or item
  • Size of the vehicle or item
  • Type of the vehicle or item; and 
  • Material from which the vehicle or item is made.


When it comes to personal property that is being transferred or personal property that is being sold, the Texas Bill needs to be generated; however, the same need not be registered or filed. On the other hand, it needs to be kept as proof of the transaction that has occurred. 

Texas Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicles

There is a long process involved when it comes to the sale of Motor vehicles in Texas county. Other than including the complete name and address of the seller, the seller needs to sign the Texas Bill in front of the notary public. Also, the below-mentioned information needs to be included, along with some forms that also need to be filled out. Part of the motor vehicle description needs to include the details listed below -

  • The Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN;
  • The year of make of the vehicle;
  • Make of the vehicle or item;
  • Model of the vehicle; 
  • Color of the vehicle;
  • Body of the vehicle;
  • Form VTR-40, which discloses the mileage of a vehicle; and 
  • Form VTR-346

After the completion of the filling of the Form VTR-346, within a period of 30 days, it needs to be submitted to the sale of the motor vehicle in the TxDMV Vehicle Titles and Registration Division. Post which you need to visit the county tax assessor's office for the completion of the registration process. You will need to take out an application for the following –

  • Texas Certificate of Title;
  • Your Texas BOS
  • A certificate of motor vehicle inspection
  • Proof of insurance
  • Your driver's license or state ID; and
  • Application for Registration Purposes Only if there is a lien on the vehicle.

Along with this, the registration fees need to be paid in full

Texas Bill of Sale for Boats

The Texas Bill for Boats needs to be firstly signed in front of the notary public. Other than the details of the buyer, it needs to include the following details about the boat –

  • The make of the boat
  • Length of the boat
  • Year of the boat;
  • The Hull ID; 
  • The odometer reading in hours;
  •  The title number; and 
  • List of seller's disclosures

Along with the boat sometimes there are also trailers that are part of the sale. If that is the case, then that also needs to be included as a part of the Texas bill along with the details of the trailer, like

  • The number of outboard motors; 
  • The make of the trailer; 
  • The year of the trailer; and 
  • The horsepower.

When it comes to the registration of the boat, there is a different procedure that needs to be followed depending on whether the boat being bought is old or new. You can visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife webpage for information. 


When it comes to the Texas Bill, there is a requirement for every sort of item that is exchanged. You need to ensure that you fill out the details correctly to avoid future hassles

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