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A Mississippi bill of sale is an important legal document which shows the exchange of ownership of an item. There are two parties (seller and buyer) involved in the transaction. It provides the information regarding the buyer and the seller and the item which is sold. It also is used to describe the items being sold such as laptops, bicycles, vehicle, furniture, and jewelry. While describing the item in the bill, certain information needs to be included about the item such as registration number, serial number, or model if you have any information. Also, if there is any issue with the item, it needs to be clearly mentioned by the seller to make the process of sale transparent. BOS is used to keep as the record of proof to be used in future of required. The Mississippi BOS needs to be notarized. Moreover, it is always suggested that the document should be signed by both buyer and seller in the presence of registered notary public. 


The Mississippi bill can be written in plain English. It contains detailed information about buyer and seller with the details of the vehicle. The Mississippi BOS needs to be notarized only then it is considered as the complete BOS for that item. As such, there is no legal requirement of enlisting all this information but it is considered as a good practice to hold the BOS as it acts as legal proof of ownership of the item.

  • The BOS of Mississippi contains the below information:
  • Name and address details of the buyer
  • Name and address details of the seller
  • Date of transaction
  • Date when both buyer and seller signed the document
  • Driver’s license number of both the parties
  • State identification number of both the parties
  • Identification number of the asset involved in the sale.

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Mississippi

The vehicle BOS is the document which acts as proof of legal sale of vehicle between buyer and seller and change of ownership between the two parties. The document contains all the details about the seller and buyer with the detail about the vehicle being sold as part of transaction. This document is needed at the time of registration of the vehicle and needs to be notarized. If someone is new to the state, then it is compulsory to register the vehicle within the 30 days time-period. On the other hand, if someone is the resident of the state and purchasing the vehicle from private party then they have to register the vehicle within the 7 days. It is necessary to register the vehicle to run on the roads of Mississippi. To complete the process of registration, it is necessary to have the bill.

DMV Bill of Sale for Mississippi

The Mississippi DMV bill is legally used while buying or selling a motor vehicle. It also allows both the buyer and the seller to keep information about the transaction to the form. Thus, it showcase that the purchase of document has occurred between the buyer and seller. According to the law of sale, the bill is mandatory if title has no space for the sales price of the vehicle. It is also suggested that the copy of the bill should be kept by everyone signing the bill as it acts as an important proof required for the purpose of tax. Also, it helps to clear any kind of legal dilemma if any.

Auto Bill of Sale for Mississippi

Although, bill is not a must requirement for the registration of vehicles in Mississippi, but it needs to be registered from out of state dealer. It is needed to show the full ownership of the car is owned by buyer. Any issue with the vehicle is disclosed by the seller and document is signed off by both the parties. Moreover, it shows that seller is no more liable for the car and has all the rights for taxation purposes. The transaction details of the sale should also be documented such as if the transaction is for cash sale or it is a giveaway, selling price of the vehicle in words. At last, the document should be signed by both the parties and finally notarized.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Mississippi

Whenever the motorcycle is sold or bought in the state of Mississippi, the seller generally endorse and sign the title certificate which is then handover to the buyer. This certificate is then used to apply for new title with the name of buyer as main owner of the motorcycle from the state of Mississippi. In case the endorsed title certificate is not in hand, then bill plays an important role for the transfer of motorcycle. In order to obtain the bill for motorcycle, the application with all the details of the motorcycle needs to be submitted to the state authority. Along with the details of the vehicle, it should also contain the information about sale and about buyer and seller.

Boat Bill of Sale for Mississippi

The bill of boat is required when it is sold or bought in the state of Mississippi. It is a legal document that proves that ownership of the boat is transferred from seller to buyer. It is required so that it acts as proof of record for future and the seller should not be able to claim it in wrong way later. The document contains the name and address details of both seller and buyer along with the information about boat such as its make and model, length, registration id, Hull id and odometer reading. If trailer or outboard motor is included in the document then information about the same should also be mentioned in the bill. Finally the bill should be notarized.

Car Bill of Sale for Mississippi

When someone buys or sells the car, the transfer of car from buyer to seller should be documented in the form of BOS. It should contain the detailed information about car being sold along with the information about buyer and seller. There are two main reasons that mandate the bill in Mississippi while selling or buying the car. First of all, it acts as the proof of transaction between buyer and seller that showcase that seller no more can claim for the car in future and new owner is the only owner of the car. Secondly, the state needs to register the car with the motor vehicles department in the state. In order to register the car, complete documentation is required.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Mississippi

A Trailer Bill is legal agreement between buyer and seller involving the sale of any structure which can b towed by any vehicle. The document consists of name and communication details of both buyer and seller along with the detailed information about the trailer. It includes the Vehicle Identification number (VIN) of the vehicle, date and price of sale, make and model of the vehicle, number of wheels. Apart from this, any information related to the sale should also be incorporated in the document. The document needs to be signed by both buyer and seller. Once the document is filled and signed by both parties, trailer is transferred along with the money, only then the document is complete and finalized. The original document is given to the new owner as they may need it for registration purposes. Seller is given the copy of the bill.

Mississippi bill of sale


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