California Bill Of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

The California bill of Sale makes sure that any item was sold legally. This BOS is not required to be notarized. The BOS can be used like a proof of ownership for an item after the item is sold. As a result, both seller and buyer have to keep copies of the final documents for records if needed later.

BOS for California can be written in plain English. The foremost information to be included in California BOS is a date when the document was created. Bill contains the date when buyer will pay for the item. Another date included in the document is the date both seller and buyer sign the document. After that, the legal names of both seller and buyer and their addresses should be added. Price of the item should be added in the terms and conditions of the sale. In California, item has to use a BOS even if the item is a gift.

Rules ---

Anything can be bought or sold in California. As a developed state of the US, there are lots of scammers and you cannot trust everyone you find who are willing to sell their car to you, even you know them very well.

A BOS acts as a legal document that shows a transaction between the seller and the buyer and it also confirms that the seller has given rights and responsibilities of the item to the buyer at some price or in exchange for some other item. This bill also shows that the party name has been changed.

Bill of Sale


Below details should be mentioned in the BOS Form

  • The date sale of a vehicle
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • The year of manufacturing of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The selling price of the vehicle
  • Information about the warranty
  • The full name of the buyer and seller
  • The address of the buyer and seller
  • The signature of the seller

Different types of BOS

  • DMV 
  • Car 
  • Boat 
  • Vehicle 
  • Motorcycle 
  • Auto 
  • Trailer

Vehicle Bill of Sale for California

California provides a Vehicle BOS, which you can get from Official DMV website of California. You can legally draft your own and it gets accepted. There is no need to notarize by law. It includes each of the given below, like an official form such as the Year, make and model of vehicle, hull identification number or the vehicle identification number, date of sale, name, signature and contact information of buyer and seller and finally the purchasing price. The statements are not printed on California BOS while the penalty of perjury. The state takes perjury on DMV forms. It is considered as second-degree perjury and that is defined as under oath, false swearing, misleading a govt. employee. It can lead to serious punishment of four years in prison.

DMV bill of sale for California

California BOS is an important proof of ownership before you buy an ATV, a vehicle or boat as a bill is considered as the most appropriate proof of ownership. You can face many difficulties in the future if you do not receive any acceptable proof such as transferable registration, register the vehicle or get a title certificate.  The buyer and seller both need to complete the bill. The DMV bill is considered acceptable if it contains all the required information such as make and year of the boat, vehicle or ATV along with the vehicle identification number, buying price, date when t was sold and names and signatures of buyer and seller. The new buyer needs to provide an original bill to the DMV with other acceptable proofs of ownership. It is not acceptable without other proofs. The seller and buyer both should make photocopies to keep in their records.

Auto bill of sale for California

An auto bill is used as a legal document which proves that auto type of vehicle was sold officially by the buyer to the seller. In this case, sellers agree to transfer the vehicle along with the transfer of its ownership. It also, tells that vehicle was sold legally with the date of sale and price mentioned on it. The auto bill also includes the odometer disclosure statement as it is an important requirement by federal and California state government. The other basic information about the vehicle, buyer, and seller need to be present on the bill.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for California

The motorcycle BOS, which is also called as Form MV-912, acts as an official document that is like evidence that a motorcycle is sold legally in California. The form will also prove that ownership of the motorcycle is changed from seller to buyer. The document will contain information about the buyer and the seller and Identification details of the motorcycle. The form needs to be notarized and might be needed for registration. An odometer disclosure statement is also required when the motorcycle is bought or sold in California which is then registered in the DMV office in California.

Boat Bill of Sale for California 

The boat bill is an official document that provides the proof that the boat has been sold or bought in California legally. The boat to be bought or sold in California must be registered so that it can run on California water body. This form contains complete information about the buyer and the seller along with the proof of a change of ownership of the vessel. The form also contains information about the vessel that helps in the identification of the boat. The boat bill has to be notarized for the purpose of identification

Car Bill of Sale for California

Car bill is the legal proof that is important to prove that the car is bought by the buyer officially from the seller. Car bill is like a tool that can be used to get a unique copy of proof when you are selling any kind of car and for customers so that they can close the agreement. In order to write the Car bill, the up-to-date registration certificate is required. The bill should contain the vehicle identification number along with the model and make of the car. Also, the bill should have the appropriate title of the car.

Trailer Bill of Sale for California

Trailer bill is used for the sale of large transport vehicles such as trucks to private companies or any other potential buyers. Trailer bill is basically a clean document in which boxes and columns are used so that content can be represented effectively. The trailer bill is in the form of a word document which contains the statement by the seller at the start of the document. After that, the document contains the model, year of making an ID of the trailer. Finally, the buyer’s statement is present at the bottom along with the information about the buyer and seller.

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