Louisiana Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

A Louisiana Bill of Sale is issued among the seller and buyer of an item as per the transaction rules in Louisiana. It serves as a legal document verifying the purchase of the item and also serves as an insurance bond between the two private dealers. The BOS contains all the basic details of the item being exchanged verifying its type and condition. The document must be authorized by both parties and must contain their addresses and signatures.
However, the signatures must be done along with the notary for verification purposes. Some bills of sale might not be necessarily needed to be notarized. The documents must have all the details as confirmed by the seller and the buyer. It is not legally required to sell private properties but does serve to be the proof for the right person who owns it and needs to show it under any circumstance.

Rules of Louisiana

The bills of sale are issued for various objects but they all must contain similar information as directed by the buyer and the seller. Some specific details are a must to be included for the document to be credible and useful for future. The Louisiana State requires certain details as a must in the document as following. 

  • The confirmed addresses of the buyer and seller must be included along with the specifics of the item sold, its price and any extra conditions applied during the sale.
  • The date must be included about when it was created and the date of payment.
  • The signatures of both parties are required and they must be verified. 
  • Full legal name, current address including city state, state and zip code are required. Both the buyer and seller must provide their state identification card number.
  • The description of the item being sold including the serial number, registration ID, make, and model, year of manufacture and color of item are required. 
  • It should be clarified if the item is given as a gift or is being traded for some other item. If there’s a trade, the worth of the item should be specified.
  • It should be taken care if the bill must be notarized.

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Louisiana

In case a person purchases a vehicle in Louisiana, one must issue the BOS for verification and registration purposes. There are several types of vehicles that need to be registered with local authorities to be able to be used. The BOS marks the rightful owner of the vehicle and also helps in identifying the owner if the vehicle ever gets lost or displaced in any occasion. It must contain all the basic descriptions of the vehicle which shall help identify it including its make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN). It should contain the date of the transaction and the price for which it was bought.

Vehicle Bill of Sale


DMV Bill of Sale for Louisiana

The buyer must use their copy of the Vehicle BOS while visiting the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) which is like the DMV of any other state. This process is important for submitting the Title which transfers the ownership of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. The bill serves as the receipt which keeps a record of all the details of the buyer, seller, and the item during the time of transaction. The OMV performs important functions like examining and licensing the owner of vehicles so that they are eligible to be taken on the road. It performs various functions like issuing or suspension of licenses, registration certificates of vehicles, and collecting of import taxes and fees.

Bill of sale


Auto Bill of Sale for Louisiana

The sale of any vehicle or automobile requires the issuing of the auto BOS which should be kept along with both the buyer and the seller. The document must contain all the identifying details of the item and the transaction for the purpose of future verification and ownership proofs. The bill is required for the transfer of title and to successfully register the vehicle with the local authorities. The motor vehicle should be checked properly and the seller must confirm its condition and account for any discrepancy to the seller. The form must be completed properly so that it does not get rejected by the DMV.

Auto Bill of Sale for Louisiana


Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Louisiana

If a person buys a motorcycle from a private dealer in Louisiana, the BOS must be issued for registration purposes. It must the Parrish where the purchase took place. Among the most important information, it should be made sure to include the make, model, year, and vehicle identification code (VIN).

The completion of the Vehicle Application Form DP SMV1799 is important after the bill is issued. The form must be completed entirely to be accepted by the OMV. Also, the seller must provide the odometer disclosure statement especially if the bike in under ten years old. The bill must be signed by both the seller and the buyer in front of the notary.

Boat Bill of Sale for Louisiana

If a person buys a boat in Louisiana from a private dealer, they must issue the BOS containing certain information. Among the description of the boat details like the previous registration number, model, manufacturer, make and hull ID must be included. There must be a mention of there is any trailer or outboard motor along with the purchased boat. For these extra parts, extra details would be required to identify their make and model. For motors, one must also include the number of motors along with their horsepower, year and make. It should include the statement by the seller to confirm that no liens are attached to the boat to cause any further problems. Signatures should be done in front of the notary.

Car Bill of Sale for Louisiana

If a person buys a car in the state of Louisiana from any private dealer, the BOS must be carefully issued and completed in order to be verified and registered by the OMV. As a motor vehicle, it must list the Parrish where the purchase happened. Among important details, information like the make, model, year, and VIN must be included. An additional form must be filled along with it i.e. the Vehicle Application Form DP SMV1799. The form must be completed along with all its specificities so that the OMV accepts it which is a very important process. One must include the odometer disclosure statement if the car is less than ten years old.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Louisiana

A trailer can be purchased along with a boat or independently. If one makes a purchase in the state of Louisiana, the BOS must be issued for various legalities. The document is important as a record and proof and also for processes like registration of the trailer in the local authorities. The document must contain the offer made and the price paid for the trailer. It should be kept safe along with both the seller and the buyer for purposes of identification. The signatures must be done in front of the notary and the date of the issue must be mentioned. The contact details of both the parties are a must along with the entire description of the trailer.

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