Alaska Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

When there is a change in the legal ownership of any goods or items as described, especially in the city of Alaska, the Alaska bill of sale comes into effect. It is important to note here that the bill is not required for every single item or object that might be a part of a personal sale; however, it still remains an important document. The reason for its importance is that it's a way of proving that you have the right to own that particular piece of item or object, which is currently in your possession. For example, suppose that you owned a car and sold it off; however, at the end of the day, you ensured that copies of the bill for a motor vehicle have been kept with you as spare copied. So when you find that there have been unpaid parking tickets that have been issued in your name, you can use it to the bill to prove that the car is no longer used by you and has been sold. Through the bill, the information about the buyer can be passed to the authorities so that then ensure that they collect the dues from the rightful owner. 

Common Bills of Sale Related to the State of Alaska

As mentioned earlier, every county has a certain criterion that needs to be mentioned when the bills are prepared. In addition to this, there are different bills that need to be generated, depending on the item or the object for which the change of ownership is occurring. Continuing on the same lines, other than the general bills of sale, the other bills of sale that are bills of sale for motor vehicles, bills of sale for guns, bills of sale for ATVs or snow-machines and bills of sale for boats. It is important that both the parties involved in the transaction (i.e., the buyer and the seller) have the sign as well as the date on the document and ensure that they keep multiple copies of the document for their reference.

bill of sale


How to write the bill

When it comes to the bill, there are different bills of sale depending on the item that is being bought and sold. However, there are some basic components that remain consistent all the bills of sale that may be required. We are quickly going to discuss these components –

    • The name of the buyer and the seller; 
    • The address (including city and state) of the buyer and the seller;
    • The driver's license number or the State ID card depending on what the BOS is being prepared for. 

Bill of Sale


Understanding the General bill

The General bill can be used for a variety of items that are undergoing a change of ownership or is being bought and sold between a buyer and the seller. It could be used for any general property sale like –

  • Selling livestock;
  • Selling furniture; 
  • Selling off an old laptop. 

When it comes to the General BOS, ensure you include the following details, if they are available –

  • Adequate description of the property;
  • Serial number or model number, if applicable or available;
  •  A thorough description of the item 
    • Color;
    • Size; or by other descriptors.
  • Sales price or the trade price
  • Purchase price in dollars 
  • The date of creation of the BOS 
  • The date the payment would be made or if it has already been made. 
  • Any other information related to the sale or trade. If there are other conditions that are related to the transaction or the sale of the item or object, they all need to be included in the BOS. Even if the change of ownership is due to the gift from the seller to the buyer; this also needs to be included in the bill.

Alaska ATV or Snowmachine Bill of Sale

When it comes to the bill for Snowmachine or ATV, the registration of the same needs to be completed within 15 days from the date of purchase. The additional bits of information that needs to be present, like –

  • The decal number
  • The VIN or serial number
  • The year 
  • The make
  • The body style 
  • The color; and 
  • The date of the sale.

For the completion of the registration process with the State of Alaska, you need to submit a copy of the warranty card or the dealer's purchase order, along with the bill and also an application for title and registration documents and finally the required registration fees.

Alaska Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicles

The bill as far as motor vehicles are concerned, the following items are required. 

  • The name of the buyer and seller
  • The address (including city and state) of the buyer and the seller; and
  • The driver's license number of the buyer and seller.
  • The VIN or serial number
  • The year 
  • The make
  • The body style 
  • The color;
  • Odometer reading; and 
  • Whether the title is included with the sale.

Also, all the information regarding the payment and when the payment would be made and when the payment will be made and also the details of the payment plans if any. 

Alaska Bill of Sale for Boats

When it comes to the bill for boats, the below mentioned additional details should be included. 

  • Length of the boat
  • Year of the boat;
  • The Hull ID; 
  • The registration number;
  • The odometer reading in hours; and 
  • The title number. 

Along with the boat sometimes there are also trailers that are part of the sale. If that is the case, then that also needs to be included as a part of the bill along with the details of the trailer, like

  • The number of outboard motors; 
  • The make of the trailer; 
  • The year of the trailer; and 
  • The horsepower.

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