Hawaii Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Motorcycle, Boat – PDF & Word

Hawaii Bill of Sale is a proof of ownership or a document between 2 individuals which records the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. The 2 parties involved are a buyer and a seller. In Hawaii when a person wants to sell or buy a vehicle, he or she needs a document which proves the sale proceeds being done and transfers the ownership of the vehicle from the seller to the buyer. It represents these proceeds and acts as documented proof of the sale. The reason to get this bill is two-fold. 

One, everyone needs to register their vehicle with the department of motor vehicles. But in order to register your vehicle, you need proper documents which prove your ownership of the car, truck, trailer or any other vehicle.

And the other reason is that every year millions of vehicles are bought and sold, each of them of different make, model, and condition. In such a case, if anyone comes and claims your car to be his or her car then you need a proof of transaction to prove your ownership.

The rules for Hawaii

In Hawaii, it is recognized as a legal document only if it has the following details.

  1. Vehicle identification number or VIN
  2. Description of the vehicle
  3. The state and country where the vehicle was bought and sold.
  4. Reading of the odometer
  5. The sale price (final offer)
  6. Notarized signature of the seller as well as the buyer
  7. Proof that both the parties are competent (of legal age, mental capacity, non-impaired and non-forced).

If these details are not present in the form, then the document itself is not considered valid. And with an invalid or an illegal document, a sales proceed cannot be considered valid. So actually the transfer of ownership is then nullified. 

Vehicle Bill of sale for Hawaii

It is a document which transfers the ownership of a vehicle from one party, that is, the seller to another party, that is, the buyer. Mostly it looks the same everywhere but certain content changes when it is made in Hawaii or any other state. So while selling or buying a vehicle it is necessary to check whether it is according to the laws and bylaws as stated for Hawaii by the DMV. It can be downloaded from the website easily and free of cost.

Hawaii Bill of Sale


DMV Bill of sale for Hawaii

This document proves the sale or transfer of ownership of a vehicle in the state of Hawaii. It is used as a proof of sale by the local motor vehicle department and on its basis, the department registers the vehicle on the name of the new owner. It is also referred to as a receipt of purchase and contains all the important details like names of both the parties involved, date of transaction, details of the vehicle and signatures of both the parties involved. For transfer of ownership, it is necessary to produce this in front of the local DMV.

Auto Bill of sale for Hawaii

This is a document that transfers a party’s right of ownership of an automobile to another party. While getting insurance or in case of a dispute, an automobile owner needs to show this bill as a documented proof of ownership. This bill in Hawaii states clearly the terms of sale, amount, details about the automobile, amount of installments and even type, make and model of the automobile. The bill also mentions the particular county of Hawaii where the transaction took place.

Motorcycle Bill of sale for Hawaii

For buying or selling a motorcycle in Hawaii, it is necessary to get this document. It legalizes the transaction or the sale of the motorcycle. This bill is needed to prove that the motorcycle which previously belonged to the seller, is not officially under the ownership of the buyer. This bill needs to be presented in front of the local DMV too for the transfer of title of the motorcycle. It is a contract and has to abide by all the Hawaiian rules and laws. Generally, the buyer keeps the original document but it is advised that even the seller keeps a copy of the bill to be used as proof in case of theft, accident, insurance fraud or damage.

Boat Bill of sale for Hawaii

The boat or the vessel bill is the paper that contains all the information about the sale of a boat in the state of Hawaii. It is a legal document and is considered a contract in the state of Hawaii. It proves the transfer of possession of a boat from one party to the other. It contains all the specifics of the boat, the specifics of the sale transaction, details about both the parties and notarized signatures of the buyer as well as the seller. According to the laws of Hawaii state, the vessel should be registered within 30 days of purchase.

Car Bill of sale for Hawaii

In the state of Hawaii, a sale of a car is documented by this bill for Hawaii. Once the car has been sold to a buyer, the original title of ownership is transferred from the buyer to the seller only after it is signed and notarized. It is necessary that after the transaction, the buyer files this paperwork with the state so that a proof of ownership is established. A valid bill contains the make, model, year, body type and such information about the car along with the sale amount and terms.

Trailer Bill of sale for Hawaii

A trailer bill is a type of document that proves the sale of any structure that can be towed by an automobile. The trailers are mostly used for transportation of heavy things like vehicles and for everyday storage. This records the purchase transaction details and sale of a new or used trailer. It contains all the information like the trailer type, capacity, its price and notarized signatures of both the parties. Even though a trailer needs to be towed using another vehicle, it has its own VIN or the vehicle identification number. It also needs a Hawaiian license plate.

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