Idaho Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat, Trailer – PDF & Word

Whenever a large purchase and sale transaction is made in the state of Idaho, the Idaho bill of sale is made to legally document the transaction. It is a form which records the details of the goods purchased, the date, and the amount of transaction. The most common items that require it are automobiles, real estate, trailers, motorcycles, and boats. The list is a lot longer than that and involves anything from a golf cart to animals. But these would be unusual items, while different sort of vehicles for a part of everyday sales transactions. Making such a bill protects the buyer from any damage and fraud as it proves his or her ownership. It also protects from any future liabilities involving the goods.

It contains details like the offer made by the buyer, the amount exchanged, signatures of both the parties and proof of them being competent to enter into a legal contract.

Bill of Sale Requirements in Idaho

In Idaho, it is necessary to make it for registering a vehicle with the Idaho Transportation Department. If the document od vehicle title has space for mentioning the amount of sale, then a separate bill is not required. But if there is no place for the amount of sales proceedings, then there is a need to make a separate bill. Similarly, it is submitted to the respective department for all other kinds of sale.

Idaho Bill form in PDF

The amount listed on the bill is used by the state of Idaho to calculate the taxes due. The bill should contain the following details:

  • Name and address of the seller
  • Name and address of the buyer
  • Description of the good being sold
  • Specific details of the good being sold
  • Conditions of the sale
  • Transaction date
  • The final amount exchanged
  • Payment method
  • Any pending payment

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Idaho

The state of Idaho provides a form to the residents for the sale of the vehicle. This form contains information like the vehicle identification number, make, model, year, length, width, the weight of the vehicle apart from the personal details of both the parties involved. It also mentions details of the previous owner, any damage, refurbishing, repair work or reconstruction done to the vehicle. An odometer reading is a must so that it can be determined if it is within mechanical limits or not. The bill needs to be submitted within 30 days of signing for title transfer.

DMV bill of Sale for Idaho

The DMV requires this bill to be submitted whenever the ownership of a vehicle is transferred in the state of Idaho, that is every time a sale and purchase transaction of a vehicle happens between 2 parties. The details mentioned in it helps the department transfer the right of ownership to the new owner and also helps in determining if the miles left on the vehicle are according to the permissible limit or not. It also helps the state know about the condition of the vehicle and is it in a genuine state or tampered with.

Auto Bill of Sale for Idaho

The bill for an automobile is a document which records the sale and purchase of an automobile between 2 parties along with all the details and the sales amount of the automobile. It frees the seller of any liability in case any problem arises in the future regarding the automobile. From theft to accident, clear documentation on who is the current owner makes sure the seller is no longer held liable for something he or she has no connection to. But all this can be done only if it is submitted within 30 days of signing.

Motorcycle Bill of sale for Idaho

Whenever you want to buy or sell a motorcycle in the state of Idaho, you need to get this document written and submitted with the DMV of the state. It clears out who is the current owner of the motorcycle. There are hundreds of thousands of motorcycles in the state, and if anyone is injured by one or any other mishap happens, this bill is relied upon to get hold of the actual culprit. Thus this proof of transaction makes sure the seller is not accused improperly or that no one can come and claim the ownership of the motorcycle from the buyer in the future. It protects both parties.

Boat Bill of Sale for Idaho

It is made when a boat is sold to another person in the state of Idaho. It not just contains the personal information of the buyer as well as the seller, but also has the details of the boat like the hull ID, length, width, model, year, registration ID, title number, odometer reading, horsepower, and even the condition. The amount of transaction and the mode of payment is also to be mentioned. It also records what was included in the boat when the transaction took place.

Bill of sale


Car Bill of Sale for Idaho

In Idaho, when a car is bought or sold by anyone, this document is made. Just like for any other purpose, it is for the protection of the buyer and the seller while giving clarity for tax purposes to the government. Proper documentation of the car changing ownership helps in determining who is actually liable for all the obligations related to a particular as there are millions of cars running on the streets of Idaho. But all this holds true only if it is submitted within 30 days of signing.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Idaho

Trailers are huge and expensive. So when you make a transaction like the purchase of a trailer or sale of a trailer, you want it to be documented properly so that even in future there is clarity of liabilities. Especially when you have paid for it and if someone else claims ownership, then such a document can be your savior. A proper bill is necessary to be registered with the department of motor vehicles in less than 30 days of the transaction so that it can serve its purpose. The original copy is retained with the buyer while the seller should also keep a copy for future references.

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