Alabama Bill Of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

The Alabama Bill of sale is very similar to any other bill and it meant to indicate the transfer of ownership from one person to another. However, Alabama BOS depicts the rules and regulations that are followed when the sale is conducted in the county of Alabama. Like any, another BOS, the person taking ownership of the property or goods is known as the buyer and the person who is letting go of the property or giving away their interest is known as the seller. When it comes to the Alabama BOS, it is important both the parties, which are involved in the transaction, keep one or two extra copies with them. This ensures that the record is maintained of the change in ownership.

Common Bills of Sale Related to the State of Alabama

When it comes to the state of Alabama, there are some very common bills of sale that you will find. The Alabama BOS would normally include

  • One that is specifically designed for the selling of a personal motor vehicle or even a commercial motor vehicle or even an abandoned vehicle.
  • There is a similar Bill that would be issued for the selling of commodities like a boat or a gun.

The crucial point when it comes to the Alabama bill is that there are certain items that need to be documented a certain way and there are certain items that need to be included for sure. Also, there are certain properties that need to have an Alabama Bill, for sure. For example, there is a fixed definition for an abandoned vehicle, then the owner of the so-called "abandoned" vehicle needs to be given a 30-days notice period before the sale of the vehicle can be executed.

How to write the Alabama Bill of Sale

As mentioned above, the Alabama bill needs to be written keeping certain considerations in mind. There is certain information about all the three that need to be mentioned i.e., the buyer, the seller, and the property or the goods that are being transferred.

In addition to this, it becomes of prime importance that even if you are gifting property or any similar goods to a person, even then the Alabama bill becomes mandatory to have. For any generalized bill, that doesn't classify or include a boat, motor vehicle or gun, the following information needs to be included in the Alabama BOS.  

  • Name of the buyer and the seller;
  • Address (including city and state) of the buyer and the seller; and 
  • Driver's license number of both the buyer and the seller. 
  • Description of the property –
    • Serial number, if applicable;
    • Model number.
    • If the property has a serial number or model number 
  • What was the purchase or trade price of the personal property?
  • Details like the date of when the bill was created
  • When was the payment done for the item or in case, the payment is not yet made, when will the payment will be made. 
  • In case the payment is being made in parts, then the payment plan needs to cleanly listed, with the details of when the payment would be made. The Alabama bill needs to include all the details of when the payments would be made and when the last payment would be made. 
  • Other than this, if there are any other additional terms, related to the sale, then those need to be included in the Alabama bill.
  • The Alabama BOS needs to include a clause or an affirmation by the seller that says that – They accept the trade as describes.
  • The final inclusion in the Alabama Bill is the part where both parties sign and date the agreement and making sure that the names of both parties are readable and clearly printed.

Alabama Bill of Sale for Abandoned Vehicles

When it comes to abandoned vehicles, there are a few extra bits of information and documents that need to include. These are mentioned below –

  • The Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN;
  • The year of make of the vehicle;
  • Make of the vehicle;
  • Model of the vehicle; 
  • The date the vehicle was abandoned 
  • Form MVT 32-13R must be completed and sent to the owner via certified mail); 
  • The date of the sale; and 
  • The location of the sale.

Also, it is important to remember that the Alabama state law requires that there should be a minimum of  30 days' notice that needs to be provided to the seller before the car can be sold off. The Alabama bill needs to be signed by both the buyer and the seller; while the MVT form needs to be signed by the buyer.

Alabama Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicles

The Alabama BOS is very similar to that of Alabama BOS for motor vehicles. However, there are documents required in addition to those required as per the normal Alabama bill. These additional documents are listed below -

  • The Vehicle Identification Number or the VIN;
  • The year of make of the vehicle;
  • Make of the vehicle;
  • Model of the vehicle; 

Alabama Bill of Sale for Boats

While working on the Alabama bill of boats, the previously mentioned documents remain the same; however, like in other cases, there are some additional details required, which are mentioned below –

  • The make of the boat
  • Length of the boat
  • Year of the boat;
  •  The Hull ID; 
  • The registration number;
  • The odometer reading in hours; and 
  • The title number. 

Along with the boat sometimes there are also trailers that are part of the sale. If that is the case, then that also needs to be included as a part of the Alabama bill along with the details of the trailer, like 

  • The number of outboard motors; 
  • The make of the trailer; 
  • The year of the trailer; and 
  • The horsepower.

Alabama Bill of Sale for Guns

Now let’s talk about the Alabama Bill for a gun, the documents list and details are the same as mentioned in the general Alabama Bill. Along with that, there are some additional documents that are required that are mentioned below –

  • The make of the gun 
  • The type of gun
  • The model of the gun 
  • The caliber of the gun and 
  • The serial number of the gun. 

The trade price or the purchase price or when the payment for the gun would be made needs to be included in the Alabama Bill of guns. Also, the payment plan in case of any needs to be mentioned. On the other hand, if there is any trade involved, then what are the items that are being traded also need to be mentioned. 

Bill of Sale



There are certain guidelines that need to be followed for the production of the correct Alabama bil. You need a lawyer for the same and you get the same done on your own, keeping the requirements in mind.

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