Kansas Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat, Trailer– PDF & Word

The Kansan Bill of Sale is a legal document that is crucial for acknowledging a change in ownership of any property. It is mainly needed to keep a record of the seller and the buyer, the sum of money transacted for the deal, and the details of the property against the exchange of the same. Although a BOS is not always a legal formality, it is wise to keep the document handy as a proof of sale, as well as, purchase. 

As the BOS form includes the material facts and details of a given property, it can be produced to prove the ownership of the property down the line. Therefore, it is considered important, even when it is not a legal necessity. It is recommended that both the parties, the buyer and the seller should secure a copy of the deal for future reference, as and when needed. 

Types --

Some of the most common types of BOS are given below – 

  • Motor Vehicle or DMV BOS form – This bill form authenticates the transaction between a seller and a buyer against a motor vehicle.
  • Boat or Vessel BOS form – It acknowledges the transfer of a boat under a legal agreement.
  • The firearm of Gun BOS form – It is used for validating the information related to the exchange of a gun to record a document.

A bill should include certain essential information including the following – 

  • The date of the transaction
  • Material details of the property
  • The cost of selling the property
  • The names and the addresses of both the parties
  • The signature of the seller and/or buyer
  • Terms and conditions associated

All the above-mentioned information is crucial to every bill form. Therefore, you should always keep these in mind.

DMV Bill of Sale for Kansas

The DMV bill is a legal formality that is needed to be done if there is no other way to secure the names, addresses, selling price, and signatures of the parties (buyer and seller) between who the transaction has been made. 

Moreover, if the motor vehicle is 35-years old or more sans any title, the bill is crucial for legally transferring the ownership to the buyer of the same. Regardless of the circumstances, it is always a good idea to execute the agreement properly.

A bill for the state serves the purpose of a sales slip and evidence of the transaction. Therefore, both the seller and the buyer should keep a copy handy.

Bill Of Sale


Auto Bill of Sale for Kansas

Auto bill for Kansas is a legal document that authenticates the sale and purchase of an item (something of great value), in this case, it’s a motor vehicle. With this document, the seller of the vehicle gives his or her consent to change in ownership of a vehicle to the buyer in exchange for a sum of money. The auto bill is called by many other names including – auto purchase deal, car agreement, DMV bill, car sale receipt, etc. It is highly recommended that both parties should secure a copy of the agreement for future reference. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Kansas 

It is an agreement between a seller and a buyer that allows the latter to purchase and have a slip after the completion of the transaction. It is also required for registration of the vehicle and getting the title. When a purchaser is shelling out in cash, a bill is the only physical document that acknowledges the legal transaction of selling and buying. Also, the 2-wheeler is sold against an as-is addendum. Notarization is a must for this document. Therefore, both the buyer and seller should sign in the presence of a notary public and keep the copy of the agreement handy.

Boat Bill of Sale for Kansas

The boat or vessel bill for sale is a legal agreement between the buyer and the seller authenticating the monetary transaction done against a boat or a vessel in writing. The agreement includes the details of the buyer and the seller, details of the property exchange, selling price, and the date on which the transaction happened. The finalization of the contact completes with the signatures of the individuals participating in the deal. Also, both parties are recommended to keep a copy of the agreement safe and handy. It is important for title and registration of the boat with a relevant government body.

Car Bill of Sale for Kansas

When it comes to selling or buying a vehicle in Kansas, a slip or BOS is needed. It is important for completing the transaction. It comprises the names of the seller and the buyer, details of the car, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the odometer reading of the car, the smog examination result, date of selling, the signatures of both parties, etc. A BOS is important for registering the car and getting a title for it. Hence, both parties are required to preserve a copy of the same. This form is easily available on the net. So, you’ll not find it difficult to get one.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Kansas

A bill for the trailer is a legal document that acknowledges the selling and buying of a trailer. As such vehicles are pretty expensive, it is important to have evidence supporting that the transaction is made. It is basically an insurance form that saves both the seller and the buyer from any issues in the future. Moreover, the state law might need the vehicle to be registered with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle). And, therefore, a proper slip is required for registration. Simply put, a well-executed BOS will protect both parties from any future obligations. Most importantly, both the seller and the buyer should keep a copy of this document to avoid any possible discrepancy in the future. 

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