Virginia Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

With this guide, we will go through the details and important information regarding the Virginia Bill of Sale. The major purpose of this document in Virginia is only to provide evidence for a transaction that reflects the change of ownership. This change of ownership can be for any kind of appliance, a motorcycle, a car, trailer, boat, guns, and any sort of vehicle which is available in the territorial boundaries. 

Also, it is important to understand that you cannot use a Bill of Sale for the state of Virginia for any other State in the USA. Every state has thier own BOS forms and follows the same or different rules. Unlike a few states, in Virginia, you do not need to get your BOS notarized. It is admissible regardless of this fact, with any authority in the State. However, a bill of sale is a useful tool for those transactions which involve a lot of money and resources of an individual and protects them from illegible claims. 


Rules of Bill of Sale

The Bill of Sale in Virginia entails a legal process whereby the subjects or parties to a transaction need to submit the form with complete details. These details range from the name and addresses of both the parties to the details of the vehicle. All the more, when applying for a title transfer, you will need to produce this BOS to the authorities so that they can: 

  • Authenticate the transaction
  • Calculate your tax liabilities as per NADA

Moreover, a bill of sale in Virginia is also called as form SUT 1 and has to be signed by the seller and you as a buyer. 

As an individual buyer purchasing a car from any private seller, you need to manually fill out the form and present it while completing the title transfer formalities. If you have the vehicle from a dealer, then the dealer will provide you with the BOS so that you can further apply for title transfer. 

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Virginia


Every vehicle sold and bought in the State of Virginia is in one way recorded by a Vehicle bill of sale. As per this document two parties enter into a legal agreement whereby each of the party either buys or sells a vehicle exchanging it among each other. This means that when you as a buyer go out to purchase a vehicle you need to fill out the BOS form and attach it with the rest of the documents to authenticate the transaction. This BOS also includes information regarding the vehicle like the VIN, make, model, year of manufacture, odometer reading among other such details. 

DMV Bill of Sale for Virginia

In Virginia, a DMV Bill os Sale is required when you purchase any sort of vehicle that is 5 years or older. Apart from this, your local DMV will facilitate a bill of sale which certifies majorly the price at which you have purchased a vehicle. The total tax owed by you will be then calculaed based on this price. Apart from this, it is also necessary that our BOS form shall have all the details of the vehicle and has to be submitted to the DMV. The details certify the condition and the overall health of the car or trailer that has been purchased. 

Auto Bill of Sale for Virginia

Auto Bill of Sale for Virginia PDF

An auto bill of sale is an essential piece of document that acts as a evidence for sale or purchase of an automotive vehicle anywhere in the State. The Auto BOS basically works under the Title ownership and transfer laws in the State. As per the regulations, every new automotive owner must present a BOS when they are applying for a change in ownership. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Virginia

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Virginia PDF

Take caution when you buy or sell a motorcycle in Virginia and always make sure to obtain a Bill of Sale. This is important both for the seller and the buyer because a BOS authenticates the motorcycle sale and purchase along with providing the details of the sale price. The four major components of a bill of sale in Virginia are Offer price, accepted amount, signatures of buyer and seller parties, and the condition in which the bill is signed. 

Virginia Bill of Sale for Boat


For a boat what matters is that you fill in the right details in a BOS form. The details include transaction type, amount, condition of the boat, and other nuances of the sale. Along with this, you also need to enter the hull ID, the material of the hull, and other sundry details like color, make, year, model, etc. In Virginia, getting it attested by the notary is not mandatory, if both the parties have signed the bill of sale, it is admissible. 

Car Bill of Sale for Virginia

Car Bill of Sale for Virginia PDF

Selling a car with the pretext of a bill of sale in Virginia transfers all the benefits and liabilities associated with that car to the new owner. After the sale, even if there is an outstanding parking ticket yet to the paid, the new owner has to pay. This is because a BOS in Virginia is legally binding on both the parties and that is why as a buyer you need to ascertain that the car is fully free of all the liabilities and get the seller to sign it off. Along with this, there are a few other details that are required including the details of both the participating parties, VIN, manufactured year and make of the car, and also the body type plus odometer reading. 

Trailer Bill of Sale for Virginia


A trailer BOS in the State holds important because it provides a proof of exchange of money in between the buyer and seller. A trailer is an expensive transaction between two parties and hence the transfer of ownership is not completed without a BOS. Moreover, with this document, it is made clear that at the time of transfer what was the condition, the odometer reading, the color, and the overall health of the trailer.  

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