Arizona Bill of Sale for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

A product or an asset purchased or sold by an individual, should generate a bill of sale for it. A bill of sale is a valid proof of document which denotes that the transaction is done for the product between the buyer and seller. In the state of Arizona it is not mandatory to have a bill of sale for selling or purchasing of any product. However it is always beneficial to have a valid bill on each product or asset transaction. It is the supporting document which can be used further for any legal proceedings if necessary. 

Even if not mandatory, the bill of sale in Arizona should have a proper written structure and format. There are multiple valid templates available online and in authorized person for the bill of sale. The most common form of templates available is for the sale of motor vehicles, boat, trailer, and firearms. The bill should be created according to the format mentioned in the sample templates. The bill once created should be notarized by a registered notary public. 

There are some specific rules to be followed while creating a valid bill of sale. They are 

  • The date of purchase or selling should be clearly mentioned first on the bill. 
  • The legal names of both buyer and seller should be mentioned. The address and contact information to be included in the bill. In case of purchase of any vehicle, the driver’s license number (buyers) should be clearly involved in the bill. 
  • Below that the information about the product which is purchased should be added. The details like product weight, dimensions, color, technical specifications, batch number, and quantity required should be briefly included. 
  • Total price of the product and its price breakdown. 
  • Warranty and guarantee information.
  • Disclosure or terms related to the product. 
  • Signature of the buyer and seller. 
  • Notarization of the bill from authorized notary. 

The bill of sale is generated for vehicle, motorcycle, boat, trailer and guns in the state of Arizona. 

General Bll of Sale 

A bill is generated on the purchase and sell of any general products in the state of Arizona. General products include daily needs, home appliances, electronic appliances, furniture, medicines, food products, and many more. It is not necessary to generate a bill for these products but in case of guarantee or warranty, it is better to have a copy of a purchase bill. General bills should have information of the product purchased, its price and its warranty or guarantee and date of purchase. 

bill of sale


Vehicle Bill of Sale 

The purchase and selling of vehicles is done under the guidelines from the department of motor vehicles, Arizona State. The bill generated for the transaction of vehicle done between buyer and seller should have the details of vehicle such as its model number, make, body type, year of manufacturing, VIN, and its price. The date of sale along with vehicle’s technical specifications should also be listed in the bill. It should also include details about the seller and buyer’s name, address, contact number and driver license number as well. The bill should be signed by both buyer and seller in front of the registered notary. Both buyer and seller should keep a copy of the bill for any further requirements. 

Bill of Sale for Boat and Trailer 

In the Arizona State boats are sold along with the trailer. The bills are prepared together for the boat and trailer or can be made separately. The valid bill form includes the date of sale, name and other personal details of the buyer and seller. The technical details like model number, make, year of manufacturing, engine specifications, Hull ID length and other dimensions of boat is clearly listed in the form. There should be a clear indication in the bill regarding the inclusion or exclusion of trailer with the boat. The trailer bill can be generated separately if customer demands so. It is not necessary to notarize bills of boat and trailer. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale  

When purchasing a motorcycle in the state a bill of its transaction can be generated. The bill needs to be created according to the official template provided from department of motor vehicles. The name and other details of both buyer and seller should be specified on the bill. The technical details like engine capacity, power output, fuel type, fuel capacity, weight, length, tire information, electronics, fuel consumption, braking and suspension is listed in the bill. The key points of warranty and guarantee is clearly listed in the form. Subsequently the bill should be notarized in front of registered notary. 

Bill of Sale for Guns 

An individual can carry a gun in the state if they meet the legal requirements as prescribed by state authority. The bill can be generated upon the purchase of a gun. The bill should include the detailed information of the buyer and seller. The details such as model, make, serial number and caliber of a gun is listed. The price of gun should be denoted in the words and figures in the bill. Date of sale and terms related to the guns’ warranty or guarantee is also included in the bill. It is not compulsory to notarize this bill buyer and seller keeps their own copy in records. 

However the bill generated on the purchase of motor vehicles and motorcycles is not required for its registration towards the motor vehicles department. Vehicles are required to be registered within 15 days from its purchase. In the case of purchasing a boat, the bill of purchase is required for the registration. The registration is done through Arizona fish and game agency. The guns are not registered in the state. The bill of purchase for guns is kept just for the record by both buyer and seller. All bills of sale are an important document which indicates the purchase or selling of a product or asset. It can be used as a valid legal proof in case of any disagreement between both parties in future.

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