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Rhode Island bill of Sale is a document that legally proves the purchase and sales of any item in Rhode Island. It certifies the change of ownership and provides other identifiable information about the purchase and sale of your items. This is an essential part of the vehicle registration process and requires notarization essentially. It’s mandatory for each and every person residing in the state of Rhode Island to register your vehicle before operating it. This document serves as the legal accreditation of the exchange of ownership of any item from one person to another. So for the exchange of the ownership of any item from the seller to the buyer, this document serves all the legal parameters essentially.
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What are the most common Bills of Sale that are used in Rhode Island?

If you live in Rhode Island, then the most commonly used bills of sale include a bill for your boat, bill for your gun and bill for your vehicle. 

How can you write the Rhode Island bill of Sale properly?

In order to write the Rhode Island bill in a proper way, you need to include some specific information. The way you describe the item helps you in identifying the difference between the most commonly used bills. Firstly, you need to learn about the information that you’ll include in the BOS. After this, you’ll gain more knowledge about the way you need to describe the item that you’re trying to sell. 

A Rhode Island bill of sale should include:

The date when the Rhode Island BOS has been created should be mentioned on the top of it. If the buyer makes up his mind to pay on any other date, you should include it in terms of sale where you have discussed about the price.

The physical address and the legal name of the buyer and the seller should also be mentioned in the document. You also need to designate this clearly which party is the buyer and which part is the seller.

After this, you need to insert a detailed description of the item.

Another important provision that you need to follow is in terms with the terms of the sale. You need to write it clearly where the item is part of a trade or a gift. If it involves money, you need to mention that also clearly. The items that are being traded should be clearly described. In the case of monetary sales, you should describe the amount in numbers as well as words. For example, seven-hundred and ninety-five dollars and sixty cents ($795.60).

A seller’s disclosure is also necessary to be included. This disclosure serves as an essential document for several important functions. Firstly, it gives the legal right to the seller to sell the item to the buyer. It also the buyer that if any problem arises with the item that he is purchasing the seller should anyhow know about it. It also designates whether the sale is as it is or it is covered under a warranty period.

Last but not least, both the seller and the buyer should sign it and shall put the proper date for authentication. For the BOS for Rhode Island for a boat, it’s important to get the document signed under the presence of a notary.

When you complete the Rhode Island BOS, you should keep several copies of it so that it can be helpful in case of any conflict.

Rhode Island Bill of Sale DMV RI

If you buy or sell a vehicle in Rhode island in private transaction then it’s important to complete a BOS form. This is extremely important both for you and the buyer because you’ll need the BOS for registration and titling of the vehicle at the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. If the vehicle is of the year 2001 or newer you need to give the title of the new owner and your sign on the back of the document. The person whom you’re selling the vehicle should sign it as a buyer and you need to sign the form as a seller. The current mileage reading of the vehicle should also be included. 

In case you’re not having the title you can apply easily for a duplicate title at Cranston DMV location. It ideally takes ninety days for this process so you should apply fast.

Rhode Island Bill of Sale for motorcycle

To operate a motorcycle in Rhode Island you must get it registered. In case you have purchased a new bike from a dealer the dealer will submit all the necessary registration documents for you but if you have brought it from a private party you’ll have to register the vehicle on your own. You must provide the following details.

  • Both the buyer and the seller’s name, physical address, license number, city and state. 
  • Type/model, year, odometer reading, color, vehicle identification number.
  • seller’s disclosure
  • signature of both the parties

General Rhode Island Bill of Sale

This bill is used for those items that have not been classified as a boat, gun or a motor vehicle. Examples of such items that you can use in a general Rhode Island bill includes are electronics, appliances and furniture. You need to list these details (if they’re found on the item):

  • Registration number.
  • Serial number.
  • Model, make and year.
  • A general description of the items including their size, color and the material that has been used to make it.

You are entitled to use any type of description that can help in identifying your item. Just remember to go through all the essential parameters. You don’t need a notary for a general Rhode Island BOS.

Rhode Island Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle

This bill should include all the specific information that should be essentially stated in your vehicle’s description.

  • Model, make and year of your vehicle.
  • The reading of the odometer and whether it is showing the actual mileage or there is a discrepancy.
  • The VIN
  • Information whether the vehicle diesel, gas, electric, or a hybrid.
  • The horsepower and body type.
  • The color of your vehicle.
  • Cylinders.

It’s not important to notarize your motor vehicle in the Rhode Island bill but if you like you can get it notarized.

Rhode Island Bill of Sale for a Boat

  • A bill for your boat in Rhode Island should include these particulars about your boat:
  • The boat type and material.
  • Horsepower of your boat’s motor.
  • The horsepower and serial number.
  • The material used in making the hull.
  • The fuel that is being used.
  • Odometer reading.
  • The year and make of the boat.
  • The size of your boat.
  • The Hull ID.
  • Your boat’s color.

A bill in Rhode Island should be duly signed in front of a notary by the seller.

Rhode Island Bill of Sale for a Gun

The bill for a gun should have the following details

  • Model, make and caliber.
  • Serial number.
  • This bill should not be notarized.

Do you require a Rhode Island Bill of Sale to register your motor vehicle?

If your vehicle is non-titled, you’ll need Rhode Island Bill to register your vehicle. If your vehicle is of the yea, 2000 or even older Rhode Island government does not title it. Therefore, in order to register these vehicles, you’ll need an application for title and a sales tax form.

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