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A Delaware Bill of Sale is a legal document meant to verify the exchange of items between two private parties. The item is mostly a personal property with is handed over to the next owner. The document serves as a record and also as insurance along with being a credible proof of ownership. It is required among the documents needed for the registration of the item and various future processes and can be very helpful in cases of emergencies. 

There are several types of bills of sale issued in Delaware including vehicle bill of sale, boat bill of sale and firearm bill of sale. There are certain common details which are required in every bill of sale like the address of the buyer and seller. The process of transfer is complete once the bill of sale is successfully completed including the payment of the item. Some of the documents might require a witness for the sake of authentication.

Bill of Sale- Rules for Delaware

There are certain rules to issue the bill of sale which is specific to the state and area it is issued in. They should be carefully followed for the acceptance in offices and local authorities which require it to confirm the transfer of ownership.

  • The bill of sale must contain the legal printed names of the buyer and the seller along with their physical addresses and driver’s license number. If not the license number, any of the ID numbers in the state identification cards may be used.
  • The document must include the price paid and the date of payment.
  • It should contain a description of the item including its serial number, make, model, type and year. 
  • It should be mentioned if the item is given as a gift or if it is traded for another item. In the case of trading, the details of the item must be included in the above format only.
  • The seller’s disclosure must be attached with the bill of sale with should confirm that all the details provided for the item are correct.

Vehicle Bill of Sale for Delaware

There are several vehicles which are purchased from private dealers if the condition is good enough. In that case, a bill of sale serves as an apt record and proof of the transfer of ownership. It is used in the registration process of the vehicle which is a necessary process to be completed after the purchase of the vehicle. 

It must contain all the details of the buyer and the seller including their physical addresses and their signatures. The vehicle should be well described with its physical markers such as the make, model, type and year of manufacture. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be accurately mentioned.

DMV Bill of Sale for Delaware

Every area in Delaware has the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when your purchased item must be authorised and registered before it can be used on the roads of Delaware.  The DMV provides the seller with the forms for bill of sale which can be followed by individuals to make their own drafts. It also provides the several manuals for vehicle services which are provisioned by their authority. Getting affirmed by the DMV is important for your vehicle to be legally registered. The seller is required to complete the Assignment of Certificate of Title section provided at the back of form. Among important details, the vehicle’s description is a must along with the complete physical addresses of the parties involved.

Auto Bill of Sale for Delaware

An auto bill of sale is similar to the vehicle bill of sale and must follow the same format as directed by the local DMV. It should contain the entire physical description of the vehicle including the make, model, color, type and registration ID. The VIN  and odometer reading should be precisely mentioned It is necessary for the registration of the vehicle along with other documents approving the safety inspection, and insurance documents. The bill of sale should contain the entire physical addresses of the buyer and the seller along with their full printed names and signatures. The bill of sale might not be notarized but other documents may require notarization.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Delaware

Several citizens in Delaware chose to buy motorcycles from private dealers and the process becomes fairly easier if one issues the bill of sale as directed by the authority of motor vehicles. The bill of sale serves as a legal document for the transfer of the title also acting as a record for the agreement and an insurance which protects the parties involved in the situation of an emergency. The bill of sale must contain the make, model, year and color along with the unique identification code used for identifying the motorcycle. The document must have the entire contact details of the buyer and the seller along with their signatures and certification of disclosure.

Bill of Sale


Boat Bill of Sale for Delaware

The boat bill of sale is also drafted in the same format as any other vehicle. While it must contain certain details about the buyer and the seller including their names and addresses, it must have the entire physical description of the boat being purchased. That shall include the make, model, length, year and color. The registration number, Hull ID, title number and odometer reading should be accurately mentioned. If the deal constitutes a trailer or an outboard motor, it should be mentioned in the bill of sale with their complete description recognising their make, model and horsepower in the case of motor.

Boat bill of sale


Car Bill of Sale for Delaware

If a citizen of Delaware buys a car from a native private dealer, the bill of sale must be issued in order to authenticate the transfer of title and ownership. It should contain the physical addresses of both the buyer and the seller along with the purchase price and the date when the payment is cleared. The physical description of the car must be accurately mentioned indicating the make, model, type and year of manufacture. Details like colour and odometer readings should not be missed out. In case of any error or fault in the car, the seller must properly mention the reason and sign a certificate of disclosure for future reference.

Trailer Bill of Sale for Delaware

In the case of the transaction of a trailer, a bill of sale should be issued for the purpose of signifying a receipt, a record as well as the insurance for the deal. Both the buyer and the seller must have their own copies of the document which can serve them for various purposes such as when the trailer is lost or stolen. It should all the conditions of the deal agreement and the entire description of the trailer including its type, model, make and year. Usually, the seller is meant to sign over the title to the buyer but in case the title is not available, a replacement title can be applied for. The bill of sale must clearly indicate the process of exchange of funds, the purchase price and the date of the payment.  The complete addresses of the two parties must be mentioned along with signs and printed names.

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