Missouri Bill of Sale Form for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

The Missouri Bill of Sale is an important piece of document in the State which holds legal precedence and acts as a proof of the transaction between two parties. The motive of this document is to certify the ownership and ascertain the price of the transaction. More importantly, unlike other states here a bill of sale needs to be notarized before it can be submitted to complete the whole process of transferring ownership. 

The two parties in this agreement are called as a buyer and seller. A bill of sale in Missouri is also referred to as Form 1957 and it can be used in lieu of any type of exchange of ownership. This can be with reference to a car, boat, motorcycle, trailer, van, laptop, machinery or anything which has a demand and supply. But usually, this form is only used in the exchange of sensitive appliances, automobiles, guns and other transactions that have a high cost. 

Rules of Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

The first and foremost rule associated with a bill of sale is that it needs to be notarized. In the USA, there are only a few states that require every BOS to have notary attestation. Other than this, every bill of sale should have the following details: 

  • Description of the item
  • Registration number of any type of automotive
  • VIN information
  • Hull identification number
  • The measurements of the vehicles so traded
  • The type of transaction
  • Signatures of all the parties
  • Information about the item that is traded

However, there are a few major types of bill of sale in Missouri that we need to discuss in detail. 

These are:

  • Car Bill of sale
  • Trailer bill of sale
  • DMV bill of sale
  • Vehicle bill of sale
  • Boat bill of sale
  • Auto bill of sale
  • Motorcycle bill of sale

bill of sale


Vehicle Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

For every vehicle that is sold and purchased in Missouri both the parties have to obtain proof of the transaction. The major purpose of facilitating a bill of sale in Missouri is to provide evidence for Even Trade between two parties. Plus, it also acts as a receipt with the seller and a piece of ownership for the buyer indicating that both the parties have entered into a legal agreement with regards to a vehicle. You need to obtain the From 1957 from online sources, complete it and then submit it along with the title of ownership at the local transportation authorities. 

DMV Bill of Sale: DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles and in Missouri, the DMV offices are located in all the counties. They work as a commanding authority in case of all types of vehicles. Missouri has only one bill of sale form and it is applicable in all types of transactions. A DMV bill of sale shall be applicable in any court or any other government authority provided it has notary attestation. That is why it is important for you to fill out all the details correctly, which will also decide the future taxes and deductions based on the details you enter in the DMV Form 1957. 

Auto Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

Automobile is the main industry in Missouri and every hour thousands of cars exchange hands in the State. In this scenario, it is imperative that ever car trade is recorded to ensure that accountability is with the right person. An auto bill of sale is there for this purpose only. It is a document that enlists all the types of automobile transfers and the change of ownership. Be it a new or an old automotive, a bill of sale has all the details regarding the buyer, seller, automobile, date, conditions and the price. 

Motorcycle Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

Trading your motorcycle or selling the old one? Well, make sure to get a bill of sale from the buyer. A motorcycle bill of sale is not different than any other type of bill of sale. Rather it is the same form as Form 1957, but the difference lies in the aspects that are recorded in that form. For a motorcycle, its condition, odometer reading, insurance, and the overall cost is important. Hence, as a buyer, you will surety of all these things and can hold the seller accountable in the future. And as a seller, you will have shifted the responsibility of further maintenance and upkeep to the buyer. This way a BOS divides the set of responsibilities between both the parties. 

Boat Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

A boat sale and purchase in Missouri is authenticated when the owner and buyer fill out the bill of sale and submit it along with the title transfer documents (Form DOR-93) to the local DMV. Along with this, a boat with a lien attached to it in the past or even currently needs to present a notarized certificate that shows Lien Release. 

The following details are essential for every boat bill of sale:

  • Make, model and the year of manufacture
  • Legth of the boat along with the hull number
  • The registration ID and the Odometer reading (in hours, knots, miles, or Kms)
  • Item inventory that is included in the boat sale. 

Car Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

In Missouri selling your car is not a one day job. There are a few conditions that you need to fulfill before and after selling your car. As a seller, you need to submit the bill of sale to the local DMV certifying that you have sold your car. The buyer, on the other hand, has to apply for ownership via the title transfer forms and also present the bill of sale. Moreover, if the car is running for more than 10 years, then you also need to submit the odometer disclosure statement (Form 3019). 

Trailer Bill of Sale for Missouri: 

A trailer bill of sale is often accompanied by a boat sale.  The most important thing in a trailer sale is that you need to forward all the details of the trailer to the authorities with a bill of sale. These details include information like: 

  • Condition of the trailer
  • Length of the trailer

A trailer can be of any sort, like a farm trailer, camper trailer, kit trailers, utility trailers, and whatnot. While the bill of sale is available free of cost, you need to pay for registration and other sorts of processing fee in order to complete the transaction.

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