North Dakota Bill of Sale for DMV, Car, Boat – PDF & Word

A North Dakota bill of sale is a valid form of document which indicates the ownership of the product purchased by the buyer. Bill of sale acts as a record of the transaction occurred between the seller and purchaser with regards to sale of any product or property. This signifies that the product or property purchased by an individual has its own proof in the form of bill of sale. This document is highly admitted in case of any legal procedure and disagreement as well. 

In North Dakota bill of sale is required during the purchase or selling of any products or property. Here bill of sale has some important specifications such as date of transaction, location, name and address of seller and buyer, the details of sum paid for the transaction, detailed description of product or asset transferred to buyer, any guarantee or warranty if applicable, and signature of buyer and seller on the bill. It is not legally required to notarize the bill of sale in North Dakota but usually preferable during the purchase of automobiles. In North Dakota there are different bill of sale generated during the purchase of vehicles, guns, and boat. 

The bill of sale is not written by the seller in North Dakota. The person or organization is authorized by the state to create bill of sale required for the transaction. The bill of sale forms are available both online and at person. There are sample templates provided of bill of sale so that detailed information can be written and verified during the official generation of bill of sale. The format for the bill of sale is different for every product purchase. The person or authority will generate bill of sale on behalf of seller while including all mandatory relevant information in the form. 

North Dakota has these main bill of sale used during the selling and purchase of products. They are:

North Dakota General Bill of Sale 

North Dakota general bill of sale is used for the purchase of general products such as home appliances, electronic devices, furniture, and other general use products. General bill of sale is not used in case of purchase of automobile vehicles or boat. This bill of sale includes detailed information of the product purchased such as the model number, year of manufacture, serial number, brand, weight or size, and address of the manufacturer. 

North Dakota Bill of Sale for an Automotive Vehicle 

During the selling or purchasing of a motor vehicle a bill of sale is essential in North Dakota. The motor vehicle division of state’s transportation department provide template for the bill of sale during the vehicle transaction. While creating a bill of sale for vehicle purchase or sell the information such as the vehicle model number, engine and chassis number, body style, make, and year of manufacture should be included in the bill.

North Dakota Bill of Sale for an Automotive Vehicle 


Other information such as vehicle’s weight, color, fuel type, guarantee or warranty, total cost of the vehicle including tax and insurance should be specified in the bill of sale. While generating bill of sale buyer’s legal name, their address, driver license number and contact number should be filled in detail.

Bill of Sale for Motorcycle For North Dakota

A motorcycle purchased in the state requires a bill of its sale. The bill is generated according to the standard format provided by department of motor vehicles (DMV). The bill has all the necessary information of motorcycle and personal details of both buyer and seller. 

Bill of sale


North Dakota Bill of Sale for a Boat 

The bill of sale is created in North Dakota for a transaction of a boat between the buyer and the seller. This bill of sale is required for the further registration of the boat under the department of North Dakota state transportation. The year of manufacturing of the boat, its model number, serial number, engine number, make, color, dimensions of boat, guarantee or warranty, and its total price is specified in detail in the bill of sale. The engine specifications and power output of the boat is also included in the bill. A watercraft registration form is also required to be completed by the buyer while purchasing the boat. 

Bill of Sale for Trailer

The bill can be generated differently for the purchase of trailer along with the boat if details of trailer are not added in the bill of purchase of boat. The general details like its weight, dimensions, color and warranty/guarantee information is included in the bill. 

bill of sale


North Dakota Bill of Sale for a Gun 

The laws and regulations regarding keeping a gun are much tolerable in North Dakota. The bill of sale is required here for the purchase and selling of a gun. The bill consists of information regarding the model number, make, type of gun, caliber, and serial number of the gun. The bill of sale form has information like name, address, city, state, driver’s license number and contact number of both buyer and seller. The date and location of purchase along with the amount of transaction is also specified in this bill. The seller’s disclosure and signatures of both seller and buyer is denoted in the bill of sale. 

Subsequently bill of sale is not required for the registration of vehicles, boat and a gun. The North Dakota state administration has provided an easy regulations and guidelines for the purchase of a gun. Registration can be required for a purchase of concealed weapons. There are other registration procedures for the purchase of vehicles and boat. The bill of sale is however required during the purchase and selling of general products, gun, vehicles and a boat. 

The bill of sale created for the transaction between the buyer and seller is the perfect legal document in record. The original copy of bill of sale should be kept with the buyer once the transaction is done. This bill of sale can be further used for the legal proceeding in case of any disagreement between the buyer and seller. The transfer of ownership too can be easily done with the help of this bill of sale.     

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