Sample Motivation Letter Template for Study Abroad – PDF & Word

Motivation Letter for Study Abroad: Studying abroad can be anyone’s dream, but what follows it is a long list of procedures and formalities. A motivation letter, also known as a cover letter, statement of purpose or intent letter is a formal letter which is attached along with your resume to apply for a particular job or course. It acts as a brief, yet the complete introduction of the candidate and universities and HR departments do check it carefully before considering a candidate for a job or course. Therefore, you will also have to write a Motivation letter if you wish to study abroad. Writing a motivation for study abroad is not a difficult task, but one has to take care of a few things before finalizing the draft.  

Here are some useful tips that you can follow while writing a letter to study abroad:

  • Introduce and present yourself in an interesting way in the letter. However, do not write irrelevant things about yourself and those facts which are not related to your academic credentials or the course you are opting for.
  • Grades do matter, but if you have written the motivational letter poorly, then your chances of selection will be minimized to a great extent. Therefore, be careful and proof-read your draft several times before sending to the respective authority.
  • You need to be clear while explaining your purpose of writing the letter. The structure and layout of the letter are also very important. You can make the letter-perfect by correcting minor mistakes or grammatical errors once you have written the final draft.

Here’s a sample of a letter written to study abroad:

Sample Motivation Letter for Study Abroad

Griffith Daniels
3545 Eget St.
Tacoma AL 92508
(425) 288-2332


Anne Beasley
987-5646 Urna St.
Savannah Illinois 85794

Subject -_______________

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Griffith Daniels, and I am eighteen years old. I am studying in St. Perry's College of Sydney, Australia and currently pursuing my 12th Grade in the stream of Science. I am elated with the field I have selected, and I shall dedicate my entire life in studying various aspects related to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Also, I would like to inform you that I love to interact with students from different countries, and many of my friends are studying abroad as well.
Apart from studying, I also have a keen interest in studying and photographing different plants and animals. I have been a part of several lab projects of my college and have acquired an interest in maintaining the statistical data of the different flora and fauna. Also, I have an ardent desire to study abroad and interact with international students to broaden my mindset and to sharpen my intellect.
I am very keen to study in the United States as it offers numerous opportunities and professional courses for international students. Moreover, the lack of suitable courses in my own country is making me take this important decision in my life. Therefore, I am writing this letter to you to apply for the medical course your college is offering for the students of Science. I am looking forward to completing this 6-year course as soon as possible to achieve my goals of securing a PG degree in the field of medicine.
Also, I would like to inform you that I have been a part of several study tours and student awareness programs arranged by my college in the short span of two years. I am sending you my academic details in the CV attached with relevant documents in this letter. I am hopeful that my experience and skill-set would prove to be apt for this course.

Thank you for going through my application.

Yours Sincerely,
Griffith Daniels

(425) 288-2332

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