How to Write a Motivation Letter for Internship – Writing Tips

A Motivation Letter for Internship plays an important role when it comes to applying for an internship program because you are not alone. Perhaps, there are many more candidates who have applied for the same program. So, the quality of your letter should be good and should make your portfolio stand out.

How to write Motivation Letter for an Internship

  • A typical motivational letter comprises around 3 paragraphs.
  • Start your motivational letter for the internship with a proper salutation.
  • The first paragraph should read about your intention behind writing the letter. Whether you are looking for an internship opportunity or are replying to an advertisement looking for interns, make it clear in the very first paragraph.
  • In the second paragraph, you need to tell why your portfolio is suitable for the given internship program. Write about your educational qualifications, skills, and experience.
  • In the third paragraph, state the reason why you want to be a part of the given internship program and how it can help you with your career objectives.

Sample Motivational Letter for Internship Example

Sample Motivational Letter for Internship

Daniel Bernard
561 Duis Rd.
Pomona TN 08609
(750) 558-9498


Chaney Bennett
902 Dolor Rd.
Fremont AK 19408

Subject: (----------)

Respected Chaney Bennett,

I am Daniel Bernard. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree from the {name of the university}. I am writing this letter to inform you that I want to become a part of the internship program conducted by your organization.

I am very much interested in gaining hands-on knowledge because it will ultimately complement my theoretical knowledge and help me hone in my skills. I believe that raw knowledge is useless, until and unless it is sharpened. And, this internship program will help me with the same.

I believe that I am eligible for the internship program on the basis of my educational qualifications.

Thank you for reviewing my letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,
(Your Signature)
Daniel Bernard

Motivation Letter For Internship Abroad

Anne Beasley
23 Urna St.
Savannah Illinois 85794
(145) 987-7572


Griffith Daniels
956 Eget St.
Tacoma AL 92508

Subject: (----------)

Subject – Motivation Letter for Internship Abroad

Respected Internship coordinator,

I am keen on doing the internship with your esteemed organization under {name of the department}. Presently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree from the {name of the university}. I have come to know about your internship program from one of my fellow teammates. The moment I came to hear about the same, I knew it’s for me. It will not only help me with increasing my hands-on experience but also allow me to network with new people.

As this internship program is going to be conducted in a foreign country, it would also help me learn about new cultures and new people, which would be an added advantage for me. As far as language is concerned, I am fluent in multiple languages. I can read, write and speak four languages. So, communication wouldn’t be an issue for me. Also, I can easily get along with people.

I am confident that I would be eligible for this internship owing to my experiences, skills and educational qualifications.

Thank you for giving your precious time for reviewing my letter.

Waiting for a positive response from your end.

Yours Faithfully,
(Your Signature)
Your name

Your Address
Contact information

 Motivation Letter Template for An Internship 

Motivation Letter for An Internship 


Motivation letter template for an internship in PDF format

  1. PDF Template 

Motivation letter template for an internship in Word format

  1. Word Template

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