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A motivation letter for scholarship can decide the fate of your application. This is one chance you have of showing your knowledge before the interview. Motivational letter for scholarship is not compulsory for every application, but they are quite critical. This letter can answer the questions: why select you? And why give you this scholarship? Check the motivation letter format for scholarship.

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How to write Motivation Letter for Scholarship

Madeline Gregory
4841 Ut Ave
Walla Walla Michigan 82776
(304) 506-7575


Xyla Cash
969-1762 Tincidunt Rd.
Boise CT 35282


Dear Xyla Cash,

The first or the introductory paragraph is usually an introduction of yourself. It should contain information like which program you are applying to and in what university. It should also say something about your current status. You can also describe why you think taking this course will be beneficial, according to you.

The second paragraph is more elaborate on personal details. Here you can write about your academic career, what your teachers and professors think about you and your inspiration on coming into this field of study. You can also describe how you collected all the relevant information about all your possible choices of universities for the course you want to take and why you think getting admitted into this particular institution matters the most.

In the following paragraph, you can continue with your aim for the future and what you have planned during the study time and after achieving your desired degree. You can also say what have you done till now for making a dream come true like possible internships and workshops.

This is the last or the concluding paragraph where you need to bring the whole build up f the letter to a proper end. The above letter has established your dreams and passions, and this paragraph justifies why it is a good choice to give this scholarship to you. The tone here has to be neutral. Mention how other candidates are also deserving, but how you can make the changes in the world and how your passion is unmatched. End the letter with a grateful sentence.


Madeline Gregory

Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship Example

Writing a scholarship motivation letter can be stressful. It is a lot of pressure. All the tips and guidelines are not enough for anyone to form a proper and attractive letter. That is why we have examples and samples for you to guide you through the process.

Below is an Example of this letter:

Motivation Letter Sample for Scholarship

David Mathews
2222 Malesuada Road
Moscow Kentucky 77382
(357) 778-5755


Hedley Ingram
80 At Street
Independence Texas 87535


Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is [Name], and currently, I am a student of [course] at the [college]. After completing my degree course, I plan to follow up with a 1-year course in [course name].

While in High School, I worked for many hours with my [committee name] to help with the [work details]. I learned about [process] from beginning to result. Being a part of the process made me realize how much I love [field]. Whatever be the situation and time, I never tired of doing [project details]. During those years, I realized that this is what I want to do my whole life, not just as a helper but as a professional.

Once my mind was set, I started seeing the entire process in a different light. Even my teachers think that I am a natural at it. My educational mindset is simple: stability and function. I have the determination to study comprehensively, and I hate shortcuts. A trait that has given me a vast knowledge spectrum. I have even enrolled in many classes that give me a crossover of [subject] significant and a comprehensive view of how things are done. I have also worked for three extra credits under my professor of [subject] to gain a research perspective.

I want to become a [profession] so that I can provide [service] to my community. Living in [place] I have seen a lot of houses go through tough times. I want to help families like my friend’s family. I have seen homes break under [problems]. I aim to help in all the way I can.

I have decided all of this not just by feeling, but also by practicality. I have interned under [Name] who runs the [company] in my neighborhood to get the practical experience needed for this field.

I want to thank you for considering me and am hopeful that you will find me right for the scholarship. With your assistance, I can make a change, though small.


Your Truly,
David Mathews

Motivation Letter for PhD Scholarship

Raymond Levy
Ap 7078 Risus St.
Beaumont New Mexico 73585
(715) 75575-5757


Harrison Mcguire
757-75 Arcu Street
San Fernando ID 77373


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the doctoral program at [university] in the [department].

I currently hold a [degree] from [university]. I am keen on applying for the doctoral program at [university] because the research interests of the [department] are an excellent match for my academic background. While studying for the [degree], I developed a special interest in [branch]. Also, my BA thesis on [topic] further deepened my interests in the complex working of [field]. While doing my thesis under [professor name], I came in contact with [professor/expert], an expert on [topic] and was completely drawn towards the study.

I now wish to further my academic career in [field] and what better place than [university]? If given a chance, I would particularly like to work with [professor] because who better than her for this field of research?

With [problem], I think I can contribute a lot to the world with my study of [topic]. I have proposed an experimental study on [topic] at my current university, and my mentor thinks that it can work. I believe that the study will help develop my skills and experience and make me the perfect candidate for this scholarship.

After completing my Ph.D., I plan to pursue further research on my own on [topic]. I believe my knowledge and research will be my biggest contribution to this field.

Thank you for your consideration.

Raymond Levy

Motivation Letter Template for Scholarship in PDF & Word Format

Motivation Letter for Scholarship



Getting a scholarship is a big help for talented students with financial problems. But basing your chances on the formation of a scholarship motivation letter is a lot of pressure. Just be factual, precise and truthful.

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