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A motivation letter for Masters is your key to success if you wish to work or study in esteemed organizations or institutions. All your work experience and academic credentials will prove to be futile if you are not able to draft a convincing letter of Motivation. Many students are willing to complete a master’s degree in a particular field after completing their graduation letter. All those students have to write a letter to the respective authorities of the university or college where they are planning to seek admission. Therefore, they must learn how to write a motivation letter for masters or PG degree.

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Motivation Letter for Masters Sample with Example

This letter of Motivation for masters should be highly descriptive since it may also include the work experience of a particular candidate apart from his/her educational background. Also, the language and tone of the letter should be as formal as possible. Unnecessary and irrelevant details should be avoided at all costs. The letter should be persuasive and interesting as it is meant for a highly professional and elite course.

The structure and content of your letter are the most important aspects of your letter. You will have to include the achievements and credentials you have earned while completing your bachelor degree. Also, you need to mention your work experience if you have worked after or during your bachelor degree course. Here’s a sample of these letters for a masters degree:

Sample Motivation Letter for Master’s Degree

Chester Bennett

3476 Aliquet. Ave
Minot AZ 95302
(837) 196-3274


Wallace Ross

313 Pellentesque Ave
Villa Park Hawaii 43526

Subject: (_________________)

Dear Wallace Ross,

I, Seth Robins, have been working as a software developer in Ask IT solutions. I have completed a bachelor degree course in computer science from the Trinidad University of Ohio. Also, I have two years of experience as a software developer and tester.
The subjects in my graduation provided me key insights in software development, testing and website maintenance. Moreover, I have also completed the Sun certifications in Java course shortly after my graduation. All these aspects have provided me with a strong base for studying the master's course in computer science. Therefore, I am applying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science, which is offered by your reputed college. Your highly educated and experienced staff, exceptional training facilities and fully fledged practical rooms of your colleagues have also influenced my decision to a great extent.
I assure you that I will adhere to all the rules set by your college at all times. Moreover, I am an ardent follower and believer in technology which supplements my learning skills in a significant way. Therefore, I request you to consider my application.

Thank you for going through my application.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Signature)
Chester Bennett

You might have to write a letter of Motivation for securing a seat for the master’s degree in management. Here’s a sample:

Motivation Letter for Masters in Management

Bertha Riggs

P.O. Box 206 6639 In St.
Easthampton TN 31626
(791) 239-9057


Imani Talley

P.O. Box 262 4978 Sit St.
Yigo Massachusetts 50654

Subject: (_________________)

Dear Imani Talley,

I, Bertha Riggs, am working in Syslog Management Group as a senior sales manager. I had completed my bachelor's degree in 2016 from St. Patricks College of Management Studies. I have been working in the company mentioned above for the last two years and have learned a lot during this tenure.
I have a strong understanding of subjects related to management and business administration. I have also led several management study tours and projects in my college. My job profile has provided me with extensive and in-depth practical knowledge of the subjects which are included in the curriculum of your reputed college. Your reputed college is known for its excellent staff and exceptional infrastructure and facilities. I want to study here to give a strong boost to my career in the future.

Thanks in advance for going through my application.

Bertha Riggs

Here are a masters motivation letter sample which you can refer to while applying for a master’s degree in engineering:

Sample Motivation Letter for a Master’s Degree in Engineering

Edward Nieves

928-3313 Vel Av.
Idaho Falls Rhode Island 37232
(802) 668-8240


Margaret Joseph

P.O. Box 508 3919 Gravida St.
Tamuning Washington 55797

Subject: (_________________)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Suvneet Kaur, am working as an associate engineer in Terma Engineering & PVT LTD from the past three years. I had completed my Bachelor Degree in Engineering in 2015 and have also completed a diploma course in IT & Management.
I am writing this letter to apply for the Master of Engineering course you are offering in your reputed college. I have experience in managing automation systems and have also worked in the electrical department in my office. Your esteemed college is renowned for its experienced teachers and support staff, which inspires me to gain knowledge and experience in your college.

Thanks for going through my application.

Your Signature
Edward Nieves

Motivation Letter Template for Masters PDF and Word

Motivation Letter Template

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Motivation Letter Template

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Motivation Letter Template

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